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19 November 2020


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need to be thrown out to give the win to Trump. Obviously, these are Biden heavy districts where they have at least some evidence that some level of cheating occurred. ...
Posted by: Eric Newhill | 19 November 2020 at 06:59 PM

Interesting. All those voters lost their constitutional rights based on some among them? They can blame it on "some evidence" proving "some level of cheating" and thus some cheaters.

I am glad I didn't vote. Thus, no chance to chancel mine in a more legally convenient collective way.


Attorney Lyn Wood failed to get Us District Judge Steven Grimberg,
a Trump appointee, to stop the certification of the Georgia vote.

A retired Homeland Security guy on OANN tv said Sydney Powell would
need the systems log to prove her case.


Fred, Mark

"By censoring Trump (or anyone else) they are violating that legal requirement."

That is exactly my point. If they violate (rethorical) Trump's 1st amendment rights, then they should be liable.

If I insult you here, or post child pronography and get censored I would think it is normal. But if, because of my opinions, I get censored, I guess that I should be able to sue this website and win.

At least that was my understanding of free speech...

The other option for the site owner would be to say "this is my own personal space, you are guests here and I decide what can or cannot be said" which is defendable.

But once a website reaches a quasi-monopolistic position it becomes "a public space" like Twitter or Facebook, that excuse is no longer valid... If I was a lawyer/supreme justice, that would be my position and I'm suprised it is not enforced that way...

Anyway, don't mind me, I'm just a dumb froggie with lilmited understanding of these things ;)

The Twisted Genius


Several law firms have backed out of having to represent the Trump campaign. At two firms, at least, partners threatened to quit unless the firms pulled out. I doubt it was partisan animosity. These firms had a long history of representing Trump. Perhaps professional embarrassment at repeatedly having to back down in court when asked to swear to the truth of the so-called evidence under penalty of perjury had something to do with it. That’s happened in a few of these cases. There is also the shame of being involved in this whole spectacle highlighted by the publicity generated by such groups as Project Lincoln. Cancel culture, if you will or the disinfecting effect of sunlight. Project Lincoln is getting some heat for publicizing the lawyers' names.



"But if, because of my opinions, I get censored, I guess that I should be able to sue this website and win." This not a public space. You have no free speech rights here. It is entirely my property and all of you are my guests. You are banned. Sue me. You can find an American licensed lawyer in Istanbul.


A remarkable way to spend 1 hour and 22 minutes, a remarkable gem of a discussion, and a remarkable trip down memory lane.

I highly recommend taking the time to watch this link in full, because the time warp aspect is the most oompelling feature. Legacy media was on the brink of competition with the internet - just 16 years ago. Two people are asked to ponder on the state of the media at this time.

In Jan 2006, a debate was held between Tucker Carlson and Eric Alterman with the title "American News Media: Liberal or Conservative Bias".

How far have our issues moved since this timely debate - how far have our positions moved, how far has our nation moved. This video is an in depth reminder - that the answer is plenty .... but also not at all. Just different events are motivating us, but perhaps we find ourselves in almost exactly the same place.


In someways it is hopeful because we have not yet destoryed ourselves and the next black swam may emerge from the ooze of the swamps of today, much like emerged from the swamps of 2006. (Eg: Iraq -Bush -media - rise of cable news and smug, bratty university students and smug bratty professors)

Tucker is under attack right this moment - but he is actually a comfortable old shoe once we go into the way back machine and see him in 2006 - (did he even shave back then?)

What has changed is when I personally saw this debate live at this event I was a "liberal"; now I am a conservative. No it did not change my mind. But 16 years of unfolding events did. Because I now stand by what both debaters concluded: liberals don't know who they are or where they are going. I wanted off their crazy train. Plus I know now where they in fact are going, and I don't want to go there.



"This not a public space. You have no free speech rights here."

That's exactly my point...
This website is your backyard, and you do whatever you want there, including closing the door to people you don't want as guests.

BUT when the name of your site is Facebook, or Twitter, it cannot be considered a "private space" anymore and the same rules shouldn't apply.

Anyway, I'm banned so I can't talk here anymore....
Gotta go get myself a lawyer ;)



I unbanned you.


Lenin died years before collective farms were instituted in the USSR.


So what.



"publicity generated by such groups as Project Lincoln. Cancel culture, if you will or the disinfecting effect of sunlight."

So extortionate practices to coerce officers of the court to deny legal representation is an acceptable practice to you now?


Pat! May be it is irrelevant, butm from this commenter "lux" on, as he used bold letters to highlight parts of his/her comment, all the thread got in bold letters....

How is that?


Offtrail - Lenin may or may not have been actively implementing kholkozes. But for sure it was Lenin that was responsible for the death of many Kulaks, and many Socialists also.

scott s.

About "yelling fire" -- sometimes there is a fire in a crowded theater. But more to the point, do you wait for the fire to be licking at your heals before you yell, or when you first see some smoke, knowing you might be making a mistake?

Looking at election history, the first complaint was that having the people vote on different days depending on the state resulted in fraud. So congress used their authority in 1845 to mandate all states vote on a single day. Subsequent, there were complaints that allowing parties to design and distribute ballots allowed vote harvesting and buying of votes, so in the period 1890-1892 states went to state-produced ballots and secret voting.

Both of these have gone out the window with early voting and mail in ballots. We're going to have to relearn what we knew in the 19th century.

It seems to come down to "you can't handle the truth" so we don't want to peak under this rock.

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