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05 October 2020


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Good news indeed. Just what were the credentialed experts at NASA doing while these 'capitalists' were creating this innovative firm and all the technology that goes with it?

Diana Croissant

I am excited for the things my children and grandchildren will be able to witness. Maybe I'll live long enough to witness a few amazing things in space, too.


SpaceX and Elon Musk have said that they are not working on reuse of the second stage. They expect the Starship to be ready for use sooner. It is fully reusable and projected to be able to launch 5-10 times more mass per dollar than the Falcon series.

The biggest economic challenge facing Starship (assuming all their engineering goals are met) is that it is huge, launching up to 100 tons per launch. There may be issues related to finding enough users to fill a launch. The curent Falcon 9 is already showing hints of this affecting some current launches.

It's not clear how the Starship economics will work out for launches which are mostly empty.


They should put SpaceX in charge of my local planning department and the DMV.


On my reading the initial price of $62M for an all new rocket has increased for the Government, to $97M over four and a half years, about 50%. The quote implies that other users still pay $62M.

The discount brings the s/h price down to £71M, say 15% increase.

Puzzled but nice work if you can get it.

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