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21 November 2020


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Eric Newhill, It would help if you could read your own link. You can get reconstruction in a no cost public facility, but you might wait for it. We have private insurance anyway as does at least 50% of the population, it costs us about $6000 per year. Frankly here nobody has to worry about cost of treatment. The American concept of medically induced bankruptcy is alien to us.

My late partner was treated for her cancer at the Peter Macallum centre, a world class facility, for FREE as a public patient. She had no insurance which was an ideological choice. She eventually passed away from it but it was not because she was wanting for any treatment.

Perhaps you are confusing that episode with my current wife’s experience ?

The gaslighting is being done by big pharma because it seems impossible to convince you that there are better systems than America’s.


walrus and Eric

OK I have heard all the bickering between the two of you that I want. Enough!


Done, Sir.

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