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28 October 2020


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I agree with you Larry, I think it is a product of modern degenerate american society that many people react to news about Hunter with "Joe has immense love for his junky son, you can't blame a father for loving his son, Joe is only standing by his family, Hunter's behavior and lifestyle do not reflect back on the father"
The father has responsibility in this case, adult son or no, and especially if the adult son is preying on other member's of the clan. This junky POS should have been cut off long ago, not given hundreds of thousands in corrupt sweetheart deals. Hunter and his father are both POS.



Why would all those foreign companies given Hunter Biden millions of dollars or put him on the board of directors other than for access to his father?

Biden's failure to parent his own children is horrendous. I'm reminded of Harvey Weinstein, now sentenced to 23 years in prison for "first-degree criminal sexual act and third-degree rape." Hollywood knew, they all knew. Obama even let Malia work for him, but then she was 18 at the time so that must make Harvey's conduct above reproach. Just like Joe's.


Presuming the niece is Beau Biden's daughter (because Hallie Biden is the only sister-in-law from what I can tell), did Humbert Humbert Biden engage in an affair with his brother's widow in order to have access to her daughter Natalie?


this is a symptom of a system that does not punish people for lying under oath to congress.


Maria Schriver Schwarggener recently did a Biden ad stating how eager she was for the "return to decency" that would come instantly with a Biden election. This is the same woman who turned a blind eye to her own husband Arnold Schwarzenegger, who as governor, became quickly known as the Gropenator - since he (too) could not keep his hands off other women and lusted after AG Kamala Harris on a hot mike.

Mrs Schwarzenegger laughed it off - Arnold is just being Arnold she told.. Finally when it was revealed Arnold had fathered and supported a child with the maid in her own household, Maria finally called it quits.

And now she is begging for a "return to decency" with Biden? Agree, Democrats have made themselves immune to conventional standards of decency. Yet they choose to stand in moral authority against the rest of us. Axiom proven again - whatever Democrats accuse others of doing, they are doing themselves 1000 fold.


If Joe sold out his own son, what did his son do to Dad in return by "forgetting" to pick up his incriminating lap top?

The tangled lives of the Greek God Zeus and his progeny were in fact not 'Greek Myths" - they were Mount Olympus household diaries. If they could make an opera about Nixon in China, surely there must movie rights for Biden in the (De)Basement.


let me fix the title for you..

"If Joe Biden Can't Fix His Sick and Dysfunctional Family, How Can He Fix (a sick and dysfunctional) America? or was that left out because you think differently??

i am sure some think America is fine and not dysfunctional too... so, maybe you had the title more accurate leaving my addition out... i am curious... i think it depends on who you talk to... i would argue the polarization on display strengthens my subjective viewpoint...


Deap, Keith Harbaugh posted this link https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/10/28/short-thoughts-on-bobulinski-interview/
Bidens's behavior was known to intelligence communities but they did nothing, perhaps to create a "black file" to control a Biden administration.

It did seem to me sudden and unexpected that Biden became the ordained Dem candidate.

Rick Wiles at TruNews has a slightly different take: his team unearthed what they identified as a note on White House stationery, purportedly between Hunter and Obama, promising Obama "$400 000 annual sal. plus $2 million /year for 5 years for an office". The allegation is that Hunter mediated a deal from China to Obama, that Obama is now using to fund Antifa & BLM to bring down US government in favor of China.

Far fetched?

How do the two scenarios fit together? Are the agencies mentioned in the Conservative Treehouse item working with or against the scheme of Obama-Biden to betray US to China?



Republican Senator Ron Johnson later pushed Zuckerberg on if the FBI contacted him regarding the New York Post story and its validity.

'Did the FBI contact you and say the New York Post story was false?' the Wisconsin senator asked

'Senator, not about that story specifically,' Zuckerberg admitted.

'Why did you throttle it back?' he asked.

'They alerted us of a – to be on heightened alert around a risk of hack and leak operations around a release of trove of information,' the Facebook founder said.


'We also see continued attempts by Russia and other countries, especially Iran and China to run these kind of information operations,' he told the panel Wednesday. 'We also see an increase in, kind of, domestic operations around the world Fortunately, we've been able to build partnerships across the industry, noth with companies here today and with law enforcement and the intelligence community to be able to share signals to identify these threats sooner.'

So the FBI alerted them of "hack and leak operations around a... trove of information." Zuckerberg says he has also seen an increase of "domestic operations."

Domestic operations! There's an interesting choice of words.

I have some reservations about these laptops. Even if the contents are real, and I believe it is, the fact remains that blackmail is blackmail. The question is did this content originate with the Communist Chinese blackmailing Hunter or with that Al Neri wannabe Bannon and his patron Miles Guo who is wanted in China for fraud? It could be a "domestic operation."

Larry C Johnson

Please explain blackmail. The laptop and hard drive were turned over to the FBI in December 2019. That's blackmail? Don't be silly. The only reason that Rudy's organization got the hard drive is because the FBI did not do its job and was hiding evidence relevant to the question of whether Joe Biden is beholden to the Chinese. He is. Bobulinski's testimony is one more devastating piece of evidence. It is Biden and his gang of thugs claiming, without one shred of evidence, that this is a Russian effort. Bullshit.



No. Outside the democrat enclaves the US is quite well.


Artemesia, the only thing sudden about creepy Joe finally getting the nod for the nomination is the DNC was rightly faced with a Bernie Sanders win during their early the primary voting. That was their worst nightmare, and Joe was not yet so obviously impaired - incompetent yet, but that was already a known factor. He would serve as a useful fool for the DNC, just like Obama had for 8 years prior.

The DNC old guard moved heaven and earth to turn the threat of a Sander's nomination victory around, which they did by finally getting a Biden win in South Carolina - based on a high black vote turnout for Joe. No word on what was promised to get that vote and turn the tide away from Sanders.

Otherwise they were going to be stuck with Bernie Sanders. Biden was on the ropes at the time, and was exposed primarily for his wandering hands, leers and sniffs. Jill Biden at the time had to promise to reign him in. Now Biden is going to "bring back decency"? That was the sudden transformation - from dirty old man to paragon of Democrat virtue, in just a few short months.

There was talk about a brokered convention and super-delegates out-voting Sanders. But, gosh, "covid" sucked the air out of anything other than Biden, Biden, Biden after March 2020.

BTW, when trying to track down a photo of Hunter's "favorite" teenage niece, I came across one more creepy photo of Gramps Joe with his hand very high around her waist and reaching very uncomfortably close to her emerging womanhood.


Biden documents go missing- during an internal Fox organization transfer from producers to Tucker Carlson: https://www.dailywire.com/news/breaking-confidential-documents-obtained-by-tucker-carlson-on-biden-family-go-missing-report

Let me guess, the delivery workers were union members?

Ghost Ship

Wasn't it the Obama/Biden regime that started separating immigrant children from their parents? In the interest of openness, perhaps Welker should have asked Biden how he now felt about creating the infrastructure to continue this policy.



Rick Wells at True News must have missed all the mult-million dollar commitments to BLM from multiple corporate and NGO donors. NGO's are also behind a great deal of antifa/BLM activities previously. There might be some Chinese activity there, but using the Biden's probably wasn't it. As to Obama, Hunter might have been dumb enough to use actual White House stationairy to write up such a plan, Obama would never be that stupid nor even dumb enough to put such a thing in writing.

Diana L Croissant

Joe's own proclivity to cross the line in regard to touching little girls has been well-known. There have been various YouTube videos posted to illustrate how creepy he is.

Here is just one:


Fred, we all know Obama can't write anything, which explains why he would commit nothing in writing. That is a proven fact. Anyone know where Bill Ayers has been lately? Valerie Jarrett did his thinking; Bill Ayers did his writing.


MOTUS reminds us of the NSA Data Center in Bluffdale, Utah and its ability to track --everything--, as we now engage in the Tucker Carlson missing Biden documents caper: http://www.michellesmirror.com/2020/10/sleep-well-big-brother-is-on-job.html#.X5rhEy2z06g

Could it really be X-Men from the Feds and not an inside FedX heist?


@ thanks pat... i would argue that the usa that you grew up in is very different then the one people are growing up in today.. but because this is subjective, it will have to remain a viewpoint from an outsider..



It certainly is, the left has been pushing Christianity out of the mainstream since before the '60s. What you see in BLM/Antifa burning cities while lefties in charge of them 'stand down' the regime protecting police/NG is the fruit of that action - and the fear that Trump and his 'chumps' - the Deplorables - are actually doing something to stop them.

are you really mistaking Obama not putting damning evidence in writing, on of all things WH stationairy, with authoring a puff-piece bio?


True enough, Fred, major corporations are funding BLM etc.

Did that happen spontaneously?
Or did someone powerful organize them, maybe someone with a background in community organizing?

A photo, dated Apr. 4, 2016, of the note and of Hunter with Obama in the Oval Office was found among Hunter's emails. ( ~1:16 in video here: https://www.trunews.com/stream/g-news-reveals-pics-and-vids-suggesting-hunter-biden-had-sex-with-niece-and-obama-s-daughter )

Wiles' interpretation of the note and photo were highly speculative. Make your own judgment.

An Oct 27 2020 TruNews segment reported that Obama met with Jinping within a fortnight of Trump winning the 2016 election, and again a year later -- TruNews showed extensive clips of Obama in a tête-à-tête with Xi Jinping in China amid all the trappings of a state visit in that November 2017 meeting ( ~40 min https://www.trunews.com/stream/secret-audio-hunter-biden-discusses-partnership-with-china-spy-chief )

blue peacock

How Can He Fix America?

Neither Joe nor Trump nor the current political duopoly "Can Fix America", IMO. Only the voters can. And as long they keep voting Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum nothing will change, except increasing economic power in hands of the few.

Economic power is more concentrated today than at any point in the past century. Almost every industry is dominated by a handful of players. This consolidation not only has resulted in unprecedented wealth inequality as the Top 0.1% have as much wealth as the bottom 90% but the plutocracy have a stranglehold on the political, media & governmental system.

If one thought cancel culture is bad today with Bg Tech determining what most see as "news" on social media and web searches, we ain't seen nothing yet. If one thought the self-supporting relationship between Big Business & Big Government is bad now, we ain't seen nothing yet.

Only a restoration of competitive markets, the primacy of the natural rights of citizens over state & corporate rights and accountability through the equal application of the law especially for those at the highest echelons of power will fix America.



First off I do want to commend you for a lot of the work you do. You put together a lot information and timelines that helped to expose the Russia collusion hoax, but I suspect this is a China blackmail hoax.

There's just things that don't sit right with me. What's happening now with this Hunter stuff is reminiscent to the investigation into the Weiner laptop. Then there's that fiasco between Jeff Bezos and the National Enquirer. Bezos said he was being extorted and blackmailed, he all but named the president and the Saudis as being responsible for it. And then there's things like how Charles Kushner went to jail for blackmailing his brother-in-law. He potentially blackmailed the disgraced, closeted governor of NJ too. There are too many similarities between these things that raise questions of blackmail by people associated or aligned with the president.

Miles Guo and Bannon are the ones releasing these sex videos of Hunter, not Communist China. What's to say they didn't set Hunter up with a prostitute who then filmed their encounter and took photographs, like the one the NY Post shared with the crack pipe in his mouth? I believe the crack pipe was placed in Hunter's mouth while he was asleep. It was clearly taken by someone else.

I agree that Hunter mostly incriminated himself. I believe the Bidens make crooked deals. I believe the emails are real. But in saying all that my gut tells me people who align themselves to President Trump set Hunter up to hurt Joe and boost Trump's reelection prospects. They're concocting this story that he's a Chinese stooge in the same way Trump was accused to be a Russian agent. It's revenge. The materials themselves and the timing of their release provide indication of that.



"my gut tells me people who align themselves to President Trump set Hunter up to hurt Joe." OK. Have your gut tell us how they did that considering the time lines.


blue peacock

If you can't see the difference between what the two are offering you are not paying attention.

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