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16 November 2020


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Keith Harbaugh

CTH received an explanation for its deplatforming from WP:
It contains the usual generalities, but also one specific charge:
that CTH contained violations against
"our prohibition against calls to violence."

Michael Scheuer's original website, non-intervention.com, was deleted, and he was fired from his adjunct professorship at Georgetown University, for the same reason.
See https://georgetownvoice.com/2014/01/16/adjunct-professor-scheuer-crosses-line/
In Scheuer's case, he was making rather explicit statements about what he thought it would take to rectify what he viewed as America's problems.
Much as I agreed with many of his positions, as stated in his excellent books and his website,
his suggested remedies horrified me
(notably his frequent statements about "hanging [bad] people from trees").

The issue, then, is what constitutes
"an incitement to violence"?
That's where the debate and argument will be.


Maybe a $20 Trillion lawsuit against the Facebook CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, and its Board of Directors for defamation of character coupled with a criminal indictment of violating American's U.S. Constitution Freedom of Speech guarantees.

What Facebook and Twitter are doing goes far beyond the bounds of 'business standards' that they use to hide behind. The criminal indictment intended to put Z man and his Facebook cohorts in Federal Orange Jumpsuits for their trampling our Constitution is warranted, would you not agree?

Judicial Watch are you out there, your fellow Americans need your legal-eagle skills to put Facebook and Twitter's head sheds on notice (and put them in the slammer at the same time).

Patrick Armstrong

I moved to VK some time ago
Freedom of speech? That's soooo yesterday. Not for hate speech, fake news, going contrary to The Truth. Cute puppies are still OK

As to VK (v kontakte -- in contact) No censorship reported by anybody. Very popular in Europe. Recently started to have the sort of long discussions that used to happen on FB. Growing and adapting.

here's why

Diana L Croissant

As you my know, I followed Larry Johnson here after No Quarter was in danger of being "exterminated" (or whatever you might call it).

There are a few other Websites that don't carry as researched or in-depth reporting but which do provide a conservative voice. The left probably counts them as harmless, as they don't have writers who can give the more in-depth information and analysis.

I grew up worrying about the communists from outside the U.S.; soon we may be living in the land of Big Brother. It frightens me most because our younger generation is so clueless about the dangers they are facing; and many of them are actually making themselves the "useful idiots" of the powers that are attempting to overturn our form of government.

Robert G Spenser

VK is like Facebook and very popular in Russia.

When I mentioned it I didn't think to define it.


welcome to rule under the Chinese Communist Party.
capital economy run by and for a a corporate club under the guise of socialism



I am moving the blog to Shangri-La or Ruritania, haven't decided which yet.


@ pat.. interesting... i know of shangri-la, but ruritania?

Q: Why do Ruritanian dogs have flat faces?
A: From chasing parked cars.



Sen. Blumenthal Urges Mark Zuckerberg to Remove Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump and Steve Bannon from Facebook



12:15AM voice commentary OANN TV by LtGeneral Thomas McInerney ret
talking about computer programs Hammer & Scorecard & how they've
been implemented & their history. Sorry can't find McInerney's comments on line @ OANN...similar content like Sydney Powell, esq but more detailed especially as to the history of related events.

Keith Harbaugh

Regarding "Hammer" and "Scorecard", I have no idea if they exist as claimed,
but I do wish to point out some rebuttal:
If anyone can rebut that, please do.


Could anyone imagine that we would see a day when people would recommend moving to a russian website to avoid private (political) censorship in the USA?


When US companies work with countries like China to censor their citizens and to perfect the programs like Centra to track all internet traffic of a given user which are then used on Americans (as Sen.Hawley discussed in the most recent hearing on "big Tech" ) shows that even if the companies such as FarceBook, Google, YouTube, Twitter and a host of others censor and block well documented writings, Hunters laptop and the NY POST then there really is only one possible response that such violations of our constitution as spelled out in the Declaration of Independence demand.

I do not see how you tell, at a minimum, 75 million Americans to "collectively" shut up and not have un-intended consequences.


Yeah! You Tube is changing their terms of service, again.

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