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09 October 2020


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A timeline - of loose ends:

MARCH 2016 - FBI gets notice from Dutch Intelligence who was sweeping Russian communications that a "Letter" was found:

Russian intelligence allegation: A letter exists from DNC Chairwoman Wasserman-Schultz to Open Society Director Bernardo claiming key Clinton campaign staffer Amanda Renteria was assured by AG Loretta Lynch .... "the investigation( into Clinton's emails) would not go too far". (Mar 2016)

MAY 3, 2016: Comey testifies to Senate he is worried AG Lynch is compromised about prosecuting Clinton, due to this "letter" - even if it is unknown if this is a valid claim, or just Russian disinformation, but since the claim exists and could come out later it would taint any action AG Lynch takes, .......according to Comey.( May 2016)

JUNE 28, 2016: Bill Clinton-AG Lynch 20 minute tarmac meeting
(Was this an intentional taint of Lynch so she clearly could not rule on the Clinton email server misuse?) (June 2016)

JULY 5, 2016 -Comey announces no action will be taken against Clinton for her email and private use server - unilaterally and unconventionally usurps this final decision from the proper decision maker AG Lynch (July 2016)

NOV 2016: Clinton loses - Trump win - IC Russiagate hoax well underway

MAY 9, 2017 - Trump fires Comey

FEB 17, 2020 - "Secret on the Tarmac" published - reporter who broke the story of the Bill Clinton-Lynch meeting, senses there was more to this than just an accidental meeting

MARCH 2020 - Covid- Covid - Covid - Covid - Covid - Covid


Did Comey have a "higher duty" to take this matter away from Lynch because he felt it was too tainted to in her hands due to this alleged "Letter"?

Did Comey set up Lynch, in order to take this matter out her hands because he was in on the original Trump Russia-gate distracton deal set up by Clinton?

How much did AG lynch know about the Clinton-Russiagate plot against Trump?

THE TRIGGER: "The Letter:" Wasserman-Schultz to Open Society Director Bernardo about alleged AG Lynch to Renteria assurances that Clinton would escape prosecution for email abuses.

A. Real?
B. Russian disinformation?

How does this scenario relate to the recent declassification of alleged Clinton email claiming she wanted to cook up a Trump-Russia connection as a false distraction, in order to take pressure off her own pre-election email scandals?

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