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19 November 2020


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Laura Wilson

On the other hand, FB allowing posts that pooh pooh the pandemic and advocate the non-wearing of masks and the gathering together at Thanksgiving, COULD be likened to yelling "FIRE" in a crowded theatre. Lies matter. People who believe lies can die. Lying about the competence of election officials and the truth of their posted results could likewise lead to violence perpetrated by those who did not win the election. Lies matter. People who believe lies can harm others.

I think there is a case to be made.


Laura Wilson

You are an enemy of free speech. You are an enemy of everything this committee stands for.

Mary Hallock

I grew up hearing, "Don't believe everything you read or hear." The onus was on me to research, find out on my own. come to my own conclusion. If our "news" is censored we can't do this. We might as well be in Soviet Russia. Shame on these pseudo journalists!


Add the formerly venerable Wall Street Journal to the camp of Leftist disinformation con artists.

Blatant bias embedded in WSJ "news" articles that I can still discern, only because there remain a few alternate sources for real facts left for balance. Once those are gone, it will be a full 1984 takeover.

Laughably, WSJ editorial today congratulates Biden on his 78th birthday and his cholesterol numbers, but registers only the mildest concern about his cognitive functioning, only to claim this possible mental impairment expected at his august age.

The guy is crackers, the same age as I am, but I can still put a sentence together with full credibility. Biden cannot. Nor do I shuffle or slur, needing a 24/7 aide to guide me to the next stages of my day and teleprompters do contain my spontaneous utterances.

When a newspaper chooses to abdicate credibility, like the WSJ has now chosen to do, joining the ranks of NYT and WaPo in intentional disinformation for political effect, what is the real aganda of today's "media". - where do they want to take us?

Markets like stability. I get that, and markets drive the WSJ - this WSJ editorial bias is now obvious no matter the cost to the rest of us.

President Kamala Harris in short order is far too high price for anyone to pay. SEIU as Secy of Labor, Garcetti as Secy of Transportation, Warren as Secy Treasury, Cortez as EPA Director, Tlaib as DHS, Clinton as UN Ambassador, Sanders as dual HUD-HHS Secy. and Randi Wiengarten as teachers union Secy of Education?

C'mon, man. Tell me why I should love this, WSJ.

Rick Merlotti

Laura. Baa, baa! Bleating like a good little lamb. Back in your pen, now. Try not to notice that the slaughterhouse is next door to your pen.


Laura Wilson: what does lying about the Office of President Elect before final vote counts are even certified and the electoral college has even been convened do to the "integrity of our elections". Why the rush, Laura? Why the deliberate gas-lighting.


Now Democrat Orwellians scream 6 feet is good, 12 feet is even better. Staying away from people proves you love and embrace them.


Yes Laura, Jeffrey Epstein killed himself.



I'm glad you know the Truth and follow the True Religion of Wokeism.


Sidney Powell speaks and addresses the "margin of fraud" Dominion election software provided the Biden campaign - which confidently allowed Biden to sit in his basement and do nothing, while Hilary Clinton warned don't ever concede on election night because you will win after all the votes are "counted": https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/11/sidney_powell_absent_software_fraud_trump_had_at_least_80_million_votes.html

Let's see who even reports on this story, which will teach us which media outlets to trust over the next four years.


Laura, the worship of "science" by the left has become a new secular religion akin to Christianity way back when the Bible and mass were only in Latin and not the native language of the largely illiterate masses. I say this as an engineer that spent most of the 2000's designing the electronics for anthrax detectors: any of these test (optical or PCR) will give the occasional false positive. If you turn up the gain even a little too much they will give a false positive more often than not. All of the statistics I've seen indicate that is the case, and that it is not a mistake.

Fear is the little mind killer.



If we gather together to celebrate Joe and Kamala, or to condemn America's founding, or to praise George Floyd, or just have dinner at the French Laundry, would that be okay?


I'd say to Laura that "What's sauce for the Gander is sauce for the Goose".


It's beyond shocking to witness what's going on, and the SCALE of shameless hypocrisy, projection and gaslighting of the ACTUAL authoritarians/dictators/fascists is off the charts in my more than half-century of lifetime. It's not only shocking but sickening to read a comment like Laura Wilson's that condones censorship, ESPECIALLY when the policy approaches to C-19 are indeed debatable and have been continuously debated since the outset among not only ordinary folk but MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS!

The freedom to debate is eternally important, whether the Laura Wilsons of the world agree or not. She says, "People who believe lies can harm others" apparently without the least sense of irony or awareness of the LIE BELIEVERS who've been responsible for the violence, destruction and looting we've experienced in our country during just the past few months. SMFH...


Laura Wilson, the proper solution for people who do not like the fundamental liberties that define the American people is for them to LEAVE OUR LAND. Emigrate to the fecal-environment countries where free speech and rule of law are whatever their corrupt ruling classes decide on any given day.

America used to be a nice place because the lived experiences of European and Christian cultures made it so. Now that Christianity and Constitutionalism no longer bind the inhabitants of this country together, we share only an economy which our globalist ruling class is busy destroying as well.

We will not bend the knee, and if we cannot coexist in peace, then we will not.


covidian cult member and anti free speech activist laura.
" It is also important to remember PCR was invented as a way to create copies of genetic material. Its was never intended to be a diagnostic tool."

Also check the covidian cult courts that want to ban dissent in Europe! Switzerland, Germany and Denmark is making it illegal to not be a covidian cult believer. We all know that banning dissent is proof positive that the banners have a strong case that is easily defended by facts and words. /S

To other non covidian cult members check out this Portugese court desicion- https://www.uticaphoenix.net/2020/11/17/portuguese-appeals-court-deems-pcr-tests-unreliable/
This court actually believe in the rule of law and real non covidian cult science, a rare scene in these interesting times.


Posted by: Deap | 19 November 2020 at 11:37 AM

Haha well done sir.


Just watched the live interview of Rudy Guiliani, Sydney Powell, and a few others regarding election fraud. This election is far from over. Aside from the big ones, they are also thinking there was fraud in New Mexico and Virginia, and most importantly likely nation wide.

Barbara Ann

To Laura's point, there is certainly a case to be made for an authoritative arbiter of objective truth and for an enforced prohibition against speaking/acting contrary to The Truth. Orwell's other, even more famous work, makes that case eloquently. 1984 is without question (figure of speech - my subjective view :) ) the most important book of our age. Perhaps many ages to come.

1A will remain, but I think it is clear how this will play out. Falling trees in the forest will be allowed to make as much noise as they like, only no one will be allowed within earshot.

70+ million Deplorables need to communicate in order to remain a cohesive force. My guess is those means of communication (exhibit A. CTH) will gradually be shut down. The oligarchical progressives running Big Tech will let you keep your account, but sharing heretical views will become increasingly difficult. Fora like this, outside of their control, will become ever more vital.

Sir, I suggest that the service you presently do your country in pursuit of your "hobby" may well prove to be more important than any done previously in your official capacities. I shall drink a toast to yourself and to the SST committee this evening too.


President Trump's legal team, including Rudy, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis, has just conducted a powerful press conference, laying out, with some of the evidence, the mind-boggling fraud that has occurred with this election. Rudy forcefully took the press to task for its complicity in the fraud, speaking directly to this issue of free speech. The press conference begins at about minute 58:00 on this link.




Just watched the 90 minute presser. As soon as it was over the lefty press proceeded to ridicule it. It is interesting that the lefties, like the cute gal at the WH for Fox now, do not want to engage on this. Well, good luck to them.

The Twisted Genius


The source of the ridicule stems from this legal strike team's performance in court to date. They start off with grand accusations of vote fraud and fold when the judge asks for specific evidence. If they have all this evidence, why are they withholding it in court when it could really count for something? Are they secretly trying to sabotage Trump's effort to stay in office?


I also watched the presser on FOX & OANN (CNN, MSNBC & local channels didn't cover it, forgot to check CNBC, but doubt they covered it either).

I doubt any of this will stop the states from certifying the vote
with exception of maybe Michigan.

Even Rudy doesn't know which branch of the military conducted the raid in Germany & whether it was done to obtain/retain evidence
or to bury it. Why are our votes counted in Germany by a
company owned in Venezuela? Once when Rudy said, "fraud", Sydney
mouthed the word "treason" behind him.



They have not yet presented their evidence in court. You are too eager to condemn their argument on a partisan basis.


TTG, they addressed your idea at their conference. They have not had any lawsuits thrown out at all, they only have 4 lawsuits in total and they did withdraw the Michigan suit as they got what they wanted there, two electors changed their minds and now won't certify that election (hence the lawsuit withdrawal). There have been several lawsuits thrown out but they were by other parties. Guiliani and Powell now have 3 lawsuits only. Guiliani said that the press was lying about the lawsuits and you are mirroring what the press has been saying.

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