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21 November 2020


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This affidavit has problems. Even the president's lawyer Lin Wood says so.

I found a quote about it at politifact.com:

"For example, the affidavit cites Minnesota’s Benville Township as having 350% voter turnout, which would be by far the largest over-voting rate alleged in the document. Both Giuliani and Trump lawyer Sidney Powell cited the 350% figure in the Nov. 19 press conference.

However, according to the Minnesota Secretary of State’s election data, 63 people voted in the township, and 71 were registered to vote, a turnout rate of 89%."

Politifact goes on to say:

"[E]lection data from the Minnesota secretary of state’s office shows that Benville Township voted overwhelmingly for Trump, not Biden.

It’s unclear what data Ramsland used to arrive at his percentages. We reached out to him but haven’t heard back."

I do not expect that courts will overturn anything based on affidavits and the various assertions by Trump's lawyers. Tucker Carlson couldn't get anything solid out of Sidney Powell this week. I don't think she will ever offer proof of anything.

I don't think the election was stolen. I voted for Trump over immigration but he lost. Overall though the Republicans did great in this election. That's the way it is. If I am proven wrong about Trump with solid evidence that holds up in court, I will admit I was wrong. No matter what happens I do not expect people who claim the election was stolen will change their minds.



Which factual statements made in court has Sidney made that are in error?
"come forward with solid evidence"
Come forward where? Fox News? The NYT? Politico? That's not the decision that will matter. They need to present the evidence, which is right in front of everyone, in court, not in the media.

"It's also time for the Rs to direct their focus and efforts towards Georgia..."

You mean abandon the cases showing fraud in PA, MI, WI? Why, because the democrats will lose those cases if they don't?


I left out the link to Politifact. Sorry, here it is:


Eric Newhill

If part of the Trump gambit is to convince the state legislatures that there was election fraud and to appoint electors that will vote for Trump even though their state's certified a vote that went to Biden, then team kraken has to make a damn good case in the court of public opinion.

Also,if there's going to be riots and shooting and maybe something bigger, then people have to be sure they're fighting true.

I will be amazed if there is sufficient evidence to cause courts to toss out enough districts' ballots such that Trump wins the vote. That just sounds like an absolute fantasy to me. Not because I don't think fraud occurred, but because legal hurdles will be high and there must be a lot of individual wins to make the approach work.



"if there's going to be riots and shooting"
we've had a spring and summer full of riots and shooting; did you not see all that 'presuasion' to get people in line?

"to toss out enough districts' ballots "

The whole damn process is tainted with fraud and it makes the entire election in multiple states suspect. That's what is obvious and will be shown to the courts. The Constitutional rememdy is the state legislature deciding, or the House of Representatives. It's all layed out in the document establishing the Republic. Roberts and company can either do their duty or shirk it.


PA judge just tossed the Trump case out with a dismissive sneer, - no evidence offered to overturn the "legal" votes of PA voters.

AZ gone, Michigan gone, Georgia gone. A dark moment. Damn, Trump did so much that was right in four years. He needed another four years to get the rest of it right.

Now comes the slog through the appeals courts? Where exactly in this whole process will Powell be finally be able to present her evidence - where does she get standing to sue anybody over anything? Dominion won't even sue her for defamation.


Time is running out to right this election and it will take many more months of analysis and legal cases moving through the courts to prove Donald Trump won this election. Thus the President will have to come to terms with his future. I’m sure he will do so graciously but Donald Trump won this election and Joe Biden lost it.
Looking at AOC, Bernie and their ilk indicates the Democratic Party is getting ready to fracture itself. The Republican Party needs to do so also and Donald Trump will become the leader of the Deplorable'sParty. It has been a long time coming for our two party system but this needs to happen for the benefit of the citizens.
Antifa, BLM and others have had their run of this country without our federal law enforcement breaking them up. What we saw in Washington recently with the local police force seeming to condone it is indicative of an insurrection coming in the future. We need to put a stop to that potential insurrection and I believe a fractioning of the two party system will help that situation as at least we will see what party supports them. Difficult days are ahead.



Witty and cunning enough to survive his entire term, hard working, courageous and patriotic how could he be not a triumphant winner? Trumpistas, me included, have no doubts about the election fraud.

All that we can see on the net is a pile of discussions of what electoral group Trump should have pleased in order to win, complete with charts, tables and vectorized graphics... Others focus on his personality flaws. Somewhat more entertaining are silly claims that "Israel decides the fate of the US". No, it does not! It certainly is a factor but not a decisive one. "What is it then?" - one may ask. Lets see if there a single most important thing which can outweigh all the rubbish that political analysts and writers talk about so much?

Stories of Trump's mighty deeds on securing the borders, propping the economy, etc., etc. all miss a crucial point: it's like your house is full of rattle snakes and the primary concern of yours is a leaky roof because it diminishes the value of your property.

In the summer of 2018, not long after Trump promoted the Jack of All Trades to The Secretary of State position and appointed a crafty professional woman to head the CIA, Trump had a golden opportunity. I almost celebrated. He could have started some tentative investigation, say into the 2016 elections fraud. This could have been followed by some disclosures. Nothing major, not the "9-11" stuff. This would cause fear and immediate polarization of his adversaries. Some would be prompted to act adversely, while others would betray them.

If Trump had taken a such course action back then, he would have driven a wooden stake through the heart of his enemy. Why didn't he do it? He was elected to "drain the swamp" after all.

In my view it's almost mystical, like a curse. The same curse that bars analysts from "seeing" the main problem. And Trumpistas? Hello?! Why we are talking about the election fraud at all?! If I had told you the truth...

"I always thought the truth was in the nation's best interest" Jenny Lerner, Deep Impact
That's right, letting baddies off the hook by keeping a secret...

" ...it's treacherous stuff." Charles Stanton, Dangerous Corner
Yea, some good people can't live without illusions.

"You can't handle the truth!" Col. Jessup, A Few Good Men

Absolutely! This is why this comment shall be thrown away like many other comments of mine. This is the last one. Fear decides the fate of the US. No one fears Trump and his lawsuits. No more comments.

Diana L Croissant

I will try taking some of the steps you have suggested to protest the obvious problems in the vote counts. I've tried doing those sorts of things in the past, but they didn't seem to make a difference. Perhaps there just weren't enough people who had the time and the patience to do some of those things, and I was just one of the few "crying in the wilderness."

As usual, since it is Sunday, I got back to my home late after church and after lunch in a restaurant in my CO hometown. Naturally, given the day of the week and where I have spent my day before lunch, I remember how the leftist takeover of our way of life began (at least in my experience): 1. taking down any displays in government buildings of the Ten Commandments, and 2. not asking school children to start their day with the Pledge of Allegiance (because of the "under God" prepositional phrase.

The Left's (i.e., the sociolists' or Marxists', or Globalists' always first go after Religion. Having a religion means believing in something higher than a country's government. Because our Founders DID honor God in our founding documents, the left feels it must tear down our government and any reminders of God.

So, as I said, I will try to do some of the things you suggest; however. my major effort will be to ask God to find enough good people in our country in order to take steps to intercede in this entire frightening mess we are in.

Part of me feels that we ignored too long the changes that were happening in our public schools and institutions of (so called) higher learning. I am afraid that God will not find enough righteous people to spare our country (as he did not find enough to spare Sodom and Gomorrah or Jericho).

The real problem is not in our political class per se, it's in the hearts and minds of those people, most of whom have probably stopped trying to please God and have put Mammon ahead of Him.


foreigner.interesting point.
Imagine you are lost and walking in a vast forest when you come across fresh footprints in the ground.You start following the tracks hoping that they will lead you out of the forest.
Then you notice as time goes on the tracks get older and older.You wonder how can this be.You have been following at a fast pace and should be getting closer after so many days.
I wondered about this story then realised the footprints could have been made by a person wearing his shoes back to front.

That's the problem.you followed but went the wrong way.The lesson.....let your fingers do the walking through the yellow pages.


Well it does seem that you gentlefolk don’t like it when them chickens come home to roost!

Not a peep, when such stealing of plebiscites has been perpetrated across the world in the name of National Interest (who decides what is the NI?) which you accept blindly.

I have pointed this out a couple of times here and a LOT elsewhere- which has even got me silenced on these joined at the toes ‘Alt News’ and MSM sites Off-Guardian/ On-Guardian.

The Brexit referendum was clearly fixed in the same way - the algorithms cutting in from around 2.00 AM. Go look it up. The impossible high turnouts and the HUGE numbers of Postal Votes. Go look it up.

The method was previously used in the Scottish Independence Referendum ahead of the Brexit one. It was deployed almost ineffectively in the 2017 GE. (Harder to use in ge’s) . It was ‘perfected’ for the 2019 GE as proof that it could be made to work in the US GE. The PV was the big narrative- go look it up.

Yes cowboys, Up-Pompeo’s farce Gauntlet officially interfering in U.K. elections as a foreign power, that you hooted and hollered over with glee - has been deployed upon your own land against you!

All the data is there in the U.K. - mostly public - EXCEPT the direct records of PV’s which have become ‘commercially restricted’ since the privatisation of the Electoral Commission in 2010’s. The ensuing hiving off of the postal votes mechanisms to newly formed opaque companies which are tied into the huge Canadian big data conglomerate (CGI) working for many a 5 eyes DS apparatus. Go look up the exponential increase in PV’s since this scam has been instituted since the beginning of the millennium.

It started out as happily abusing voting processes across the world in far away elections (who cares?) and was brought to hearts of Empire to win BrexShit ( who cares?) was refined to stop the resurgence of a truly Democratic socialist Labour Party Government, under the surprise leadership of Jeremy Corbyn - took two bites at that cherry, 2017&19. (Who cares?).

Trump (a truly socialist US President- check out the higher income and wealth of the poorest earners) has clearly been as much of a threat as the EU and Corbyn to the DS and it’s true masters, for such a daylight robbery vote fraud to be brought ‘home’ to counter its own citizens!

Yup cowboys the razor wire went up and you are torn up on it - that’s the chickens coming home - do you care now?

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