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14 November 2020


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Fred, I'm curious to see if the Dem States will treat Christmas and MLK Day (18 Jan) differently.


JerseyJeffersonian, the WEF has found Covid-19 to be a useful hook.

To track the co-option of Covid-19 for political purposes, one start point is the WEF's 'Great Reset' component of their Covid Action Platform. In their own words: "The great reset must place social justice at its centre".
Notice the rapid transition from health concerns to cultural reform, ie, in the first line of the article.


and https://thehill.com/opinion/energy-environment/504499-introducing-the-great-reset-world-leaders-radical-plan-to

This project is in it's development phase and the next point in it's evolution is the Davos summit on 25th January 2021, where in the usual course of events various countries will decide how they want to sign up to some degree of participation.

Prior to this, one of their recognition signals is the latest use of the older UN catch phrase 'Build Back Better'. If you do a Google search you'll see how widespread this has become in it's use by various political leaders. This includes Boris Johnson and also Joe, but I doubt that Joe has an appreciation of it's connections.

The ride never ends - but hey, why should it, and did we expect it to ?


Those Chinese people are so lucky, lucky,lucky - no lock downs for them. Full speed ahead, NIO (China's Tesla) shares are up dramatically.

I do see some light at the end of the tunnel, the 2nd phase should be the straw that breaks all small business owner's backs. Once that happens, please feel free to enjoy your non-meat burger at any number of woke corporations.

Dear Wall Street, Please move to the Free State of Florida and not to Texas.

The Twisted Genius


Don't you remember how draconian China's early lockdown was? I vividly remember scenes of troops welding apartment doors shut. The difference was in how far that lockdown went. At the height of our lockdown, the grocery stores, Lowes, Home Depot and a lot of others were still open for business. Our local Lowes was as crowded as a warm, sunny Saturday morning all the time. Our half-assed approach brought all the pain with none of the benefits.


Pundit suggested Democrats change their symbol from a donkey to a hippo - to stand for their long history of fundamental hypocrisy.


TTG, Yes, I saw it all as I was fascinated by it. I was paying attention to it before the general US public was aware of it and started wearing a mask at least a month before the grocery store clerks were. I also saw Chinese people dropping dead in the street and folks in Hazmat type clothing getting to them within mere seconds and thought to myself, "this looks made up to me". My mask came off as others were just starting to wear them. I haven't been to the movies in 20 years but I know one when I see one.

We've been played, and played well.

j. casey

The Covidian Cult: http://www.ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featured-articles/2020/october/17/the-covidian-cult/

Eric Newhill

Agree. The Chinese film clips were fake as it gets. Middle aged people lying dead in the street from covid. LOL. Our own homeless population isn't lying dead in the streets from covid. Why would covid make anyone fall down dead in the street? Stupid.

But the Hazmat suited Chinese military hustling citizens into vans to take them away to some unpleasant fate and the welding of them into apartments? Well, have you noticed that is the model that seems to impress hard core democrats? It's like their ultimate wet dream Declare your political enemies "infected" and send in the welders and Hazmat teams. Yes. We definitely want to imitate the new masters of the One World. Freedom is over rated and dangerous!


Eric, laughing here, I thought the Chinese people wailing from the high rises was a nice touch!

Eric Newhill

Yes. The wailing from high rises really was pretty good. It had a gritty stygian surreal quality to it that one doesn't often see in propaganda films. I thought touches like that made it more psychologically impactful than even the White Helmets/gassed Syrian children stuff from just a few years ago. It helps to have partners in Hollywood.

Diana L Croissant

An update to the comment above:

Our current governor who came out of the completely leftist city of Boulder, Colorado, announced that he is going to start taking some more drastic measures to make sure those counties in our state that don't institute the same measures he wants them to take will be punished in some way.

Our county officials answered him by saying basically: we aren't going to change what we are dong no matter what he threatens to do. (I'm sure he knows that the many people attending church regularly here will not allow a shutdown, since we didn't shut down before. We take simple precautions. Our sanctuary, foyer, and parking lot are very big. We appeased the powers that be at first by having "parking lot services" for three weeks. They were enormously fun. But afterwards it was back to our normal way of doing things.)

It's all about the expected rise in COVID infections (which had been predicted because of the time of year--something like that) and because we currently have only four beds available in our hospital though our count and nearby counties share several hospitals, and the governor did not say what percent of the currently filled beds were being used by COVID patients.)

We were able to take care of the cases we had during the first round of COVID. We'll manage.

The governor is claiming he is trying to enforce his mask wearing, social distancing, and shutting down restaurants and certain businesses for the sake of the surrounding counties, something like that.

I am personally happy that our county officials said basically "Game on."

For those of you in crowded urban situations, you may not understand our failure to adopt his ridiculous order to go back to the early "rules." We've been careful. We haven't hurt our businesses by finding ways to keep them running. Except for the mask wearing in certain environments, we have basically gone on with the lives we had pre-COVID. And our county officials know they will be out of their offices if they try to make us "behave" the way the governor from the Boulder/Denver area wants us to behave.

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