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22 November 2020


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blue peacock

Mr. Willmann,

The courts are gonna be under the spot-light, especially SCOTUS. Wouldn't they need incontrovertible evidence from plaintiffs that fraud of a scale that would overturn the election results took place, before they even take the case, let alone issue a stay on the night of December 13th?


Just No.
After Roberts Gymnastic convolutions.
We are not going to say F**k and just accept this Blatant CCP insertion.
Not happening.
Wake UP!


blue peacock, why do you assume there will not be "incontrovertible evidence" at the lower court level and how to you weigh incontrovertible evidence? Appeals courts don't try facts, they try issues of law. SCOTUS hears US constitutional level issues.

Is there an urgent US constitutional level issue at stake - fair and honest elections is such an issue. The election process is the most fundamental cornerstone of our entire system of governance. Urgency comes from the timeline for election set out in the US Constitution. Therefore, was their sufficient evidence election fraud took place; not "incontrovertible evidence".

One illegal ballot proves one other person was stripped of their own legal right to vote. Or that one recipient of that illegal vote was fraudulently benefited.

Reminds me of the early covid lockdown justification - "if locking down the entire US economy, closing every school and taking away all civil liberties save just one line, it is worth it. Just one life.

Transfer that same thinking to protecting and preserving the full constitutional value of just one vote, from illegal vote tampering in any form - electronic, dead persons, vote-harvesting fraud, unregistered voters, un-authenticated voters .....

One life is worth saving at the expense of the entire nation - seems like the nation went along with this thinking over covid. One Percent Doctrine - Death of a Person

Saving the Republic over just one illegal vote being controverted - same thing to me. One Percent Doctrine Death of the Republiic

scott s.

The Circuit Courts of Appeal weren't created until 1891. Prior to that individual Supreme Court justices "rode the circuit" and the circuit courts had both original and appellate jurisdiction depending on the character of the case.



"before they even take the case"

You mean prove it before an investigation? If only they had made Mueller do that.

" fraud of a scale that would overturn the election results"

They only need prove that the results can't be trusted because the process was tainted. Giving in person voters until 8pm Nov 3 but giving others extra time is giving one class "separate but equal rights in voting", which is unconstitutional. One only need read the PA law and the Constitution to prove that.

The PA courts can't re-write laws, as much as they would like to. The SC needs to uphold to Constitution, not tear it up. The legal remedy is in the Constitution: Turn selecting the electors in the effected state over to the legislature, as spelled out in the Constitution.


Very good analysis by Scott Adams. But gentlemen do not ever use F***-letter words in public.

blue peacock


Giving in person voters until 8pm Nov 3 but giving others extra time is giving one class "separate but equal rights in voting", which is unconstitutional.

Does the Trump campaign have such a lawsuit filed in PA? I believe even mail-in ballots had to have been sent by that time. The PA supreme court gave the ballots a few more days to arrive.

BTW, what is the Trump administration DOJ doing? They appointed the Mueller special counsel. Trump nominee Rod Rosenstein wrote the appointment & scope memos. The current AG is Trump's second nominee for the position!


It doesn't matter what you think. What matters is what the courts think. The burden of proof is on the Trump campaign to convince a court.

Diana L Croissant

Just a quick note:

I decided to call and talk with my county's Clerk and Recorder this morning to ask about the specifics of the vote-counting procedure. I specifically asked if they do a hand count of if they use machines.

I was told they used a machine, though the ballots are opened and examined by hand first to check for problems of any sort. I was also told that they had done a sample run before the actual ballots had started arriving. They had officials from both parties there to observe. They had already counted the sample ballots by hand and knew what results should be reported by the machine. They assured me that their machine was counting accurately during the test and that no one had messed with it afterwards and that officials from both parties were present also for the actual counting.

It's nice to live in a less densely populated part of the country, a place no one else seems to care about. At least I do not have any suspicion that my local officials are acting against the public's will. Most probably know that they better act righteously since we do have a high rate of gun ownership in this farming and ranching county.



"The PA supreme court gave the ballots a few more days to arrive."

They lack the authority as stated in the Constitution to change election law related to federal elections.

There are multiple lawsuits in PA. Trump may of may not be a party to one of them. As to Rosenstein, well, the deep state is deeper and darker than many thought.


A sample of 12 Trump cases requesting legal review of the 2020 election process:

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