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21 November 2020


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Contemporary events remind me of what I read years ago about the so called 'War Communism' period during the birth and consolidation of the Soviet Union: undermining and destroying traditional families, coddling criminals, removing from competition with the state alternate sources for loyalty and dependency. Not even the old Bolsheviks after they got power were stupid enough to knowingly and deliberately send rapists, murderers and pedophiles back into the general population.

Which I guess is the point. Our neo-Bolsheviks don't have power yet. They will make us Americans miserable until we let them rule over us. Then the pressure will be eased just enough for there to be noticeable improvement. These creatures are Satan's minions upon this Earth.


I believe that should be spelled D-Careration, i.e. imprison those the D's declare guilty.


Col. Lang,

It reminds me of children’s book I read a very long time ago.

A young boy is made king, and he attacks all of the kingdoms problems with a foolish kindness. It’s a disaster, he’s too trusting, he doesn’t understand human nature, and the adults are forced to step in and rescue the kingdom from his mistakes.

I believe the thieves, people like Biden, are perfectly willing to implement these crazy ideas, as long as the radicals leave them alone, and let them loot the country.

- Eliot


Turf war between the law enforcement unions and SEIU and the teachers unions. Take law enforcement money and give it to SEIU for more social workers and the teachers unions who have "proven" throwing more money at "education" breaks the cycle of crime.

This is a typically badly disguised tax payer cash grab of zero merit. But it is also payback time for these public sector employee unions who delivered the 2020 election to Biden. Particularly SEIU who coincidentally manned county election booths.


Decarceration is another wish list item for BLM (Burn, Loot, Murder). All bLACKS in prison are held to be there because of White Supremacy keepin' the bruthas down. That they have been adjudicated and found guilty of crimes is advanced as further proof of this. That they actually are strong arm robbers, rapists, murderers, or garden variety thugs and scammers will not change the minds of those who hold this view, despite many of the victims of their criminal acts being of the black community.

Stickin' it to The Man in this way is part and parcel of defending the degradation of their community through drug addiction, de-policing, or political corruption. Self-defeating? Why, yes; but if they would rather wallow in hell, good luck trying - as the Blue-Eyed Devils we are held to be - to convince them otherwise.


It involves reducing the prison population. Various groups and people have been involved including the Koch brothers. Decimalizing drugs and reducing sentences for nonviolent crimes is part of this.

Eric Newhill

Well it seems that BLM/The Squad are pretty much saying that black people are just a bunch of low life criminals that need a perpetual get out of jail free card on top of all of the hand-outs, college admission and job hiring preferences.

This on top of defunding the police, hordes of illegal aliens and gun confiscation should result in a lot of raped and dead Biden voting Karens. I'm getting to where I'm ambivalent about that, the fate of the Karens that is.



i have an idea for punishment.... if someone likes rap music, play them classical music for an extended period of time... if someone like jazz music, they have to listen to country music for however long the sentence is... you get the idea... it's a new approach to punishment, lol...



If only not committing crimes were part of this.

Diana L Croissant

The real problem with this suggestion is that some of us then will be left in our homes unable to breathe freely and unable to live except behind locked doors and gated yards.


i agree with nancy k... decriminalize drugs on a national level...canuck ideology speaking here.. the people with shares in prison corporations would take a hit... put lobbyists in jail.. make that a crime, lol... like that is ever going to happen...


Nancy K,

Like all things Leftists propose, one must think beyond the language and into the real-world application and consequences of the proposal. "Decriminalizing" (i.e. legalizing) drugs is not necessarily a good in and of itself. Which drugs are we talking about? And what exactly will result in practice from this lovely concept you call "decriminalization"?

Oregon's citizens just voted to "decriminalize" (i.e. legalize) possession of heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamines. Of course, this measure was presented as a proposal to use tax funds from legal marijuana sales to build and run addiction treatment facilities, but you had to read four pages into the measure's language in the ballot book to see the fine print about the decriminalization of these hard drugs. Now, it is a $100 fine for possession OR the junkie him/herself can choose to waive the fine and promise to undergo intervention treatment at a later date. What a sweet deal.

Of course, the kicker in all this is that the manufacture and distribution of these substances will still carry criminal penalties, so what the well-intentioned idiots who wrote the measure (and the well-intentioned dupes who voted for it) have done is incentivize the development of a huge legal user market,
on top of an already substantial illicit user market, that can only be supplied and serviced by the black market, i.e. cartels. I can hardly wait to see in two years how the state's officials explain the skyrocketing property crime and violent crime rates as more and more hapless addicts migrate here and the cartels set up shop and commence with their turf wars.

Like pretty much anything the Left proposes, all that matters to them are the words. The glaring, real-world manifestations of their proposals are simply an inconvenience to be explained away by more well-intentioned words, along with wholesale deflection of responsibility for their failures onto their political adversaries.

The people of this state deserve everything that's coming their way.

Eric Newhill

Cool! Now I can go buy a belt fed machine-gun on the black market without fear of prison. And I can smuggle heroin for big profits. I think I have my new retirement plan. Thanks lefties! You're not so bad after all.


They are simply making prison space available for conservatives.


I wonder why only federal prisons are of concern to the authors of this proposal? Even considering the numbers of illegals being held in federal facilities, I may be wrong but I'd guess there are more "black lives" incarcerated in county and state prisons than in federal prisons.



Wake me when Congress lines up behind a Lockdown the Media / Defund the Media bill.

Think how quickly Coronavirusteria would disappear if mass communications outlets were forced to wear a silencing mask for 6 weeks. Make that 6 months.

Eric Newhill

Even better, poverty will be eliminated because counterfeiting is a federal crime and it's nonviolent. So we can all print our own money without risk.


Yet Democrats want to go after Donald Trump and his entire family after he leave office and lock them up for life. Confusing.

How did four years of OrangeManBad come out of the Leftist theory that everyone is a good person. Yup, hippo for hypocrite is a far better a party symbol than the ir current jack ass. Give more warning.


To all the whiners who voted against the big "orange meanie", the America-haters in the Democrat-media party and the mass of low-information dimwits, bend over and get used to it;this is just the beginning.


AK is right about Morongonians voting by 59% to decriminalize heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamines and also LSD and Oxycodone. The police haven't been arresting drug users anyway. When I walked by our local homeless camp this summer I saw numerous people shooting up. Even if you consider drug use a victimless crime, the addict has to commit crimes to support his habit. It ain't cheap. Property theft, break-ins and homicides have increased in Portland this last year due to not enforcing the laws.

What makes this especially egregious is Gov. Brown's latest Covid-19 restrictions make it a crime to have more than 6 people together for Thanksgiving,punishable up to 30 days in jail and a 1250 dollar fine. Plus she wants neighbors to inform on each other. She could barely hold back a smile while by interviewed.



A new word ?
Get ready for plenty more, as the radicals look for easy to learn/repeat/chant Newspeak words and phrases that encapsulate their ever-evolving list of Progressive reform concepts that they intend to legislate with popular support.


akaPatience "I wonder why only federal prisons are of concern"

That's easy, they want to get rid of "Club Fed". "House" arrest on your estate should be enough punishment for white collar crime when/if you get convicted... The rest can rot in state pens or local jails.

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