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13 October 2020


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Some are remarking that Biden appears to have Parkinson's disease. His stilted manner and his need of handlers close-by are the indicators. I can only guess that Jill Biden is going along for "the good of the party".

I've heard that if Biden wins, the media will vilify Trump as the guy who couldn't even beat a person with dementia.

I think Trump will win. Kamala Harris will is the gift that keeps on giving.

Diana Croissant

I watched my godmother go slowly at first into dementia. It was heartbreaking as the symptoms became more and more apparent until she got to the point that she couldn't speak at all.

All dementia cases are different; but no matter how it manifests, it's sad to watch. Why the Democrats are doing tis to Biden is inexplicable to me. But what is worse, it's insulting that they've put that ridiculous woman on the ticket as the person who would take his place once he's incapable of doing the job. And we certainly don't need ditzy Jill handling things as Edith Wilson chose to do.


biden is a long ways away from being the consummate salesperson that trump is... no one beats trump at the sales job...


Jill just wants to be first lady, live in the big white house and ride on the big white plane.


A very exclusive club Mr Biden is forming - don't vote for me - if you ain't black enough,...... if you are not unhappy enough under Trump.....

if you liked Obama's recession, stagnation, job loss, welfare roll increases, divisiveness, endless wars, public pension wealth transfers, and if you look like Obama's son, then Biden is your man, woman, or whomever or whatever else you identify as.


The President committed two unforced errors with his conduct at the first debate and his withdrawal from the second debate. Mr. Biden has difficulty getting beyond a second sentence without looking at his notes or a teleprompter. Because of the President's interruptions where he effectively threw Biden an interruptus life-line time and time again, the American people did not have the opportunity to see Biden stumble through his lines as he seems increasingly to be doing whenever he has to deliver a speech or a long statement.

The President, also, deprived the American people of seeing Biden Agonistes struggling to appear coherent at the second scheduled debate which was cancelled by the President with the make-weight excuse that Biden could be using a teleprompter--a problem with could be cured by having an observer from the other campaign in the same room with the candidate.



"Biden Agonistes," I like it.


I did conclude the Democrats are asking the same question - how can you run a person like Trump when you see how maligned Trump is in the media and out of Democrat mouths. It exceeds credulity that anyone could possibly support this BadOrangeman.

I am sure you have close friends who shake their head, even in sorrow, if you mention you are a Trump supporter. With that in mind, it is easy for them to overlook Biden's failings. Simply because they see Trump fans doing the same thing.

But one thing they can't overlook is Kamala Harris, and I know Kamala Harris as a Californian, she is no Mike Pence. That contrast cannot be ignored.

My own neighborhood is full of Harris-Biden signs, and all I can say is what are they thinking? I conclude, they are thinking OrangeManBad. Go Team Biden and whatshername. My county went 31% for Trump in 2016, though other conservatives did reach the lower 40%. Will he and other conservatices move the needle beyond that this time? I will take note.



It is not fear of Biden's of a telepromter but knowlege that NeverTrump&Co would have ensured 'technical difficulties' during Trump's time to speak, just like China did to Pense in their transmission of the debate.


It's all about Trump's personality - the big meanie, rude, bullying,'ist.
The whiny white wine drinking women and their easily intimidated "male" husbands/friends.
And don't forget the legions of Republicrats, bureaucrats, lobbyists and various hanger-ons infesting the swamp.
Frighteningly - with the hordes of low information voters - could be a voting majority.


Alexandria, Trump did his best to ensure that Biden had few opportunities to fumble, because once Biden started he would not have stopped fumbling and the thing would have turned into a massacre.
He invited Biden to stay on safe familiar ground, ie., see low level acrimony and sloganeering.
The last thing Trump wants is for Biden to be replaced even this late stage. That is still possible and a sufficiently panicked and terrified DNC might just do it.


Alexandra, Trump committed no errors in the first debate. He saw which way things were going with Biden's first response and Biden's interrutptions - neitheir of which were stopped by moderator Wallace.

Trump did exactly what he needed to do once those cards were on the table - dominate the evening and take no prisoners. You need to go back and watch the very first round of quetions - Trump started out measured and on point.

Biden is the won that went off the rails immediately, laid three huge whoppers on top of lying in response to the first question. And Biden was the first to interupt Trump when he tried to rebut Biden's lies.

Trump still had to be the leader of the free world when the debate was over and letting Biden and Wallace run all over him was not his choice to endure that evening. More was at stake than just the "debate".

Biden just had to run back to Jill in his basement. Trump had to show up for work the very next day. Trump did what needed to be done that unfortunate evening - walk away and walk all over that set up.

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