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22 November 2020


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Mark Logan

It appears the Trump campaign and even Giuliani are distancing themselves from Sydney. Denying she is part of the legal team:


The meme of honey badgers is they are all but indestructible, and that is probably apt. There's a market for the kind of stuff this currently appears to have been.


Sidney Powell was fired from the Trump legal team today.

Laura Wilson

A tweet came out today:
“Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own. She is not a member of the Trump Legal Team. She is also not a lawyer for the President in his personal capacity.”

Signed by "Rudy Giuliani, Attorney for President Trump, and Jenna Ellis, Trump Campaign Senior Legal Advisor and Attorney for President Trump

What does this portend?

Eric Newhill

Trump may be distancing himself from the honey badger. They have stated that Powell has overstepped and misrepresented the strength of the evidence. They say they hoped to work with her, but she's out at as of tonight.

Numerous sources. Here's one;



Here is a headline at the Daily Me ail about Sidney Powell at 7:10pm EST on Sunday night:

"Trump campaign DENIES attorney and QAnon supporter Sidney Powell is part of their legal team after she claimed Dems 'paid' to rig the election and said China and Hugo Chavez were behind a conspiracy at Rudy's press conference"

No wonder she had so many conspiracy theories she refused to provide evidence for. She is a QAnon supporter. That is all I need to know.

Trump should listen to Chris Christie.

"Sidney Powell accusing governor Brian Kemp of a crime on television, yet being unwilling to go on TV and defend and lay out the evidence that she supposedly has,' he said ...

'This is outrageous conduct by any lawyer and notice George, they won't go inside the courtroom. They allege fraud outside the courtroom but when they go inside the courtroom, they don't plead fraud and they don't argue fraud,' Christie pointed out to Stephanopoulos."



blue peacock

Deap, lol !!

It may as well be Mars since reality can't penetrate your preconceived notions.

Heck, even Trump thinks the Honey Badger may have smoked something strong.


“Her statements are so unequivocal that she will either triumph or be destroyed.”

the Trump legal team is setting a record for own-goals.


I’m sure it’s a deeply clever move I just can’t quite figure out.

exiled off mainstreet

The latest bit seems to indicate infighting between elements of the defense. This is dangerous and counterproductive. All evidence of any sort of fraud needs to be exposed to do what ever is possible to prevent a full consolidation of this corrupt power structure. What kind of future we have will be dependent on this information getting out even if the system is too corrupt to be overturned by it.

The Twisted Genius


Yes, they hand recounted all the ballots and they'll do it again. I haven't heard or seen any evidence of those ballots being accepted without being authenticated. If such evidence exists, it's on the Trump legal team to present it in court. To date, they've refused to do so in any court. Now it appears Powell won't be presenting the case in Georgia or anywhere else. Seems the Trump team including Giuliani have decided the honey badger may be crazy as a shithouse rat. Too bad. From the few times I've seen her talk, she seems to have an effective courtroom demeanor... even though she now spouts QAnon fairy tales.

Early voting and absentee/mail in voting put the kibosh on the Republican tactic of voter suppression this year. Limiting polling places and voting machines in predominantly Democratic precincts didn't have the effect it did in past elections. There was also a massive Democratic get out the vote effort in Georgia, Michigan and in a few other states led by Stacy Abrams and a few others starting after the 2018 elections.That was key to those Biden victories.


The election is over. Regardless of the blatant fraud, the power of the media to project a particular "reality" is in full display. What is likely occurring is Trump negotiating a severance package: no post election prosecution, winding down of the current investigations...in exchange for concession and not declassifying the locations of the bodies.


The deep state is circling the battle wagons. Perhaps all this panic press is psyops taking advantage of the realization that Sidney was always operating independently of Trump team, their statement is simply pointing out that fact.

Did everyone see the smokescreen put out by Dominion that their machines can not Physically switch votes from one candidate to another. Really, they aren't full of pens and erasers? I bet their software sure can change votes between candidates. These folks are in as much trouble as Von Spee at the Falklands when the Inflexible and the Invincible arrived.


Harry, no one has disputed the Antrim County, Michigan vote switch - 4000 ballots from Trump to Biden. It was acknowledged as a "glitch" but those in the know say computers don't glitch; people glitch.

This is one vote switch that got caught. Let those who are working on this unfold their case. "Proof" is an odd word to define - it can be subjective or objective. But not both. Evidence can be circumstantial or actual. But not both. But worst of all, proof is what a jury says is proof - which may be none of the above, but is the consequential determination of proof.

robt willmann

As more heat starts to develop about voting fraud and the elephant in the room -- electronic voting machines -- activity is picking up behind the curtain, and some people are obviously maneuvering now to disassociate Sidney Powell from Trump's efforts to achieve re-election--


The best way to commit voting fraud is to use electronic voting machines, and more than one political party, organization, government agency, and government can desire to use them, and will further desire to keep the fraudulent capability of the machines out of sight of the general public.


Didn't see this one coming- Trump team felt it was necessary to distance themselves from Powell - clarified the status of each lawyer.

Powell is operating on her own and is not officially representing Trump. Or is this disinformation too? Plus anything about a German Dominion computer raid suddenly became very muddy.

The warning about false flags has been out there for several days, including Democrat operatives flooding the Trump team with bogus election fraud "affidavits". Assumed his legal supporters were too smart to fall for that. So as always, trust but verify.



What is the basis for your assertion that she is a Qanon shill? This is an obvious left wing meme. Is it that you don't like what she says? Yes, evidence must be presented in a court room and not at a presser. You know that. I am surprised that you have become so open a Democrat operative. Goodbye again.

Eric Newhill

Amazing that Stacy Abrams managed to accomplish for Biden what Hillary's $billion+ couldn't. Abrams is pure genius. She don't look like it, but damn, that woman is the best of the best of the best. Woulda thunk it? Thanks for explaining though. It all makes sense now. Just get out the vote. Even sleepy old basement Joe can get more votes than any candidate in history with Stacey Abrams gap toothed grin floating above him


Eric Newhill. She got the vote out by getting ballots sent out to everybody. That change required the state legislatures approval and the courts need to decide that, but a strict interpretation would indicate that those ballots should all be thrown out.



Prosecution? What would be the charge?


Ladies and gentlemen:
It appears that Powell was not "fired" in the usual sense. I submit for your consideration a theory from voat. I am not the original author.

TLDR: This is not a big deal.

(1) In any civil lawsuit, there must be parties to the lawsuit, and they are called "parties in interest." This means they have to have an interest in the lawsuit. The Plaintiff(s) must allege that a duty was breached by the Defendant(s). The Defendant(s) have to be served legal notice. This is what constitutes a "case" in court.

(2) The Plaintiff(s) must have "standing" (legal right) to sue. Since I do not live in Georgia, I could not file a case in Georgia regarding voter fraud or election fraud because I would not have standing. But someone in Georgia could. That is what Lin Wood did. He lives in Georgia. He is in the process of appealing the lower court's ruling against him.

(3) Trump has legal standing because, even though he does not live in Georgia, he was a candidate on the ballot there, and if there was election fraud that cost him votes, he has standing to sue.

(4) Trump's legal team represents HIM in court, regarding any case having to do with the election for which he was on the ballot.

(5) There are also OTHER parties who might bring lawsuits (in Georgia and elsewhere) that were NOT candidates on the ballot, but they DO live in Georgia and have been wronged in some way.

(6) These other people are likely who Powell will be representing. She can still coordinate with Trump's legal team, even if she is not officially part of that team.

(7) It would be a good idea, given the circumstances, for Trump's legal team to make a public statement that Powell is not officially part of their team, and any statements she makes are not part of their cases on behalf of Trump. That way, the opposition (or corrupt judges) can't bring Powell's statements into their cases. Powell is likely to be attacking from a different direction than Trump's team.




"To date, they've refused to do so in any court."
Which means they can appeal the decision.

"There was also a massive Democratic get out the vote effort in Georgia, Michigan and in a few other states led by Stacy Abrams and a few others starting after the 2018 elections."

you mean the left has been setting up the steal for years by engaging in legislating extra time for ballot harvesting operations. You left out the getting secretaries of state and other voting officials elected at the local level with millions of dollars of out of state money and long ties to leftist organizations that were not made clear to voters. (Secretary of State Project backed by the Democracy Alliance and George Soros.)
See here:


Given the difficulty in proving fraud via software I suspect that the HB and crew are going for official's corruption, from either Party. Which, if correct, could be why the President and the Republican party have disowned her. Can't be seen to be funding the charging of their own officials.

The HB seems to be going for the fraud election system as a whole rather than just defending Trump. Which indeed, given her standing in her profession, is exactly what she should be doing. But it is in neither political parties interests for her to succeed, making her task odd against.

On another subject, if Trump is indeed negotiating an exit deal then surely almost certainly there will be a clause that he exits politics. If so I am not sure how his 70M+ supporters will react. Very badly I suspect as they will blame the Democrats for the blackmail, not Trump.

The Twisted Genius


Only nine states and DC sent ballots to all registered voters. Five of those have been doing so for some time now. Several others sent ballot applications to all registered voters. Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania did not send ballots to voters unless they requested them by mail, online or in person. Georgia did automatically send ballots to voters who voted absentee in the primaries, were over 65, were handicapped and checked so on their requests for primary ballots. Those in this group were far more likely to be Republican voters.


I think I stumbled over Powell’s “different direction”. It’s a real stunner - communists... or foreign actors.


She may achieve Bachmann-level batshit craziness. Quite an accomplishment.

The Twisted Genius


They've appealed decisions and will assuredly appeal more. One of the Trump elite strike force's two wins was an appeal. It still didn't change the outcome. All those appeals will count for nothing if they still refuse to present evidence in court.

Oh my God! The Democrats are winning elections at the state and local level. What horror! It still means getting out the vote. Actually, the Democrats learned the importance of those down ballot and local elections from the Republicans who did just that very successfully for years.

Mark K Logan

What it appears Sidney went too far was the accusing of Gov Kemp in GA, long time Trump supporter, of accepting a bribe to throw the election in his state to Biden. She did that on Newsmax over the weekend. Everybody flew off her wagon immediately after. Giuliani, Christie, et al.

In the Newsmax interview she said her lawsuits will be filed in Federal courts this week, either the Friday after Thanksgiving or the following Monday.

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