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12 November 2020


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I don't watch TV news. Occasionally get a link to Tucker Carlson who is great, but "news" in sound bites and substance free visuals, or daily opinion pieces does rehashing the same ground does not leave me enlightened; it leaves me only exhausted.

Hannity is the worst. We watched election night, with the sound off. C-Span for occasional live hearings with blessedly no commentary. A culled internet website collection is my go-to for the "news". VIP member Townhall collection, RedState the favorite.

Confirmation bias is my guilty pleasure.


If Trump does not get the 2021-2025 term as President, he might start his own cable news station, as some have suggested, maybe including Trump himself. I would expect him to be the primary on-air star, but he will recruit Tucker Carlson, who will be very high-profile. Trump's channel will complete the process of wrecking Fox, which is underway, as documented here by Larry. Maybe Trump will buy out Fox on the cheap. In any event, Trump's channel, and Fox if he buys it, will be the vehicle(s) by which Trump attempts to thwart and torment the Democratic administration of 2021-2025 and by which he runs for a second term to be secured in the 2024 election.


"The Murdoch children, with the help of RINO Paul Ryan,...."

Ryan is getting richer grinding his axe, the Murdoch children are already rich and can piss away a FOXnews level of wealth for years. They don't care about the money or future revenue, they want the influence and power that comes with putting Kamala and Joe in office.


China Joe Biden might also have his Titanic event, the Supreme Court judges can't be happy about his "packing the court" idea. And, Judge Thomas must be looking forward to this after how Biden treated him with the Anita Hill thingy.


Fox is trying to fill the hole left void by CNN which has shifted to MSNBC-style coverage. I read Trump is looking at a digital service that can rival Fox's. Maybe we'll see Megan Kelly and Bill O'Reilly on a Trump media brand.


Trump is a smart man. He learned the pen is mightier than the sword - or mightier than any "warm bucket of spit" elected office.

Jeff Bezos was smart when for a trifle he bought the hometown paper, which let him use this media exposure as his own private bully pulpit.

Trump Media would fill a huge media void and be just the umbrella that can collect recently liberated Trump era lost souls, who will soon be yearning to breathe free again.

The trick will be to make it troll proof. And good reason to leave Section 230 intact for the time being. Yup, sign me up. Suddenly i know I now need a safe space. I have seen what the curdling Democrat cancel culture does to a culture.

Yeah, Right

The Dirty Digger has a long history of changing political allegiance. Not just in the USA but also in the UK and Australia.

He simply has no political allegiance at all.

What he does is sniff when someone is about to lose and then he changes sides, all the better to claim that it was that switch that caused this politician to lose.

It's a neat con, and one that he has played time after time after time.

And as for your argument, from Rupert's PoV the current bleed of audience is a nothing thing: he'll go about picking up a liberal audience to replace the conservative viewers he is losing now, and he has four years to do it.

Winners are grinners, and ol' Rupert likes winning even more than Trump does.


Father creates an overwhelming business success, sons/daughters turn it into an embarrassing mess.
This is quite common - second generation totally f***s up father's business.
The lucky ones are the businesses in which the kids have no interest and instead are content to become trust funders with the usual excess of liberal "white guilt."
Unfortunately for Fox News - and its audience - the dimwitted Murdoch spawn and their whore wives think that they can actually run a business.



If you think leaving section 230 alone is going to somehow be beneficial to opponents of the leftists you didn't pay attention during the Obama years.

Christian Chuba

Thanks for publishing the ratings.
1. Laura Ingraham: -11%
2. Sean Hannity: +13%
3. Tucker Carlson: +6%
4. The Five: -30%
5. Bream: -19%
6. Martha McCallum: don't know her bias, she's where vanilla ice cream goes to get vanilla ice cream.
--- Anti-Trump territory
7. Baier: -15%
8. Cavuto: -6%

The Five is pro-Trump because they surround Juan Williams with 3+ pro-Trump people, especially the hyper-partisan Jesse Watters.

Trump himself will now become the most insignificant force in the Republican Party. One-term Presidents do not become kingmakers. Someone else will take up the mantle of populism. I don't know who that is but it will not be Trump.



Yep. Guys who lose because an election is rigged disappear, just like Nixon when he "lost" to JFK.


Gone are the halcyon days of when, as reported by Valerie Plame saying nothing but Fox News was on at Langley...

"James Murdoch's wife Kathryn tweeted 'we did it!!!!' and shared anti-Trump posts after Joe Biden's historic win Saturday."

If by that you mean screwed the Fox and the hen house out of "fair and balanced" that you did!

LJ, given the growing monolithic nature of the propaganda being thrown at us has it changed the way you approach open source analysis?

Or is the truth to be pushed out of the public square entirely or castigated into being tin foil at the margins of our awareness?

Best to you and yours....I would gladly rather get schooled by "Old Tree" than endure this Mad Tea Party.

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