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05 October 2020


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I really never expected it. The stunning success of the S-400 marketing department.

This is a SAM system that has never been fired in anger yet, on the one hand it has potential and actual customers queuing round the block to buy them, whilst on the other hand potential adversaries are all in a flap at the thought of facing it.

In this case, Iran already has large numbers of SAMs, including the S-400s predecessor, the S-300PMU2 and its locally produced version. If it bought the same number of S-400 as it bought S-300 (the same as Turkey also), a regiment, it only gives it 64 TELs.

Is this a game changer? Iran is a big country.

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JohninMK, once the door is open access becomes much easier. Getting the door open is the tough part of the job.

As long as adversaries believe that the S400 is effective enough that they do not choose to test it's efficacy then the thing could be a jam sandwich. One assumes that the USA and its cohorts have some form of intelligence that gives them cause for concern with regard to the S400.

Andrei Martyanov


This is a SAM system that has never been fired in anger yet

F-15, which is called by many "the best fighter in the world" also never fought a single top of the line fighter nor a competent, let alone truly professional pilot, or Air Force, for that matter. It also never operated in the hostile or ever faced environment ranging from competent AD to ECM. Yet... There is one thing which you in your frustration simply forgot--Soviet/Russian combat experience in "shooting in anger" all kinds of Air Defense systems is simply without rivals, and I mean this literally. It is like building sports cars, eventually the brand is supported by a long history of top quality and engineering solutions and those who have resources are ready to pay any money to get it. To improve your mood even more, in related news, Iran also considers buying up to two regiments (between 40 to 48) of SU-30SM2 fighters and rumor has it Iran may get hands on those pesky P-800 Oniks systems which are part of Bastion weapon system. As per "marketing department", you probably have to look at F-35 and LCS to appreciate a true art of "selling" a defective and obsolete concept and technology derived from it as a "top of the line" weaponry.



"..never fought a single top of the line fighter nor a competent, let alone truly professional pilot, or Air Force,...."

The same can be said for our Pacifc Fleet, which in recent years has had immense trouble in station keeping - resulting in a collision with a freighter, killing a number of sailors. Then there was Captain Couragous of the Roosevelt, then the Bon Homme Richard, which will very likely be scrapped (that is now under investigation as sabotage). Equally this can also be said for the Chinese armed foces, who have they fought since thier invasion of Vietnam in the '70s?


"Game changers" do not exist. General André Beaufre defines strategy as “the dialectic of wills using force to resolve conflicts”. If "game changers" exist, it is will and psycholgy.

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