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06 November 2020


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Peter in Toronto

I'd like to believe this is true, but where is the evidence of such an operation? Has DHS made any statements? They're going to have to ACT FAST, because the magical Biden Ballots just keeping popping up in the contested areas.


Nice fantasy.
Even if true I guess Barr would look into the matter for as long as it takes to do absolutely nothing about it.

Patrick Armstrong

I find Pieczenik like Q. Nothing they say ever seems to come to pass.


how clever of those brainiacs!
{& looking fwd’d to the Extraordinary Evidence}


The feds don't print ballots and aren't involved in the process at all. The states run their own elections so this seems implausible



nice post!

also: is that bridge sale we discussed still a go?...

Laura Wilson

In 2016, Trump won:
AZ by 91,234 votes
GA by 211,141 votes
PA by 44,292 votes
WI by 22,748 votes
MI by 10,704 votes

The same civil servants counted the votes 4 years ago across all of these states...is anyone SERIOUSLY believing (can't say thinking) that all these folks conspired this year and not 4 years ago?

It's an election....sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.


Presuming this is true, and I certainly hope it is, what comes next?

I watched this video:


So, according to the above video, arrests are imminent tonight, so I guess we'll know by tomorrow morning.


What David said at 1:12PM. Who prints the ballots? I do not know. Who does?



The states, obviously.


Laura Wilson,

"ll these folks conspired..."

Nope, not all. The folks counting are only counting what is placed before them. "sometimes you win and sometimes you lose" It's fraud, sometimes you get caught.
Chain of custody documents, what are those? Why did it take from poll closing to 1:30am to drive from the poll location to the TCF Center? Poll watchers not being allowed in to observe as authorized by MI law? (PA too).

Good luck in court. I'm sure judge Sullivan will be much more expeditios with a ruling than he has been with the Flynn case.


If a city send out 100,000 vote by mail ballots, there is great chance more than a quarter are returned due to bad address and federal law does not allow the forwarding of ballots.

The easiest way to cheat, is to use the return-to-sender ballots.

This story is probably not true.


what i find interesting is how quick many are to claim fraud in this election... i am not saying fraud doesn't happen, but i don't know that it is a one way street and only happens in a one sided way..

it is almost like all the allegations of fraud in foreign countries elections is coming home to roost in the usa.. this is ironic as the usa has always been held up as a type of gold standard for fair elections... that many americans are now projecting onto their own country what has normally been projected only onto other countries ( 3rd world type countries?) only, is quite interesting at this juncture...

Harlan Easley




59 million voters did not think he was "tone-deaf." They will be the second Resistance.



You are not paying attention. The most potent grounds for legal action are on the basis of illegal actions under state laws and constitutions as well as fabrication of ballots and phony counting. You have not yet had an attempted neo-Bolshevik takeover attempt in Canada. these people will stop at nothing in pursuit of their "religious" beliefs.

Eric Newhill

This story is a happy one. However, I'm pretty sure it's complete bunk.

The ballots are printed by a few companies that are contracted by the states to do so. DHS forced the companies to use the super secret spy tech water marks and no one at the companies says anything about that?

And how exactly is this block chain technology suppose to work? Pieczenik seems to be suggesting that it's some kind of GPS locator on top of being a means to identify fake ballots. No doubt if DNC operatives were filling in ballots for Biden they would use real ballots because there is a bar code on the ballots too that says which registered voter they belong to.

As for the block chain water mark being a GPS device, someone is going to have to explain to me, real slow and detailed like, how it does that. Where is the transmitter? How is it powered? What is the theory behind using GPS to detect fraud? The ballot went to DNC HQ instead of a registered voter? Where are all of the registered voters that never got their ballots?

If the registered voter got his ballot and the DNC just copied it so as to make a pro-Biden vote, then it should be easy to detect fraud because there would be many instances of duplicate ballots for the same voter. No need for secret spy watermarks. I don't think even the DNC is stupid enough to try that approach to cheating.

We will know soon if Trump has any real evidence that cheating occurred at a level that caused him to lose - or if he's just a sore loser (always a possibility). I voted for him twice and I fear and loath where the Democrats are going to take this country. I think Biden is scum - like most all democrats- and wouldn't put it past him to cheat, but this silly story isn't helping matters.

Eric Newhill

Correctly myself slightly because I have not seen a mail-in ballot.....

OTOH - if the mail-in ballots do not have a bar code, then the DNC could have cheated by tossing Trump votes and filling in Biden votes. However, would they not use actual ballots with the watermark? And, again, how did DHS get the watermarks onto the ballots in the first place?


@ pat.... i will happily await the facts that need to support the supposition..


Col, with Q-anon as resistance we’ll hear 3rd, 4th & 5th order resonances. It rings down into white noise, sooner or later.



It is J's post not mine. I find the whole thing doubtful.



Rubbish. You lefties are far too full of yourselves. Your contempt for us Deplorables is palpable. the Q-anon meme is funny.


This would be genius, but if Pieczenik is blowing smoke up Infowars/Alex ass, he should never be allowed on the show again.
"Arrest being implemented"? "people will be arrested as of tonight and tomorrow"? Those are mighty big statements, as Joe is about to be anointed President by the mainstream Media.

Steve, I hope this comes to fruition.

j. casey

I guess we can all just "trust the plan," then, and everything will come out just fine.


I'm not sure this guy understands what blockchain is.

Blockchain is great for chain-of-custody of transactions using a distributed ledger technique that's pretty secure. Sounds nice, right?

In order to keep the chain of custody, each entity that gains control of the item (whether it's a bitcoin or something else) adds transactional information and a personal encryption code to it. They can't (in theory) take anything away.

So, for this watermarked blockchain to work, the voter who received the ballot would need to be able to add their encryption code to it.

He's basically spouting technical gibberish.

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