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22 October 2020


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ex PFC Chuck

Lavrov's comments at the Valdai Discussion Club, as well as the discussions in general, are addressed in more detail by Pepe Escobar at Asia Times than in the Sputnik post to which Patrick linked. Fortunately it's been reposted outside of the AT's paywall in several places, including at the Global Research link below:


Here's the over two hour session of the Valdai Club discussion this morning. Run time was 2hr 53min.

Онлайн-встреча Владимира Путина с участниками клуба «Валдай»


Did Turkey actually send FSA to Nagorno Karabakh? Are they using them as a quasi-wagner group or are these rumors?I only saw twitter allegations as proof, which were then amplified by Armenian sources into a story that even Macron was parroting. It would seem unnecessary to send these idiots there, unless Azerbaijan wanted to absolutely minimize casualties.


So in which category to the EU elites fall in, monkeys or toddlers?


I meant 'do', not 'to'. Oops.


Serge: "Did Turkey actually send FSA to Nagorno Karabakh? "

It is not just a claim of the Armenians and Macron.

Iran's President Rohani said "the same Syrian terrorist groups that Iran had fought for years while supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime were reportedly turning up at the Iranian border near the southern flank of the battle around Nagorno-Karabakh's main city, Stepanakert."

And Sergei Naryshkin, the head of Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), is worried that the Syrian jihadis in Azerbaijan could introduce new rounds of terrorism in southern Russia. On October 6, Naryshkin said the conflict was attracting people he described as mercenaries and terrorists from the Middle East. "We are talking about hundreds and already even thousands of radicals hoping to earn money in a new Karabakh war," he said.


Putin Defends Bidens, Becomes 'Visibly Irritated' When Asked About $3.5 Million Moscow Payment To Hunter




There are sources all around, not just from the twitter. It's worth noting, that using "former" jihadis as cannon fodder is nothing new for Azerbaijan:



"Younas was among the thousands of Afghan fighters that Hezb-e Islami, a major Afghan Islamist party, sent to Azerbaijan in the 1990s to bolster Baku in its war against Armenia. The conflict between the two Soviet republics mushroomed into a full-scale war after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, which preceded the demise of Afghanistan's communist regime in April 1992."

If the RFE/RL is admitting (and cheering) the fact, there is no need for all proper freedom-lovin' people to deny the reality ;)

Patrick Armstrong

I haven't been able to find Putin's exact words yet, but that report seems to be a considerable over-interpretation.
I have a sneaking suspicion that Putin doesn't spend all day reading about Trump and Biden and have every little latest detail at his fingertips.


Serge - Syrian Mercenary Captured In Karabakh



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