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25 October 2020


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Obama managed to pull ALL of the troops out of Iraq (nominally, and as much as is humanely possible) despite the same types of subversion. Unless I am mistaken.

Trump has not drawn troops down to zero in any country. I concede that Obama got lucky, and I recognize that fighting the borg is extremely difficult. It is precisely because fighting the borg is so difficult that I think it is unwise to put too much faith into any one individual. Except Tulsi - I would follow Tulsi to the ends of the earth.


Those newspaper endorsements need to take this campaign ad seriously- the trick that will be soon revealed the Biden mask.

Too bad these editors blame Trump for the past four years of Democrat chaos, because the real Democrat Trojan Horse will soon be unleashed if they win: https://therightscoop.com/dont-get-tricked-this-halloween-themed-ad-is-brilliant-and-terrifying/

Decency is not Kamala Harris's middle name.

JM Gavin

I am inside of the DoD (and have been for 30 years). The SECDEF, the Service Secretaries, and the JCS openly and unabashedly undermine the President regularly. The upper ranks (both the uniformed and civilian) are typical bureaucrats that will oppose anything that threatens the good deal they have going. Trump is very much a threat to "business as usual" at the slop trough, and the hogs react as expected.



Looks like Putin just gave Donald a Burn Notice. He (Putin) is rejecting the Trump/Giuliani claims about Biden and Son.




Yes, we know what side you are on. I agree that
Obama did well in withdrawing from Iraq.. he had promised that but the Iraqi Shia government that we had created could not withstand an assault by resurgent Sunni Islam Trump did well against that.


Trump is preparing to fire Wray and Haspel if he wins re-election:


Haspel may quit before that happens. She has to go.

I don't think Wray is a bad man, but I get the impression he's afraid to act in a consequential manner and that he likes to play things safe.

Nunes would be a good short term replacement for either or to at least uncover what really happened. It might be hard to get him confirmed unless Trump wins enough support.

Barr too wants to protect his friends, like Mueller. Trump probably won't keep him around after for much longer either.


And here I thought the money laundering would most go via hedge funds (like Epsteins, who basically never made an actual trade). I guess Book Deals for the "public faces" and hedge funds for the actual deciders?


JamesT, what makes you think Tulsi will be treated anything other than how the MSM has treated Trump. She will be vilified, cursed, character assasinated, damaged with false allegations, etc etc when she is a contender for president. I think its a when not an if.

AIS, Epstein was never a hedge-fund manager. He was a procurer of underage girls for the rich and powerful and a blackmailer working for Mossad. Don't besmirch the name of the honest finance people by calling him an financier/investor.

If Donald Trump wins, and I think he will win - if/when he tries to move against the swamp, we will see an assassination attempt, I think. Looking at the range of people across the establishment who have come out against him, there will be no dearth of people in the establishment who will lend a hand to take him out! Do you think it will be difficult to take him out given the support of the FBI, CIA, various intel agencies for the coup/assassination attempt? We will see..

Patrick Armstrong

I used to naively wonder why anyone would pay big bucks to hear Bill Clinton talk about what he would do should he become POTUS. Then I realised that they were paying the future First Husband. It is -- as it should be -- quite wrong to bribe a POTUS; but it's OK to pre-bribe or post-bribe one.

Meanwhile, up here in dear old Lumberjackland, who decided that Justin's thoughts on The Youth of Today were worth money?


James T -

I'm also a big fan of Tulsi Gabbard. Unfortunately AncientArcher is somewhat correct. She will be vilified, cursed, character assassinated, damaged with false allegations. She already has been vilified by the Hillary wing of the Democratic Party and by the LGBT community because of her father. In the future if she ever got the nomination she would also be vilified and subject to character assassination by the right wing when they find out how progressive she really is.

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