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22 November 2020


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"If ... real ..."

Surely traditional Christian Western European norms of morality and fair play will win out over temptation to abuse international systems operating for many years with ZERO accountability, when trillions of dollars of profits are on the line for whoever might pay2win, especially with the widespread default perception of zero risk of being caught. heh

The inhabitants of the United States used to be bound together with ties of Christianity and constitutionalism. Now we only share an economy which transnational financialists are hellbent on gutting and replacing with something they describe only in the most nebulous terms. The lack of specificity of their vision of our future strongly suggests that they suspect we won't like it.



I am waiting to see the evidence.

Richard W

I I live in MA. I have an old fashioned landline phone and have had my current number since the 1990s.

My son lived in Philly briefly, but that was several years ago.

On Nov 3 the DNC left multiple messages on my voicemail asking me to vote in PA.


A previous head of Dominions software was one Eric Coomer. He is a member or avid supporter of Antifa, depending on how you view the group.

The same Eric Coomer was previously a skinhead when he was at Berkeley, based on ok’d message board posts.

Google Eric Coomer Skinhead and view some of what comes up online.

From skinhead to Antifa? He is now apparently nowhere to be found. Seems to me at least, that there may be a chance he may be CIA and that this may have been a domestic op to get rid of Trump.


The challenge today: how to allow WASP values pass PC muster. They are situational values; not literal values.

How to define WASP values: Thrift, honesty, prudence, hard work, sacrifice, duty, delayed gratification, personal accountability, private property, capitalism, limited government, family, faith, objective moral code, stability, long range planning, reward for efforts, pleasure, happiness ..........???

One can only look at the widening tent of the GOP today to know WASP values have transcended their former literal definition and today are a diverse, aspirational and welcoming concept; no longer an exclusive membership club. Long live WASP values.

WASP values in the broadest sense are good values; because we tried the other ones for the past 50 years.


Here are some sources as well:


JM Gavin

A remarkably appropriate movie scene:


"Anybody that looks at the rest of this is going to see that something happened, but no one is going to be able to figure it out. That's your objective, to make it so convoluted that anyone can have a theory, but no one's got the facts."

-Jedburgh (that's Captain Jedburgh to you, Senator)
The Edge of Darkness, 2010


Col. Lang,

I’m very skeptical, if she had something, I believe she would have shown it.

- Eliot

Rick Merlotti


High Tech neo-feudalism is a good approximation of what they seek. And now they have an open highway to get there.


Some people are alleging that there were FISA warrants on all of those people during this election and after, to catch them doing the fraud and then the cover-up. http://voxday.blogspot.com/2020/11/were-waiting-for-bidens-concession.html

Like they said, the cover-ups are usually worse than the crimes.

Bill H

The fact that the Pennsylvania court ruled against is not dispositive. That is the same court that changed the legislative measures and ruled that signature matches and postmarks were not required, so such a ruling is hardly unexpected. The case still has access to the Supreme Court.

Eric Newhill

This is extremely serious business, obviously. I expect massive social unrest being unleashed if it starts gaining legal traction/looks like the evidence is going to work.

Very dangerous times perhaps for all of us.

I too await the evidence.

blue peacock

There are allegations and then there are requirements to provide irrefutable evidence to a state court that there is material fraud that would change the outcome of the election in the state. My money is not on the Honey Badger to meet the state courts test. Who believes that SCOTUS would be willing to buck the "realpolitik" of the situation and send the Democrat run cities into riots unless there is incontrovertible evidence that a fraud overturned the election results in many states? Why would they risk the media-driven hysteria that they are a partisan court?

The Republican party is not gonna back Trump all the way through the media hysteria. They've got what they wanted with a stronger position in the House and likely a majority in the Senate after the GA senate runoffs. They'll get back to "old-fashioned" partisan status quo horse-trading and prepare for the 2022 mid-terms. The oligarchy have been the big winner and they'll continue to press their advantage.

Trump is on his own. His MAGA soldiers have shown no propensity to create the mayhem that Antifa did. He'll have time to reflect on what may have been if he's unable to prevail in the courts. Should he have hired the Swamp in his term to all the key positions? Should he have used the powers of POTUS more aggressively with declassification? He still has a few weeks to give the Swamp a big FU by pardoning Snowden and Assange. His Twitter platform may very well be cancelled or throttled. How is he going to continue to suck up the media oxygen? The Democrats, could very well get him all on the defense with prosecutions for tax violations. A very interesting question is what happens to the 72 million people that voted for him? Will they remain loyal for another run in 2024 or will another more competent & ruthless candidate come along to capture their imagination?

The Twisted Genius

She ought to think twice about starting in Georgia. Her premise of Dominion machines switching votes was destroyed when the first 100% hand recount showed there was no vote switching by Kemp, Raffensperger or even Chavez himself.



I don't buy that. What they did was re-count a lot of ballots, many of which were accepted without proper authentication.

Keith Harbaugh

A number of post-election videos, alleging election problems, from Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani, including the SP phonecon with Howie Carr, are in this YouTube playlist:

Eric Newhill

yes, the Georgian foxes recounted the hens and determined that none were missing, just like they said the first time. Hardly what one would call a true audit.

Trump is asking for a truly audited recount -https://apnews.com/article/election-2020-joe-biden-donald-trump-georgia-elections-7bba105439653d530ee8023d54d7ec89


One illegal vote disenfranchises a legal vote. That must never happen.

The most sacred voting principle we cherish is corrupted by illegal votes - one person one vote. All the sudden that illegal vote cancels out a legal vote. A voter is then denied their sacred right to vote, when even one illegal vote is cast.

Burden of proof now falls on the election process to prove it is not disenfranchising voters; not the party who bring in proof of even one illegal vote cast, let alone thousands of them.

PA court got this all backwards - they rewarded illegal votes.


Recounts are usually done by the same people who did the initial tallying.
How many of these people are going to admit that they submitted a bad count the first time?
If elections were subject to serious audit, I'm pretty sure that most would be dirty or just plain out of wack.
Look at the people counting the votes -low level political hacks and temps.


TTG - Guiliani in the press conference carefully explained why the Georgia vote counting would most likely come up with the same results.

Georgia threw away the mail in envelopes with the voter's signature, so there was no way to validate or recheck the authenticity of those mail-in ballots once the qualifying envelope was tossed. Hence their potentially illegal now naked ballot got mixed up with the qualified legal ballots. Therefore, the later count ---machine or by hand ----- would likely be exactly the same.

The issue in Georgia went well beyond the Dominion software counting process - it was their unverifiable intake process that was corrupted. Powell has claimed every possible level of voter fraud was exercised in Georgia. Not just one. Above is just one example of sloppy at best, corrupt at worst election process.


Our county in Calif which uses Dominion software admitted only 40% of the signatures can be validated by machine. The rest must be hand validated.

When you all the sudden have a massive number of "signed" mail in ballots to process, and the original envelopes got tossed, how does anyone get to observer or double check the mail-in ballots, once they have been severed from the signed envelope?

Known weaknesses like this can or will be exploited, so the burden falls on the election department to prove fraud or even incompetent handling of ballots could never take place. They cannot even claim any "mistakes" were in a reasonable margin of error.

There can never be a perfect election; but there are degrees of imperfect ones. This potential voting corruption was off the charts since this was such a heavy mail-in vote this year. When numbers of mail-in ballots, as in the past, do not rise to a material level then one can claim "mistakes" would not have affected the outcome regardless.

But this time? Whole different story.



Counting every ballot just means the numbers add up, not that all the ballots were legal cast, nor legally recieved. Just like counting fake money mixed in with real money.


Moving from fact into this recently presented speculation - was Georgia election fraud an inside operation?

Georgia is a perfect state for Powell to start this legal process, since Georgia, along with other former Jim Crow southern states, have been under federal Voting Rights Act jurisdiction now for decades.

"Deep state" federal agents therefore would know every twist and turn, every screw to tighten, every lock box to unlock in the entire Georgia election process - for those who are now speculating this might have some sort of "CIA operation". The crowd with US blessings that allegedly used to assassinate winning candidates they did not like.


blue peacock, do you want to share which planetary ZIP code you are writing from, because it certainly is not coming from planet earth.


I have long suspected something like this might be going on. I have no idea why one would ever use electronic voting machines.

However I have not seen any evidence so far for any vote switching.

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