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21 November 2020


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Murali Rao

Larry thank you for the wake up call and useful suggestions for actions on the part of citizens.


I agree. Are there any websites or organizations that can help facilitate these actions? Who/what/when/where etc and how best to phrase our concerns for action? What is best-email/phone/fed-ex/certified mail letters of complaint? Thanks


You might want to check and see if those townships are actually in Minnesota and not in Michigan. Also , be aware that Minnesota allows American day registration.

Two major torpedo holes in the ship.


Dominion press release denies everything: https://sharylattkisson.com/2020/11/read-dominion-voting-systems-denies-voter-fraud-allegations/


Las Vegas oddsmaker has a very interesting take on the strings of vote count irregularities seen Election Day evening on into the wee small hours of the next morning.

His gambling gut said fix was in, on many levels including the premature Fox News call for Arizona and the refusal to call states that were heavily for Trump - always keeping Biden in the "electoral vote" lead: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/11/a_vegas_oddsmakers_take_on_fox_news_and_the_election_grift.html


There is no Benville, Monticello, or Albertville in Michigan AFAIK. I'd be happy to be corrected.

I suspect Mr Ramsland would be laughed out of any courtroom in Michigan; or maybe accused of perjury.


Great googly moogly! Ah, that's what you had up your sleeve. I was wondering why there hadn't been any pen testers around considering Trump's 2018 EO. No doubt part of the manual looked suspicious.

Thanks a lot. Larry C. Johnson, Sir.


Yes, some checking of those precincts shows they are in MN, not MI:




"American day registration ". Just what is that and how long does that take? How does that affect the time it takes to vote and scan a ballot, and just how would you register same day using an absentee ballot?

Martin Oline

I cancelled my Netflix subscription yesterday. I had been meaning to do it for some time because it offers crap but I am happy it coincides with the announced Obama-financed film attacking President Trump. It only hurts them when they are kicked in the wallet.

Barbara Ann


To Pj20's point, it does appear that the stats in Ramsland's affidavit evidencing supposed over voting in MI may have been put together erroneously. The precincts are in MN, not MI. The top one, for example (Benville Township) is in Beltrami Co. MN. Voter registrations by precinct in MN are here. This could be an innocent mistake and may still be evidence of fraud in MN, but a couple of sources I've seen suggest the methodology in estimating an over vote was wrong. WaPo for example (yes, I know) thinks Ramsland may have used estimated voter registrations based on absentee ballots received.

This error has of course been pounced on as evidence of the worthlessness of the case. However, there is much else besides the over vote argument, not least the vote counting impossibility you describe. This seems pretty damning at first sight.

And why in the name of all that is holy would you record vote counts as floating point numbers? Any computer scientist will tell you that you would only need to use floating point arithmetic if votes cannot be treated as integers (whole numbers) which of course is all you need if they are just to be added. The only reason you would need to do this is in order to algorithmically 'massage' the numbers. Election Management System indeed.

The whole affidavit is worth a read IMO, here is a link to the case, then search for "Ramsland" to find the affidavit pdf.


Barbara Ann

Should have added that the actual unofficial results for Beltrami Co. MN are here. They show no over vote in Benville.



Pj20, based on his and his company's resume I doubt Ramsland made that kind of error. It is Michigan. And, what is "American day registration"?


When clubs form up for guerilla war tactics, folks will think it's serious. When your friends start feeling you out on resisting the authorities, etc it's getting real.


Posted by: Barbara Ann | 21 November 2020 at 08:29 AM

read it too, lots of OSINT and was there a update at all? Or were it only uploads. There was quite a bit of confusion.

And then there is the suspicious glitch again.

The only reason you would need to do this is in order to algorithmically 'massage' the numbers. Election Management System indeed.

It is prepared in a way the TV stations needs the data? Maybe? Percentages? I found that a rather hasty argument, really. Not at all convincing.

Obviously the document was produced rapidly, as is obvious towards the end. Ultimately they are in search of evidence to prove their point. Hopefully the judge grants it. Not sure if I wanted them to spread my address though.

But let them have it, or any other expert trusted by both parties. Two identical copies. One the defendants can keep. ...

It starts to get interesting.


George Chamberlain,

I assume that by "American day registration" is meant Election Day Registration, another dodge for facilitating falsification of the vote.


Nixon had proof of election fraud in his race against Kennedy. Yet his political gut knew it was time to fold and not try to sweep back the sea of public momentum. It would be interesting to learn more about this personal moment of his own destiny.

In fact Trump can be far more powerful out of office than in office. Yet under the perverse circumstances why should he bother, when the internal forces that we allowed to accumulate to critical mass, are aligned against him and the founding principles of America?.

LJ, i appreciate your list of actions to take yet in California which did pass the critical tipping point two decades ago (after term limits led to the public sector union takeover of this state and elections of Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris), it would be trying to sweep back the sea.

The fundamental issue right now is the crookedness, proven and verified crookedness of significant Democrat run cities and their highly suspicious "vote counts".

The Big Lie pushing back is the claim there is no proof of "widespread" election fraud. While the real issue is the apparent proof of targeted, material and strategic voter fraud in a select number of high population Democrat cities.

Will they care if I demand my own Senator Kamala Harris investigates this? I continue my own battles on the internet reaching outside of my own corrupted state and still believe the flaps of butterfly wings can create a whirlwind at long distances away.

And there was proof of pushback in California based upon the sound rejection of very self-serving Democrat public sector union over-reach ballot initiatives.

Dr. Puck

I assume lawyer's will resubmit a corrected affidavit showing Michigan results not Minnesota results. What specifically is the "observed raw vote data" mentioned in Ramsland’s affidavit? What constitutes an observation of exactly what data, found where? (Ramsland, very oddly, does not provide footnotes or source attributions for material claims.)

Now it is up to AG Barr to let loose his investigators.

Wayne County data: https://www.waynecounty.com/elected/clerk/election-results.aspx


Sharyl Atkisson provide an excellent resource of links to election fraud articles .

Much of the election fraud issue has been buried in typical online searches which turn up multiple references to Rudy Gulianni's "hot mess dripping hair dye" ( highly repeated sound bite from central casting) instead of links to the full viewing of these critical charges asserted during the actual press conference: https://sharylattkisson.com/2020/11/hard-to-find-2020-election-fraud-stories-and-links/

Media search engines give one only pre-digested pablum link after link; Atkisson keeps digging and we should be very glad she remains on the side of still demanding truth in the media. Peggy Noonan on the other hand is full of garbage.



The President's effort to prove election fraud has been handicapped by factual misstatements on an issue where facts are important. Sloppy lawyering and litigation by press conference will no longer cut it, especially when Rudy is the "face" of the effort. Where is Jim Baker when the nation needs him?

I have the greatest respect for Sidney Powell and her work on the Flynn case, but its time for Sidney and the Trump campaign to come forward with solid evidence or get off the pot.

It's also time for the Rs to direct their focus and efforts towards Georgia. The longer the President dithers in the face of the what the press calls a raging epidemic, the more he starts looking like Herbert Hoover in 1933. It's not a recipe for future electoral success.


“Same day” not American registration. Apologies. Same day registration means that you have to add in the “same days” before you estimate % voted.


Posted by: Barbara Ann | 21 November 2020 at 08:35 AM

you know, what's curious. And strictly I wouldn't want to bet on it in court, but I still have this impression. Reading some of the earliest activist arguments, and in hindsight I realized I was wrong, looking more closely into the arguments, there seemed to be a desire to quickly find the easiest solution.

And no doubt mathematically a subtraction would be? No?

Voters registered vs votes? Fake votes?

It must be that easy. Now the shifting of votes may be more obscure, considering ...

We'll see

The Twisted Genius

Does anyone know if this Ramsland affadavit was presented in a Michigan or Minnesota court? Seems it would be more appropriate there than in Georgia. The Georgia vote was tested with a 100% hand recount. No fractional ballots were found although each candidate did gain a few thousand votes in the recount. Trump netted less than 900. There will probably be another recount beginning next week. I'd like to know how several thousand votes were missed in the original count, although the missing votes weren't heavily weighted in either direction.

It seems to me Ramsland's whiz kids are monkeying around with the numbers (along with mixing Minnesota and Michigan data) until they look like something sinister is happening. Never mind the algorithmic mumbo-jumbo, just count the paper ballots. All those Dominion machines use paper ballots.


Honey Badger Sidney Powell is on fire --- and so should we be: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/11/sidney_powell_has_expanded_on_the_scope_of_the_dominion_scam.html

Our "government" seized the computers in Germany. Therefore, it is a calculated and bogus lie for Dominon to claim - there is no truth the US military seized our computers in Germany.

Lying by omission, lying by commission. Lying by tortured semantics in Dominion's press release. Refusing to say any of this under oath.

.......No proof of "widespread" election fraud.
.......No proof "US military" seized our computers in Germany

Diana L Croissant

I gave up all sorts if Internet activities long ago. I don't use Amazon. I don't use Netflix, I have never used Facebook. Heck, because of the leftists who are in the majority in Hollywood, I don't go to movies either unless, for instance, someone like Clint Eastwood is in the film.

I proudly wear my red MAGA hat often or make sure my Trump zipper bob is clearly evident on my jacket of hanging from my purse. I take time to write my local politicians and my county and state politicians to give my opinion about what they have done or not done.

However, Larry, you forgot one thing people with kids still in public school should do: PROTEST daily when (and it does often happen daily) your child comes home and spouts some Marxist or Socialist nonsense he/she heard from a teacher. Call the principal and complain. Write the teacher and put him/her on notice that you will be bringing up issues at the next teacher's meeting or school board meeting.

Better yet, support the alternative schools controlled by parents.

Do not help pay for a college education for your child if he/she is even thinking of majoring in sociology, or gender studies, or other such nonsensical programs. Better yet, send your kids to private colleges whose curriculum you have been able to check out and approve.

My other solution would be to send your children to one of the armed services instead of to college, or perhaps to the national guard. On the other hand, you could force them to work to raise money for their own education so they could finally be better judges of the garbage they may have to pay to hear in their classes.

Here's another idea: No matter what belief system you may have make sure they get a good foundation in it. Make sure they can say with a good understanding of what it means: "In God We Trust." Atheists will have to make sure they train their children to be logical thinkers. Socialism is NOT logical if you also teach them a bit about human nature.

Finally, if you don't see your children getting an education in regard to the Declaration of Independence and The U.S. Constitution, make sure you give them that education.

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