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09 November 2020


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As I recall many of those regulatory barriers disappeared due to the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act. That bill was first introduced as House Resolution 748 by Joe Courtney (D) of Connecticut. And good on Trump for signing that one also.

Kathrin Jansen, the Pfizer’s VP for vaccine research stated “We were never part of the Warp Speed. We have never taken any money from the U.S. government”. Pfizer was the only major US pharmaceutical to go it alone.


On the earlier Bill, the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act introduced by Dem Nita Lowey, even Republican Dick Shelby of Alabama blasted Trump for suggesting a lowball $2.3B. They finally settled on almost four times that amount

Mark K Logan


Condition of employment.


What Pfizer has not yet made public: age groups with the testing group. Why did they delay this fuller information in their immediate post-election announcement?

Typically, drug tests do not include persons over age 65, due to prevalence of confounding co-factors that make it harder to track potential side effects. Additionally, when testing to side effects they only report what they see in predetermined list of effects, with no capacity the observe any other additional; "side effects".

Considering the "elderly" are a key at risk group, what will this mean if they were not adequately included in the test groups or excluded from testing for their unique incidence of confounding factors or side effect vulnerabilities?

This would be similar the touted Russian vaccine tests posted here in the SitRep reports, which stated the Russians were also on the brink of a vaccine breakthrough a few weeks ago. However, their studies indicated their positive results were found only among younger persons who most often are asymptomatic or low symptomatic in the first place with a 99% recovery rate. No older persons were in these Russian trials.

Pfizer is playing head games right now - caveat emptor. Love to see an end to this "covid" crisis, one way or another. So I welcome a vaccine, herd immunity or evidence in fact it was a political hoax engaged in distorted reporting after all.

Pfizer does not need to play games with us right now and add to this under-current of political exploitation. But then Pfizer did acquire Wyeth-Ayerst, the biggest flim flam drug operator, in the entire BigPharm stable.

Just like this 2020 election, why not wait for the facts to be settled first before measuring for new drapes in the Oval Office or a new shelf your home medicine cabinet.



I don't blame Trump for everything. Read my comments again and note that I complimented Trump for signing the two major COVID19 bills that came out of Congress. As for the credit, it is divided; those two relief bills were introduced by Democrats in Congress. And Nancy compromised with McConnell to get them thru the Senate. But if you want to give Trump 100% of the credit, be my guest.

And I did not blame Bush for everything either. The exception I did blame him for was the Iraq invasion. Even though that was Dead-Eye-Dick Cheney that instigated it, Bush went along with it. Why?

BTW nice screen name. I heard Jumping Jim used to always jump in the number one position of the first plane of the serial. According to the troops that served under him he never sent a man on a mission that he wouldn't go on himself, and never took a break unless the men got one too. And he ate the same rations as the soldiers he led. IMO our leadership today (military and civilian) are not fit to shine his shoes.

JM Gavin

Perhaps I misread your meaning, apologies.

While I am certainly honored to have folks think of General Gavin when they see my screen name...no relation (although it would be awesome to trace my lineage to him). He was the sort of leader that (I think) was common in the past, but extremely rare today. I'm a couple years into retirement now, and the last "great" leader I knew and served with retired a couple of years back (GEN Tony Thomas). Never held his peers in high regard, though.

In one of these threads (they are all running together), you asked about Chris Miller. I knew him years ago, when he was a mid-grade officer, and thought he was a decent men back then...but who knows what he is like now).



Biden is amazing. President elect for less than a week and he got us aCovid vaccine and a cheap Covid home test, and he's a nice person. He likes to sniff the freshly sprung flowers before plucking. Utopia is on the way.



You can find doctors to certify you medicaly intolerant of wearing the things. HIPA also requires that your medical conditions be kept confidential by your employer. It will be fun times for managers explaing to SJWs why some people aren't wearing masks, and even more fun for the lawyers.

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