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28 November 2020


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Petrel, I agree with BillWADE in seeking more info on causalities
resulting from the Frankfurt raid you mentioned.


BillWade -- Re: 'Condolences to the families . ." check out Mike Adams on Natural News for the past week. At one level, the information is mind blowing, almost unreal.

We shall know next week, with the briefing of the Arizona Legislators, the reality of the Natural News reports.

Teddy Meezer

If they get away with stealing the Presidency, this maybe the last time a Republican is ever elected as POTUS.

Once the crazy leftists regain power, they won't give it up. It doesn't matter how people vote, what matters is who "counts" the votes with the those machines. They will continue to use Covid to restrict freedoms, etc.,. Yes, we definitely live in interesting times...


A couple of thoughts:

1. Trump is now doing exactly what he has been doing for the past four years- fighting the organized lies leveled against him. Nothing has changed. Just the lies have changed. But there is nothing strange about what he has chosen to do - what he has always been forced to do - fight it out.

No surprise Trump is going all in again on the election; just like his defense against Russiagate, taxes, impeachment, deep state, anonymous leakers, attacks on his wife and family. Democrats should not act surprised - they set him up yet again to do exactly this.

2. The dogs who did not bark:

Where is the usual cast of characters ripping Trump apart because he pursuing election fraud and yet again calling any Trump self-defense an obstruction of justice, or the acts of a deranged narcissist: Pelosi, Schiff, Swalwell, Schumer - Clinton all strangely quiet.

Do they know something we do not know? Do they know they cannot afford to dig their hole even deeper? Only the media and the junior varsity socialist squad are on record in daily attack mode.

But the big guns are keeping their powder dry - except for Clinton's one bizarre election night statement - don't ever concede Biden, because you will be winning by the next day.

Was she drunk when this slipped out?

marhias alexander

Again, Biden and the DNC are not 'Left Wing'.


It is the down ballot races that are so important especially this year with the new census and redistricting. Republicans will control, perhaps that is what they wanted, more power and less Trump. Maybe the fix wasn't from the Democrats.


mathias alexander

That depends on where you personally are on the left-right spectrum.



"Given the theft claim is based upon access to vote-tabulating computer SW, it would be little additional effort to “do unto down-ballot races what was visited upon the top" That is not established as yet.

Barbara Ann


"How dull the world would be if everyone were in agreement with me. Or you. Or anyone."

This is exactly the agenda of the Progressive cult; to diversify us all into submissive unanimity. Not unanimity of appearance, no you can be black, white, any color or gender you like - you can identify as a grapefruit if you so wish. And you can of course disagree on any amount of superficial stuff where you are not at risk of hurting another's feelings. BUT, diversity of opinion from the core philosophy (of absolutist progressivism) will not be tolerated. If you are not Progressive you must be a deplorable Regressive and thus in need of re-education. Or worse.

These people detest real culture and words like "diversify" and "tolerance" in their mouths are names in need of the rectification.


BillWade, As Petrel has not responded to you requesting info on causalities resulting from the Frankfurt raid I ran a search for
"causalities resulting from the recent raid in Frankfurt Germany" &
got several hit, all were refuted by USA Today. It's hard to know
what to believe.

Keith Harbaugh

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch says
"if you deny there was fraud in the election,
you're either ignorant or lying":


Nancy K,

"Maybe the fix wasn't from the Democrats."

Yeah, that other party really runs Atlanta, Milwaukee, Philadelphia and Detroit. Minneapolis too, since they managed to keep the same party in power there also. Nice story, unlike the one in the NYT stating Democrats had massive down ballot losses. It's almost as if Trump won in a landslide, except for that Russian interference thing the actual Republicans did at the top. I'm looking forward to seeing that idea laid out on CNN.


reply to TV | 28 November 2020 at 08:05 PM:

re "pallets of cash."
Details please!! What did the cash signify?
Was it otherwise unremunerated US taxpayer money?
If so, are you suggesting that a Bidem administration will send yet more US taxpayer money to Iran?
Do you suppose Joe "I am a zionist" Biden will attempt to send as much US taxpayer money to Iran as they send to Israel?

re Iran's "path to nuclear weapons."
Please, for we of the untraveled class -- what are the steps of that path?
How should we interpret the mullahs' fatwa against nuclear weapons -- straying from the path you mentioned?
How about Iran's participation in 1995 in a negotiation on the renewal of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty -- At that meeting, conducted by Richard Butler at his dining room table, Iran and other nations in the Middle East were promised a conference to discuss creating in the region a nuclear-free zone; Israel's nukes were to be "on the table."
(That promise was never fulfilled.)
Was Iran's participation in that promise "on the path to nuclear weapons" or Iran straying from the path?

re "Democrats and mullahs" share an enemy, America."
On several occasions in the past year I drove through Washington, DC and into adjacent Montgomery County, MD. I took photos of numerous boarded-up buildings, from office buildings on K Street to Neiman Marcus in Chevy Chase. I have photos of buildings on the edge of Lafayette Park covered with vile graffiti. Vocabulary was limited in this graffiti barrage: mostly F- bombs and "Black Lives Matter."
I recognize Farsi when I see it, but I did not see any Farsi amongst the graffiti. A Black Lives Matter banner had been run up a flagpole -- I watched a DC police officer take it down. But I did not see the Flag of Iran anywhere. (I have a photo of a giant US flag being used as a tarpaulin over the stash of a homeless person in the homeless tent-city at the end of the ramp from Key Bridge into the District, but once again, no flag of Iran.)
Maybe Iranians are incapable of articulating their enmity toward America? My Iranian-American neurosurgeon did not use his scalpel to express his enmity toward America. Would you call that a fluke, uncharacteristic of Iranians, or a missed opportunity?

Do Dems and Iran have the same basis for viewing America as an enemy -- "400 years a slave; police brutality; white supremacy; denial of LGBTQrstuv rights," etc.?

Please, TV, enlighten us. Inquiring minds want to know.



Perhaps you are joking but not a penny of the money sent to Iran was US taxpayer money. It was all Iranian money impounded since the revolution. I have said this over and over again on SST but the Foxnews jingoes do not want to hear it.


Dems only had to win POTUS, they already had the House and are now working on "winning" the Senate, but have to wait until the January election using the same crooked Dominion system in Georgia.

They did not need to go "down ballot", but they sure as heck had to get rid of the Trump veto. I believe there was a record number of "single candidate" ballots cast this election too which I suspect were mainly for Biden - another bizarre happenstance.

So no legs on the claim the Dems did a poor job rigging the ballots, because they did not rig it down ballot. They rigged it where they needed to rig it - a few specific localities where they needed the biggest pay off for their primary 2020 goal -Get Trump.


Col. Lang, I was not joking I was poking.

Indeed: the Pallets of cash represented a return to Iran of Iranian monies held by USA for many years.

I listened to hours and hours of the Senate's otherwise meaningless debate on the Agreement-that-was-not-a-treaty, and I watched with rapt attention as Seyed Hussein Mousavian, former Iranian amb. to Germany, explained (sometimes heatedly) that the JCPOA was in many ways harmful to Iranian interests and a hard sell to many in Iranian leadership, but it was agreed to in large part to test the reliability of some of the members of the Agreement.

Mousavian discussed his book, Iran and The United States: An Insider’s View on the Failed Past and the Road to Peace, HERE: https://www.c-span.org/video/?320226-1/iran-united-states


Posted by: English Outsider | 28 November 2020 at 10:14 AM
I think this might be the footnote referred to -

no, that one looks at Dominion online, considering the given credentials at the start, it's a really strange dot connecting web expedition. What does TTG think about that one?

Under 14 she might refer to the earlier 'declaration' or affidavit: Harri Hursti, 24, August 2020, an expert in ballot scanning and an authorized poll watcher in Atlanta. At one point he too suspects there could be a hidden Wifi connection present, but obviously cannot prove it. Strictly the rather chaotic update routines via usb-devices from other districts suggest the opposite. Anyway, its interesting, and he watches that very, very rarely a voter checks his printed ballot.

Maybe team Kraken hesitated to add the reference under note 14, since he was a witness in a earlier lawsuit brought by the Democrats? Hard to get hold of the documents added to the filed motions anyway. Is there an official court database?

Team Kraken:
(c)The new election system depends on voters to verify the printed text of their choices on their ballots, a step that many voters might not take. The State Election Board hasn't yet created regulations for how recounts and audits will be conducted. And paper ballots embed selections in bar codes that are only readable by scanning machines, leaving Georgians uncertain whether the bar codes match their votes.14



Emergeny motion by TeamKraken:


Order Timothy C. Batten, jr, admended version:

first granted, then denied:
In addition, Plaintiffs content that Union County officials have advised that they are going to wipe or reset the voting machines of all data and bring the count back to zero on Monday, November 30.

Storm in a teapot? David Mikkelson, thinks yes:

I'll remain curiously neutral.

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