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23 October 2020


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All, in the first sentence of my comment above, I referred in order to current and then future income. The order should have been reversed.



I am sure nothing I can say will change your mind.

I will just point out that Michelle and Barack Obama are highly popular with tens of millions of Americans who are very interested in what they have to say. I see no reason why their books can't be on bestseller lists with no chicanery involved.

Just because you have no use for them doesn't mean nobody does. Their publishers paid them huge advanced because they had confidence they'd earn lots of money from their books.



"Defies credibility Barack Obama would get a $9 million book deal...."

That book deal doesn't surprise me at all; he is a charismatic speaker and was popular when he left office. Surprising is not being able to generate any crowd anywhere when speaking for Biden/Harris. The implosion of the Russia fraud destroyed his credibility and a great deal of his popularity.

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