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10 November 2020


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Bobby Jindal write a good piece in the WSJ concluding Biden should be grateful for a GOP Senate because it gives him someone to blame for (1) his own failures and (2) puts brakes on his party's own whackadoodle radical arm.

For a man stuck in his basement, with no real public engagement or non teleprompter pronouncements during this entire campaign, it is amazing how many pundits are now telling us what Biden has said he is going to do...using his direct quotes.

Was our choice really between an alleged buffoon who produced real results and a proven cipher who doesn't know where he is or what day it is?

Underscores that Americans really don't want anyone telling them what to do - either they malicoiusly knee cap real leadership who kept his clearly stated campaign promises that got him elected.

Or they hire the most feckless amongst us, who has a 47 year track record of doing absolutely nothing and in fact doing exactly the opposite of what he says. A puzzlement. .


I think Trump can claw back some of the electoral votes and weaken Biden's margin of electoral victory, but I have a hard time accepting widespread systemic fraud. There are most certainly issues with the election relating to fraud and irregularities, and I imagine it will reveal a significant enough problem in Nevada and Pennsylvania, but not to the scale of reversing a Biden victory. Biden should carry maybe 280 instead of the projected 306 electoral votes.

Dems poured a ton of money into these Senate races and still couldn't win. Bloomberg alone spent over a $100 million. They gained one seat, while losing another they gained in the previous midterms. I think Rs will win GA in this runoff too. Rs should get a majority in the Senate.

Joe and Mitch are on friendly terms. I'm not sure McConnell will go after Hunter. He might even rein in his fellow Republicans to leave that alone. Joe has also signaled that he won't go after Trump, but he also said he wouldn't interfere in any ongoing investigations or prosecutions. The Democrats will be making a mistake if they go after Trump on taxes and continue to hound him after he leaves office. I think they might hang on to that sword of Damocles over Trump, but I don't think they will use it.

The Dems have in come for a wake up call after this election. All that talk of defund the police and what have you is biting them in ass. If they keep pushing communist nonsense, Americans will reject them.

Don't keep your hopes down ladies and gentleman. The prospects remain good for Republicans in the next midterms and later again in 2024. Biden is not a strong presidential candidate four years from now. Kamala Harris is likely to stand in his place. I'd love to see a Rand Paul and Tulsi Gabbard ticket. Anyone other than Haley, Cruz, Rubio, and Cotton and I'll be happy.


Make that 50-50 + VP Kamala Harris as tie-breaker.

And Collins, Romney and Murkowski as the can't we all get alongers. Best Democrats and RINOs put their dirty fingerprints on everything they plan to do, so we know the real choices in 2022 for the midterm elections.

Diana L Croissant

Whoopie appeared in a few good movies, but that does not make her a a person we should all listen to for her political views.

I wonder if she would admit that Hillary was pretty deep into the mud of the failed attempt to get Trump out of office. I'm sure she bought the whole "we were talking about grandchildren" excuse for the tarmac meeting between Bill and Lynch, too. And I wonder if she and the "ladies" on the show with her have not learned anything after the Covington High School boy won his suit against them.

It's quite surprising to me that anyone listens to those "entitled" clueless women on the couch.

Cold War Colonel

Way to go, Col! My sentiments exactly!

As well as fight it out legally at the state legislative level (GA, PA, MI, WI & AZ), state courts & federal courts.


Spoken like a true American. The sooner it falls apart the better it will be for the world. Color revolutions and their destruction comes home


Ballot counting in 5 states ceased around 10:45 pm on November 3, 2020 when the human counters were sent home. Thereafter, the chain of custody of assembled ballots was broken and many, many new ballots appeared overnight, out of nowhere. Faced with these doubtful ballots, the state legislators and/or courts may decide to use whatever counts existed before 10:45pm — in which case Trump would win handily.
Penn. Biden 41.8% Trump 57.0%
Mich. Biden 44.4% Trump 54.0%
Georg. Biden 45.6% Trump 53.1%
N.Car. Biden 48.7% Trump 50.1%
Wisc. Biden 46.8% Trump 51.7%

Additionally, the vote counting machines — manufactured by a company owned by Pelosi and Soros — were “updated” electronically on Nov. 2 with a “glitch” that transferred 3% of Trump’s votes to Biden. Should the “glitch" be corrected, Trump would win more decisively.

Penn. Biden 38.8% Trump 60.0%
Mich. Biden 41.4% Trump 57.0%
Georg. Biden 42.6% Trump 56.1%
N.Car. Biden 45.7% Trump 53.1%
Wisc. Biden 43.8% Trump 54.7%

You may have missed the Sunday morning talkshows on which the PA Leaders of the Lower House and Senate said they would initiate an “audit" of the PA election. In PA the 3 November counts are supposed to guide the legislature's choice for the Federal Electoral College. The PA legislature is Republican controlled. Across PA, fracking / oil extraction / manufacture play a much larger role in decision making generally, than is the case in Philly.


AG Barr, who has yet to indict enough people to satisfy many nor release the Huber report said yesterday “If you have substantial allegations of election fraud in your district, you have authority to investigate that.”.
That directive effectively overruled the career civil servants of DOJ - who were apparently being led by Richard Pilger, head of the Election Crimes Branch at DoJ HQ. Pilger's the guy who wrote the book that said that investigations of allegations of election law violations could not proceed without DoJ HQ i.e. Pilger's, approval. Surprise, he's resigned. The planetary news services wonder why.

In addition there was something reported that FBI agents could enter election centers armed. Apparently there is something in the rule book about them needing to be armed to carry out investigations? That brings up the question of whether local election officials were refusing entry to FBI agents? Not sure about that but it sure looks like Barr's actions also autorize grand juries, too.

A very good rundown is here:

Question - Why is Biden running back to the basement and avoiding the press, again?
Why is the MI AG issuing a cease and desist letter for press reports, doesn't the first amendment apply to the press reporting on elections?

I for one am glad FB and Twitter put all those warnings on posts about Russia Collusion not being proven yet ......Remember that? Yeah, good times.


Keep your eyes on the Georgia run-off elections that's where the
action is. Don't rule out Rev. Warnock beating Senator Loeffler or
Jon Ossoff besting Senator David Purdue. Dems pouring big bucks into these races

Michael D McCarthy

Does this mean that you will support nothing that the Biden administration, regardless of its benefit to the nation? Isn't this identical to what McConnell et al did on Obama's inauguration day?

Noel Grannell



Michael D McCarthy

Yes this is political warfare, just as the democrats waged it against Trump.


Michael D. McCarthy, you are wrong. It is ABSOLUTELY FALSE that Sen. Mitch McConnell said "The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president" upon Obama's inauguration. In fact, he said it at the MIDPOINT of Obama's first term.

This factual distinction is important. But leftists continue to perpetuate the lie that McConnell said it at the outset, in order to infer that there was an unwillingness to consider cooperation from the very start. NOT TRUE.

Bubba Schwartz

Right on, Colonel! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

We shall fight the evil!

We will prevail!


Are there any "career prosecutors" who aren't Democrat party activists?


Michael McCarthy - so far what 'Biden" says he will be doing, on any given day, will be resisted.

If Biden wants to pick up where Trump left off - restart the economy, finish the the Wall, stay out of the Paris agreement, defund the UN and WHO, ditch the New Green Deal totally, stop the take-over by public sector unions and forcing closed shop public employment, continue eliminating useless and counterproductive regulations, decrease the size of the government workforce, keeping peace in the Middle East, lower taxes, reform SS, Medicare and SS, create a cogent response to "covid", not a poliical one, re-open schools, reduce the ongoing liberal ubban violence and pandering to anarchists, lower the temperature with NK, and stop being a stooge played by China like the Biden crime family is doing right now , and appoint only strict constructionist judges...... then Biden could gain GOP support.

So the answer is, no, the GOP will not oppose Biden the same way the Dems opposed Trump. We don't do personalities; we do results.

If Biden would only stop talking out of both sides of his mouth at the same time and tell his mini-me Kamala Harris to shut up and think before she opens her pie hole, we might start listening to see if he can carry out all of the above in good faith and good conscience. If not, then Trump will be sorely missed..

But right now it looks like we are asked to go from winning to waiting.... and waiting ... and waiting ... for any of that to occur. If Biden takes us only from winning to Obama-era whining, all bets are off. Pass it on.


BTW McCarthy: you get social justice by opening the economy and closing down the PC crap, defund the Democrat welfare plantation, and get drugs out of the minority communities. When Biden does that, he will get support as well. Results, not labels. That is how you make America great again. She is the patient; anyone can be the doctor as long as the medicine works.


Rumor is that Trey Gowdy was fired from Fox News and that he's joined the Trump legal team.

Rudy Guiliani has the Biden laptop as does the FBI. Why isn't the DOJ going after the Bidens? Declas? Isn't that an option anymore?


Trump now has North Carolina's election won.

Laura Wilson

BillWade...If Trey Gowdy has joined the legal team, then Giuliani has risen in the rankings.

Kilo 4/11

This will keep up the momentum for a recount:


There is also the remedy that each state legislature can legally name its own electors. All the battleground states have Republican-controlled legislatures.

And if it comes to a vote in the U.S. House, Republican states outnumber Democrat states: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/11/new_election_math_its_not_270_its_2624.html

Kilo 4/11

@ Deap:"Underscores that Americans really don't want anyone telling them what to do"

That's the way we WERE. Today, millions of Americans simply want to destroy the vestiges of old America. They have been so brainwashed by the commies in the education racket that they are perfectly content with a cradle to grave government telling them what to do 24/7/365, so long as God is kept out of it, abortion and drugs are kept legal, consumer goods are cheap, and they can feel morally superior to deplorables.


If everyody lies, as is it getting obvious,were I an US girl, I would like how Kamala talks and what she talks...


At least, she sounds better, and saner, than Alex Jones...

SAC Brat

I will be voting in Georgia for Loeffler and Purdue. After the last four years of fun I want to see the Democratic party have to earn every little bit.

Kilo 4/11

@Michael D McCarthy: "Does this mean that you will support nothing that the Biden administration, regardless of its benefit to the nation?"

The ideology of the people controlling Biden is anathema to the American way of life, contemptuous of American history, and will eventually be fatal to the Silent Majority, now known as "deplorables" but soon to be the new kulaks.

The only thing Biden could have done that would have benefited the nation is to have refrained from claiming victory until all the legal votes were counted - and all the illegal votes thrown out.

By claiming victory Biden stuck his thumb in the eyes of at least 71 million Americans. For all of this, he deserves nothing less than our implacable enmity should he manage to snatch the presidency.

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