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16 October 2020


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JM Gavin

We never killed more than we could eat. Funny how the population of both North and South rose a lot every year during the war.


"If it is true, will that affect your vote?"

If it was true then Giuliani would have allowed an independent forensic exam of the drive. The fact that he does not implies it is not true. And even if the emails are not forgeries, there is zero evidence that a meeting between Joe Biden and Pozharskyi ever took place.

Re the hard drive: https://techcrunch.com/2020/10/14/suspect-provenance-of-hunter-biden-data-cache-prompts-skepticism-and-social-media-bans/

Re my vote: I did not vote for draft dodger Slick Willy Clinton back in the 1990s. My mind has not changed.

I never killed any civilians in Nam either. Your "honest" commenter sounds like a certain Spanish person that I thought you had previously banned.

J to the C


My wife tried sending this article to a friend, and to me, on Facebook messenger and it was blocked. She got a pop-up that said "The action attempted has been deemed abusive or is otherwise disallowed."

I have a picture, if you're interested please email me.


Thank God the FEEBs are so incompetent.
If they were competent, their little attempt at a soft coup might have succeeded.
Now, what do we do about the rampant Chinese and Russian espionage in America?
5-6 years ago I would have said give the job to the NYPD, not now.
At the beginning of "Russia, Russia, Russia" I would have argued for cleaning out the upper echelons of he FBI, but now it looks like the field office level is just as stupid, corrupt or both.

Diana L Croissant

In reading Larry's post, I did NOT somehow come to the conclusion that he was slighting any Vietnam veteran for any reason. I've seen the video footage of some of the Vietnam War on the History channel. Several young men from my high school class and several of my cousins and also my brother served in Vietnam.

For some--usually the hippie flower child group at the time--including the idiot Jane Fonda--thought the war was EVIL. Most of the rest of us knew the circumstance: Choose to take your chance on being called up in the Draft, sign up voluntarily so as to have a slightly better chance of choosing where you were sent by picking a branch of the military that was not the Army, make sure your parents had enough money to send you to college to avoid the draft, or flee to Canada.

Just read Larry's post for what it is: Reporting, something the MSM does only selectively.

Again, I didn not detect any insult to the Vietnam vets in Larry's post. It was just a stated fact. Those of us whose cousins and brothers and classmates served in Vietnam respect them no matter where they served.


re: FB blocking this article -

In today's WSJ, there's a giant, flattering color photo of a smiling Mark Zuckerberg, the headline of the article reading:

"Washington's New Power Broker"

The article tries to make the case that FB is an equal opportunity censor. It also offers the Brooklyn Bridge for sale, cheap, if anyone's interested.


can't subscribe


What still boggles my mind is that Hunter does not have a minder. Some people require babysitters late into adulthood, Hunter definitly is this type of person. Investing about 10K per month for a good adult babysitter (you could get those for 5-7K, but I would rather invest a bit more and have the babysitter be motivated if I was Joe/Joes minder) seems like a very reasonable investment decision that protects a far larger economic and poltiical investment.


There's a story going that FB VP of global affairs and communications Nick Clegg is behind the ban. That sure sounds like more foreign interference in our election since Sir Nick was Deputy Prime Minister under David Cameron.




What does that mean?



I have banned the "Spanish Person" repeatedly but it shows up again and again with different names and IPs. At times it has the persona of this teenager and at others a sophisticated communist agitprop person. As for Giuliani, the game is afoot and the chase is not ended.

W.J. Wilkening

Did anyone notice that the date Hunter Biden dropped his damaged computers off to Mr. Issac's shop was the same date as President Trump's phone call to the President of Ukraine for which he was impeached? April 12, 2019.


"honest" -

I did see bodies of Viet civilians executed by VC cadres from the FLN. Their only crime had been to support the regime in Saigon. These were not soldiers and were not even armed. Some were civil servants, community leaders, businessmen, teachers, some were members of the wrong political party, or some were just family members. They also executed Catholic priests and in Hue City all able-bodied males over 15, approximately 400 boys and men, who had taken refuge in a Cathedral. Several West German doctors were also murdered.

These are not just American stories. They have been documented by Canadian and Italian journalists. And admitted to by many NVA officers and DRV officials.



"They" are just still f----g with us. I know it hurts. That is what "they" want. You should see the crap I am sent that I do not allow to be published. I made a deal in Phuoc Long in '68 with the CIA advisers to Phoenix that if they signed a lease on a house I wanted for my HQ over to me I would deal with some VC political cadre. Their seconded army and marine NCOs would not go out in the woods at night to deal with "peoples" courts" executing village level Viet civilians for "crimes against the people." They would hold a firelit trial and then have the people beat the condemned to death after they dug their own graves. I used to be a very good shot. The Agency loaned me a Star grade M-1 sniper rifle and a case of match grade ammo. Half a dozen times I went out in the woods with the montagnard PRU to "supervise" such trials. One shot, one kill for the judge. I quit doing it after a while because I learned that the dinks were looking for an American who had a rifle with a scope.


Some of the civilians executed in Hue had trials that lasted five minutes total, if that. Others had no trial at all and were just murdered by so-called special activity cells AKA terrorists. Some voices in Hanoi tried to claim it was indiscipline in the ranks, but nobody was ever put on trial for it.



The VC "jurists" upon whom I levied justice usually took an hour or so but, then, they were a provincial outfit. I had a starlight scope and once they got used to my predations kept moving their outposts outward. a worrisome thing.

Les B

"Mac and John Paul decided that Mac would take the information to the FBI office in Albuquerque, New Mexico" Why take the computer all the way to New Mexico when FBI headquarters are a few hours drive away in Washington DC????


Les B

They are just not as smart as you are.



I've heard Alex Jones make claims there is video of Hunter Biden having sex with what appear to be young Chinese girls (Communist Chinese blackmail?) and that he was even beating these girls. Is there any truth to this?

Ishmael Zechariah

SST, Colonel;
I hope "Mac", John Paul, and their families are being adequately protected. Is there a service they could trust?
Ishmael Zechariah



Nastughfur b'illah.


@ turcopolier: "And strangely, it turns out that the hard drive HB dropped off was manufactured after the date he supposedly dropped it off." What is your source for that?"

It doesn't really matter what his source is. The article didn't really make it clear, but since the laptop was surrendered to the FBI, the HDD that is in possession of Guiliani isn't the original, but a copy made from the disk image taken by Mr. Isaac. Although that would make it an exact replica of the original, it would postdate the dropoff date by Hunter.

As to Leith's incredulity about the computer being dropped off in Delaware when Hunter lives in California, he should consider that Joe lives in Delaware and Hunter was likely visiting family.


I did not mean that all soldiers were killing civilians. But that war was not necessary for defending the US mainland and it was (at least partially, or from a certain point onward) a war of aggression. It is not very generous of you, my dear friend, to call me “a simple-minded ass”; just because I touched upon some bitter truth. Truth of what the US did in Vietnam is painful. But there is no escape from it.

JM gavin:
Yes, most individual soldiers in Vietnam did not kill civilians. But were they fighting a good war? What was the US military doing in Vietnam? If the Vietnamese did the same thing in the US mainland (let’s say they put boots on the US mainland in defense of a hypothetical Obama-Hillary-Biden-led civil war against Trump-led front), would you consider their veterans as honorable fellows? I doubt it: You would rightly see them as aggressors. So, let us be frank: a large enough part of what the US and its military did in Vietnam was evil and resulted in thousands of civilians being killed. Even killing the fighters who were defending their homeland against an aggressor force was nothing honorable. And Vietnam was not the last place the US empire did evil things—think of Iraq and Afghanistan.

I agree with you; both sides were doing really bad things. But that does not exonerate the US from the evil things it committed there. I hope we can agree on this part.



No. You are a pro-communist ass who continues to contribute to the enslavement of the Vietnamese people. Are you a Canadian?


God bless you for providing more info regarding the background story regarding Hunter Biden's computers! Please pass on a Thank you to John Paul Mac Isaac and his Dad from me for being the honest people they are and trying to do the right thing by getting the info to the authorities. Just sad that the FBI is continuing it's corrupt and treasonous ways, along with many of the corrupt people involved in politics. Hopefully the truth will come out now!

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