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14 November 2020


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Mike C


Thanks for the reply, mirrors what I was thinking, sadly.

Eric Newhill

Well hot damn. Good for you General.

Good to see that you do have personal opinions after all. I wasn't buying the whole, "I just humbly do as ordered" presentation.

Maybe you could wrangle up a little private funding and make like "the Man Who Would Be King" and fix the whole miserable country once for all.



"He is still the president." That is the point, and he can and should fire a bunch of people regardless of pending lawsuits, recounts and future fraud.

JM Gavin

Eric Newhill,
Your son isn't the only person that left something behind in Afghanistan. I respect your apathy about Afghanistan. I also respect your right to completely disregard anything I think about Afghanistan. You asked a question, and I answered it.

Your son was not drafted. It is a volunteer military. Professional military personnel do what they are told (your son and daughter can enlighten you about that).

It appears you and I have nothing to discuss.


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