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24 November 2020


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Steve Ogle

Looks like a very nice stainless steel box. Wonder how its mounted to the desert floor. The cops should start rubbing it perhaps it will take them on a much more enjoyable trip than the one we'll be going on should Biden get elected.

Steve Ogle

Curious about the slot in the stone behind. As well.


That's the storage container for all of Trump's lost votes.


I'd say that a 2001 fan with some metalworking skills is laughing his head off now that someone has found the bait.


Very funny, Fred!
An art-piece, the perfect analog for one’s fondest hopes of the recent election; shiny outside, empty inside, set in the middle of nowhere.


The stainless steel pillar is the lingam, while the slot in the rock is the yoni. This construction is emblematic of the Cosmic Screw Job we will all get should yogini Harris come to rule us. Hey, it worked for her "career"...


An art project prank. Helicoptered in? Occam's Razor blade finally found.

Quartered Safe Out Here

Here's the official report from the Utah Department of Public Safety, which states: "It is illegal to install structures or art without authorization on federally managed public lands, no matter what planet you’re from."


fascinating! it arouses my curiousity as to who put it their... how far from the nearest road? it doesn't look like it could be carried easily by a minimum of 2 people... how did it get their?? i have been on that road in se utah from moab down to bluff... stayed in bluff - 8 or 9 years ago... very pretty landscape all around..

Diana L Croissant

I love the response from Utah's Dept. of Public Safety. My first reaction upon looking at the photo was to believe someone who is a fan of the "Ancient Aliens" episodes--and especially the one about Göbekli Tepe--was trying to start a modern interpretation of Göbekli Tepe.

I sure hope we hear more about this to understand who/what put it there.

I am personally hoping it was indeed someone from outer space. I am getting a little tired of the Earth and want to be abducted so as to relieve my old-age boredom.

Mark K Logan


Roads are only needed by poor creatures who still believe gravity is a law...



I am interested in the "monkey profile" of the rock beyond the monolith.


It's been there since 2016! They found it on 4chan:


Location is here:


Seamus Padraig

Wild guess: Mormons put it there.


From What I see on the videos. I would guesstimate the area around King Bench.

(Note: Credentials here are an old Utah boy who read too much Edward Abbey and Carlos Casteneda)


@ Mark K Logan...lolol! anything is possible! it would be interesting to see a close up of the area it was found to appreciate how this object that was planted into the ground, got their..


There is no such thing as "too much" where Edward Abbey is concerned. Just the opposite.

Perhaps the mysterious monolith is a memorial to Vietnam Vet and former Green Beret George Washington Hayduke? Placed there by Earth First? Or maybe by Mother Earth herself?

Or is it a remnant of the giant earth moving Walking Dragline Excavator that Hayduke and his Monkey Wrench Gang sabotaged?

The Beaver

From above :



Taking guerilla art from the street into the desert. Love it.



I've seen the error of my ways. It's not a repository of Trump's votes, but of the Biden family's integrity.

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