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25 October 2020


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Bill H

As much as I respect your knowledge of the topic and acknowledge that it is far superior to mine, I believe that the item listed for March 2014, "Russia invades Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea," is not factually correct. Please advise me if I am in error.


Biden voters:
Do you hate Trump more than you love (if you do at all) love America?


Bill H,

You mean you didn't bother to read the politico article Larry linked to?

A. Pols

Bill; I believe that item is factually false and is simply a recapitulation of the standard propaganda talking point from that time period. everything that has come out in the intervening six years suggests Russia simply "granted statehood" to an historically Russian province with massive support from the Crimean populace. Only fools and cynical liars still speak of it as an invasion. I don't intend to tar the author of the post with those terms. I think it was unintentional on his part, maybe copied from another compiled chronology?


Does it matter how small crowds are when the media picks them up and broadcasts the message to millions of viewers? For free. Even Biden's latest 12 people and 7 pumpkins campaign crowd.

Trump first mastered the free media campaign event in 2016, but he also made sure he made news.. He did not deliver stock pablum like Biden - swinging to the cheap seats to insure he at least keeps those 7 pumpkin votes.

BTW: Trump car rally on the streets of Beverley Hills, California too. Which is about as big of a political disconnect as you can find in this state.


While the Bidens may have been sneaky laundering their own Chinese cash, it is just as likely the Chinese were trying to launder it themselves.. Got the impression from a trip to China during those days that everyone with significant money wanted a "aafe harbor house" in the US, and a child in a US university which could also serve as a safe excuse to "travel" outside China to the land of the round eye heathens, without raising any suspicions.

Or to even buy the kid some student housing while studying abroad. My own local community has a sub-industry building slick housing for wealthy out of town students -both foreign and domestic. And most of the international students at the local college do now come from China- bringing a huge unrestricted cash infusion to the college budget. Probably the local UC branch as well - do not know the numbers.

Just speculating here, but the big money people in China know how mercurial their own government can be and always lurking in the back of their minds is the time when they may suddenly need to flee, with as many assets laundered out of the country ahead of times.

Could Biden's "real estate investment" firm - like Bohai Harvest have helped play out this scenario - win-win for the Chinese. They "invest in real estate" and Biden in turn secures "safe harbor homes" outside of China for his new BFFs on the QT - those wealthy Chinese capitalist running dogs who know how to play both ends against the middle?

I still want to know if there was anything fishy when our state's super mega-billion pension fund hired the former Chinese military "equity investor" as CIO for CalPERS. He left very shortly after his hiring due to some undisclosed "conflict of interest" investments made with the CalPERS money. Are there any Biden fingerprints on that deal too?

Beyond my ken to even know where to dig to verify or discredit. Just curious speculation about timing , strategies, nature of the beast (public pension funds) and political personalities involved.


The two-way train: The Art of the Steal - Chinese international students, as reported at the University of California Santa Barbara campus: https://www.latimes.com/local/education/la-me-edu-uc-santa-barbara-chinese-students-20181213-story.html

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