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05 October 2020


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SNL hasn't been worth watching in decades. Inertia has just carried it on for all these years.


I saw all 13 minutes of it on Youtube. It was pure fodder for Democrats.

Jim Carrey incidentally did a skit once where he danced on gun-right advocate Charlton Heston's grave. Heston's NRA speech was one the greatest ever given to the cause, but that made him a target for people like Carrey and the Left. What Carrey did was appalling.


I thought Carrey did a pretty good Biden... an accomplishment since Biden’s pretty boring.

As to grave-dancing - everyone get’s into the act. It’s how the GOP is treating RBG.

JM Gavin

You knew RBG well enough to know that the GOP is dancing on her grave? You were there when she uttered her last words?

Condolences for your loss. In the meantime, you should read to take your mind off of this recent personal tragedy. I suggest the US Constitution, as you may find it enlightening.



It was an entertainment worthy of one of Nero's banquets, or a public ritual of obedience to the TDS left as befitting employees of a Comcast subsidary whose main audience live in the coastal cities that were once places worthy of starting a career, or a family.


That wasn't very funny, maybe The Cartoon President will offer
some laughs, if not there's always a replay of the original.

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