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07 November 2020


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Mary Hallock

Colonel, you are my trusted source for what is really going on. You have the credentials and and speak the truth. Please stay with us.



please, whatever happens, do not stop. You are an important voice of truth and you are providing one of the last forums of free political discussion on the internet.

Les Priest

Do stick around, I think things are going to get interesting. Terrifyingly interesting. It appears the Washington blob will deliver Biden/Harris to White House. Continuing the Clinton/Obama regime could be a snooze fest; if you have enough to eat & if they don’t blunder into a war with Russia. The Republicans will have to re-invent themselves; betcha they can find a real demagogue. After four years of Biden/Harris incompetence, that demagogue will be a shoe-in. God help us.


Never mind the election just watch the hurricane.I should have been a weatherman.Never know which way the wind will blow.A poem for this occasion

Sands of time

I met a man the other day,
Who said he's a king who lost his crown,
They had taken him away,
In slippers and gown.

Have you seen my queen,
He had asked with a frown,
I last heard she had been seen,
Wandering around town.

For a kingdom built from sand,
Like a castle in the air 
Will slowly slip from hand,
Like it was never there.

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