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28 October 2020


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@ fred.... maybe... i think this doesn't have to be viewed in an intentionally negative way... what about the idea there are different religions and religious beliefs that have come to north america, thanks the open door policy on immigration?? we have become more exposed to different religions over the course of time.. i view the advent of the 60's as another part of this... think of the beatles travelling to india and the whole new interest in eastern religions and etc among a young generation that i am guessing you and i were a direct part of?? to say the left has been pushing christianity out of mainstream is ignoring how so much has changed in the past 50 or 60 years... what are you advocating for at this point??



I reccomend you find a copy of "SJW's Always Lie" followed by "Corporate Cancer" by the very reviled Vox Day. "Convergence" is his term, but it pretty much describes the long march through the institutions Gramsci was talking about. Corporate employees can be manipulated the same way, especially when you start in HR.

Larry C Johnson

I pray you never worked as an analyst. You seem to be a kind, trusting soul, but analysis clearly is not your strong suit. The videos on the Hunter's hard drive were uploaded to Pornhub by Hunter himself. He created an account using the pseudonym "Robert." The dates on the uploads show conclusively they could only have come from the hard drive. The Gateway Pundit posted a very good piece this afternoon on the very subject.
You obviously did not watch any of the videos. Hunter is smoking crack openly. In fact, he took photos of at least 12 different escorts who were with him smoking crack. This was not produced by the Chinese. It is pure Hunter.
If Rudy had inserted or manufactured these videos and images, the FBI could shut him down in a heart beat and thoroughly destroy his credibility if those videos and images were not on the hard drive they took possession of in December 2019.
Nice try friend.

Adrian Gillies

Larry Biden’s slogan is “Battle for the Soul of a Nation”

The only thing I know to be true when it comes to “the battle for souls”, of any kind, be it a nation or its people....

The devil doesn’t take smoke breaks and Biden clearly has made a bargain with him.... as well as China Ukraine and lord knows what else....


I read Hunter has been in and out of rehab six times.... only from one source though
The federalist I think.
So to say the family or slo joe didn’t try to help would be charitable but then one has to wonder why you would put Hunter in high trigger situations of you gave a shit.
Hunter reminds me of the crack epidemic in Astoria Queens back in the day.



These materials emerged around the same time Trump was pushing investigations into Hunter's activities that led Democrats to impeach Trump again. Bannon and Miles Guo are the ones who initially concocted this narrative that China is blackmailing Biden. I have a strong suspicion they set him up and I think it may have been with a Chinese prostitute.

Mr. Johnson,

I don't dispute Hunter incriminated himself for the better part. There's no question he smokes crack. It's evident he took photos and video of himself doing drugs and having sex with prostitutes going back for years, but some photos suggest someone was trying to blackmail him. For example, this picture was taken while he was sleep:


The crack pipe was planted in this photo.

I do see some problems with these materials and I would hate to see this blog or yourselves tarnished by the Left if later it emerges this CCP blackmail stuff was a stunt orchestrated by Bannon and Miles Guo to upend the 2020 election and slime Biden the way they slimed Trump.



you mean we should voluntarily put ourselves behind the digital iron curtain because maybe 'it's a setup' - based on your conjecture that Bannon did it? Do you dispute the payments from Burisma to Hunter? Did Bannon set that up too? Did all the previously publicized prior meetings between Hunter and Chinese officials and his travels on AF2 also get set up by Bannon, or just this particular batch of whoremongering shown on his laptop? His uploads to Pornhub, was that Bannon too?

Where are all the lefty libel lawyers? Are the Biden's waiting for the election to be over to file suit? Why?

Larry C Johnson

You are now proving to be both a clown and a troll. You have zero evidence for your claim that Hunter had someone sneak up and plant a crack pipe in his mouth.ZERO. Yet, you persist in deflecting from actual documentary evidence and video evidence. Just pathetic.



In 2006, he handed to the police a sex tape of a Beijing deputy mayor who had disputed one of his land deals. The official was imprisoned and Mr. Guo got the property, building the torch-shaped Pangu Plaza next to Beijing’s Olympic Green, a landmark during the 2008 Summer Games.

Keep safe.

blue peacock

Col. Lang,

Your point is well taken. Yes, there is a big difference between the two major party candidates in this election and clearly the empty vessel Harris will do whatever her minders want her do.

The point I am making is that under the political duopoly, in the past 50+ years, the issues that in my opinion are some of the most important in driving towards a complete abrogation of our constitutional system of individual liberty and free markets have only exacerbated. In Trump's first term those issues have only worsened. I believe until voters change from supporting the duopoly and no longer voting for the lesser evil, these trends cannot be arrested let alone reversed.

My concern is 3 fold:

- Growing concentration of economic power as pretty much every industry consolidates into a handful of dominant players eliminating competitive markets.

- This concentrated economic power increasingly dominating political, judicial and media power to the detriment of the working & middle class. And the resultant unequal application of the law.

- My read of history is that whenever wealth inequality rises to the levels we have now and you combine it with arbitrary application of the law, then the population becomes susceptible to demagogues from both the left and right. The outcomes have not been good for individual liberty.



That's NYT article from 2017 recycling a story from 2006 is not Bannon setting up poor old Hunter.

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