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16 October 2020


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What a chilling account, to say the very least. Good lord, am I reading this wrong or is it possible the FBI confiscated the laptop in order to protect Biden and at the same time effectively damage Trump during the impeachment proceedings against him? These are truly perilous times for our country. I'm reeling at the thought of such heinous corruption.


"...none of the evidence from the hard drive had been shared with President Trump’s defense team."

That's a damnable pattern of behavior.

scott s.

If there was child porn on that hard drive, I suppose if he had done nothing he would have been censored if not in some legal problems. But if it is national security data, then that has to be "hacking" or "theft".


It may be true. But:

Why did Hunter Biden, who lives in Los Angeles, fly 3000 miles across country to drop off three MacBook Pros at a non-Apple repair shop in Delaware? Are there no computer repair shops in LA?

Why did HB then forget about his laptops in Delaware? Too busy sucking up to the Chinese maybe you think, or too drunk?

And strangely, it turns out that the hard drive HB dropped off was manufactured after the date he supposedly dropped it off.

Why won't Giuliani let forensic experts verify the validity of what is on the drives?

If these emails were as alarming as it's being pushed, Giuliani wouldn't have sat on them for so many months.

Even Giuliani's daughter is saying the whole thing is a delusion. Pretty piss poor for an October Surprise. Reminds me of the gang that couldn't shoot straight.

Chuck Light

Mr. Johnson: No offense intended, and hopefully none taken, but I am curious about a part of your post that I had not heard about previously.

You wrote:

When the manufactured Ukraine crisis surfaced in August 2019, John Paul realized he was sitting on radioactive material that might be relevant to the investigation. After conferring with his father, Mac and John Paul decided that Mac would take the information to the FBI office in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mac walked into the Albuquerque FBI office and spoke with an agent who refused to give his name. Mac explained the material he had, but was rebuffed by the FBI. He was told basically, get lost. This was mid-September 2019.

My question is this: Why did Mac and his son Jon Paul decide to take the information to the FBI in Albuquerque, New Mexico when John Paul, his business, and his computer shop with the computer were all in Delaware? Why didn't they just take to stuff to the FBI in Wilmington directly? Why the trip to New Mexico? seems like a really long out of the way effort, to me.

As I said, I am just curious. And so that you know, from what I have read (not everything, for sure), John Paul is just as you say, a pawn in a bureaucratic morass. I am sure there is a simple explanation for the 2,000 mile trip.

Just curious.

exiled off mainstreet

Again, if Hunter Biden had paid his bill and not been such a doofus, this information would never have seen the light of day.

charles mcjury

Good job.


I have several questions:

1: Why does Hunter Biden not have a "minder" who is in charge of his day to day activities? If I was Biden senior, or Biden seniors minder, attaching a minder (basically some person, formally his secretary, who insures that he brushes his teeth, doesnt take too many drugs, doesnt go on a crack binge, doesnt shitpost Biden campaign internals on reddit etc.) to Hunter Biden would be priority Alpha and also priority Omega.

2: One can construct a breach of faith if he actually looked at the recovered laptops data while restoring them, prior to getting shafted. If you are the IT repair guy, after a hard drive restoration you would be expected to check if something is readable but not to actually read it.

3: Is it actually certain that Hunter Biden dropped these off? Or someone who claimed to be Hunter Biden?


Thanks for the clear and understandable narration of the events. I really appreciate it.

I respect you, this blog a lot. Really I do.

But, I have a question about the opening of your short essay and in general about your very positive attitude about veterans. You described Mac, Paul’s dad as "a decorated Vietnam Veteran, who flew gunships in Vietnam." This seems to be a plain fact, but you use it as some sort of honor or an indication of him being a nice decent fellow. He may be so, but I wonder how flying gunned choppers and shooting villagers who are working on their own land, thousands of miles from the US, can be considered as some sort of honorable CV?
Yes, soldiers do what they are told to do. But evil act is evil act and they can act as pawns of evil; the evil empire.


Posted to Facebook and shared. Thank you for doing your duty Larry.


Boom! Only on SST do we read honest reporting. Thank you Larry for coming forward with this background info as I understand how rewarding it was to bring this forward and my respect to the Mac Issac’s for the honorable way they dealt with this pile of dung thrust upon them.
So Twit and Facey screwed up along with the rest of the scum media, let’s see how you handle this honesty. Be careful the American people are watching as they control the purse strings that keep you operating.

Larry C Johnson

Chuck Light,
Mac lives in Albuquerque, JP lives in Wilmington. Simple answer.

Larry C Johnson

We know it was Hunter's computer because his lawyer (now confirmed, I have the email) contacted JP on Tuesday the 13th and asked for the computer to be returned.
JP did not read all the contents of the computer, but, in the process of verifying that files were properly downloaded, he read some of the contents.


And he can clearly be heard complaining about whitey with Michelle Obama. That's how you know they're real.

Joe Gallagher

Can we see a copy of the email from Hunters lawyer asking for the computer?



So, you are one of the simple minded asses who think we went around killing civilians in VN? Dummy.

Bill H

As a person who has, from time to time, repaired computers for payment, it would be malfeasance to recover files without spot checking to be sure they are being properly restored. That can be done ONLY by reading them.



If it is true, will that affect your vote?



"And strangely, it turns out that the hard drive HB dropped off was manufactured after the date he supposedly dropped it off." What is your source for that?


Unless there's much more to this matter that we're unaware of, at the very least, it would seem someone (or more than one) in the bureau and/or DOJ may be guilty of obstruction of justice for withholding this info from Trump's defense team during the impeachment trial. As with the Gen. Flynn prosecution/persecution, WHY ON EARTH are federal agencies getting away with the withholding of exculpatory evidence to the degree that they have these past few years?

Beyond obstruction, what about sedition? But then again, our government hasn't even brought charges of sedition against any of the SELF-AVOWED ANARCHISTS who are assaulting law enforcement officers and destroying federal property. SMFH...


So many conspiracy theories.

Not enough gullible people.


Carrie Earl

Joe Gallagher - I actually read it last night. If you have Twitter, go check out @adamhousley He posted said copy.

Eric Newhill

Col, Lang,
I can't imagine the effort you must exerting to maintain some level of troll control with these Biden stories; or will be in the near future. It appears that legions of Orcs are being unleashed to battle the forces of Light & Truth across the entire cyber realm. God bless you and Larry.


Eric Newhill

It feels like we are at Helm's Deep.

JM gavin

Reading some of the comments above, I finally cracked the code,

Any and all accounts about Donald Trump's behavior, actions, or words should be believed, or at least given the benefit of the doubt. The same is true for information about Trump's family.

Any and all accounts about Joe Biden's behavior, action, or words are further proof that Trump is colluding with the Russians to once again steal an election. The same is true for information about Biden's family.

All U.S. military personnel that served in Vietnam killed civilians. Thanks for straightening that out for us, "honest."

Oh, BTW, "honest," how many civilians did you kill or watch getting killed by USMIL folks while you were serving in Vietnam?

I'm glad I understand how things work now.


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