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23 November 2020


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Fred, next time I get a speeding ticket, I want you on my side.....


Fred, what is your favorite flavor of ice cream.
Mrs Fred, what color will choose for the drapes in the Oval Office.
Either party: How bad was OrangeMan.

Please tell us more about the Great Flash Drive Find of 2020.

PS: Kamala was not putting prisoners in jail; she was actually creating more prison guard union jobs. More prison guard union employees paid more prison guard union dues, which in turn funded more Democrat campaigns.

It was a perfect system - voters wanted crooks off the streets and passed three strikes you are out.... for life. Kamala stacked up the crooks like cord wood behind bars, and Democrats prison guard union got all the extra guard member dues this scheme generated. What was not to like? Kamala's goal was building union loyalty for future campaigns; not dispense justice or something.

You gotta think like a Californian. If you are really serious about being President Fred, if you are going to.......... bring us all together.

It works a bit differently with Zuck and Slicon Valley since employee unions are anathema to high tech libertarians. So instead of paying union dues if the unions came after Silicon Valley employees, Zuck and friends make big donations to the favored leftwing causes directly - avoid the middle man, but net the same benefit.

Silicon employees are left alone, but left wing causes are fully funded. Saves a cash trip trip through the union bosses hands, who of course would never think of skimming anything off the top along the way, now would they.

Kind of a quid pro quo - Zuck and friends say we fund your wacko left-wing causes and you keep your wacko union hands off our employees. At least that is the way I thought it could work.

Others might call this a protection racket, but that sound more East Coast stuff. Bribery works well enough out here in Barbary by the Bay..



Tutti-fruiti. However here's some Rocky Road to get your whine up to the right level by explaining the stop, drop in more votes, and roll on with election theft process in D controlled cities:


Fred, your electoral administration systems suck !
If your various systems, as designed, were transferred to Australia, they themselves would be prima facie evidence of invalidity and what we call a Court of Disputed Return (a Supreme Court jurisdiction) would order a new election. Not a recount, a whole new election.
Good luck with getting your States to give up their advantage, but ... enjoy your time in office and let me how I can send cash to your PAC.



Multiple states in this federal republic did not have the frauds experience by the leftists in swing states with Democrats running stop, drop in more votes, roll out the results electioneers.

How are things in Australia?


Looks like cases of auhtoritarianism are up. Keep your cash, use it to free your own people from your own politicians.


We are in luck. Biden's newly formed decency Commission on Election Fraud will investigate itself.

Fred, hold off ordering those engraved invitations to your Inauguration just yet, but Biden's fraud commission's results should arrive shortly.


Pres-elect Fred, as in the US our city folk are down on both knees worshiping the mask and lockdown Gods, but in country areas interest faded long ago.
Still, Covid countermeasures were more than sufficient to wreck the economy and achieve a 1%>> death rate among the elderly (the only ones who needed isolation and masks) and the already sick.

The problem with your system is that if elections are no longer seen as a means for Joe Average to change his (check pronouns) personal future from one in decline to a better one, or at least act as a safety valve, then some crowd will seize and hold their State legislature or troublesome Federal buildings, or at least set up a bunch of roadblocks and declare independence. Your Fraud States have embarked upon a course of action that historically leads to revolution.


Fred, hope everyone watches your linked video - 10 ways to steal an election using this current election software.

The bogus claim there was no "widespread" election fraud, repeated over and over again, was the major clue, since the whole game plan was to strategically target only 5 densely populated cities in swing states.

Lying with facts is deeply cynical, plus leaving the trial of evidence in plain sight. Thanks for the video link - hope everyone watches this as the critical issues now narrow, and are not pretty. Nor rebutted.

Where do we all get our Fred 4 Prez bumper stickers? Stat.



"achieve a 1%>> death rate among the elderly"
It must have escaped notice that the elderly are not immortal and the death rate is much higher than 1% the older one is.


WSJ op ed is now pushing early use of chloroquinine, with claims of medical journal review for viral infections and decades of safe and recommended use for other population groups.

Covid was a Democrat media hoax, fully exploited by Democrats to take down Trump. Mission accomplished and now covid can go back to being a bad flu season. Final call: enough people wanted to believe this and that is/was the real sickness. Happy Thanksgiving.



Your propagandistic puffery is getting to be as bad as that of the Marxist Spanish girl's. The media coverage campaign was certainly beneficial to Biden, but the democrats in the media weren't the only one's behind the campaign.


Millions of Biden voters, the morning after, now wail ......... if we had only known. .....: https://www.cnsnews.com/article/national/alexander-watson/poll-shows-media-censorship-cheated-voters-vital-info-robbed

DNC owned media made sure they did not. Winning is everything. Still unanswered, why does mainstream media choose to go to bed only with the Democrats?



Victims without agency, a familiar refrain. You left out SEIU and the other unions that are your standard complaint.

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