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04 October 2020


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"He was a very sick man" sounds so ominous. Who hasn't been sick in the past from just about anything from a bad cold, to food poisoning, to wisdom teeth removal, all the way up to chemotherapy, and felt perfectly, leave me alone, wretched.

But did not have to face the hounds of hell media at their front door. Bravo, President Trump. We ask a lot from you. I hope you get the rest you need and come back in even finer spirits. There is much work ahead to do.


Reportedly he has been treated with Remdesivir, an antiviral, and Dexomethasone, a steroid.

No mention by his medical team of Hydroxychloroquine, probably a good thing after the several clinical trials that found it was ineffective.

Eric Newhill

SWMBO noticed that Trump had "sniffles" during the debate, or sounded congested. I can't recall exactly how she put it. After the debate (the next day?) we watched an interview and we could tell he was definitely sick. We even commented that maybe he had contracted the virus. I mention that because many on the Left are saying that Trump is faking it to gain sympathy.

But yes, there is more to the man that many credit him for. Perhaps he was once "bone spurs playboy" or whatever. Now he is doing his duty. I've known plenty who's trajectory has been in the opposite direction.


I've read that if he's out of the hospital on Tuesday that all is well, and if it goes beyond Tuesday he'll get worse before better. Hope he's out tomorrow!



One sided, partisan trials.


The Dems in the Senate are acting stupid:

'Postpone the Hearing': Democrats Demand Delay in Barrett's Confirmation Process After Third GOP Senator Tests Positive for Covid-19



News is also saying he is on Regeneron, Famotidine, Zinc, and Vitamin D.

I'm assuming the Regeneron is the REGN-COV2 experimental antibody cocktail developed by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals.


Famotidine AKA Pepcid is an OTC med used to treat heartburn, ulcers, or GERDS. It is probably being given to Trump to keep him from developing 'aspiration pneumonia'.





Observational study from August showed that Pepcid mediated some type of protection from severe covid illness, this followed reports from earlier in the year that covid sufferrers taking it had overall lower mortality:

I was totally unaware of this until i saw Famotidine on Trump's med list on Friday again googled it.

Diana Croissant

I have always believed that in most cases a patient's determination to get through a disease is the main factor in getting through the disease. Of course, there are always examples of people who were determined but who didn't get through. In this case, however, Trump is getting the best care and advice, I think.

I was grateful to see that determination to give his followers the sense that he will continue to fight for his policies and for them.

And his followers, many more of the Christian faith perhaps than those following Biden, will be praying for him--and I've always believed that prayers are heard and most often answered if those prayers are for good and righteous purposes.

Again I say, "God's speed, Mr. President."


Even better, he has just taken a drive out of hospital to greet all his supporters outside. He stayed in the SUV of course.

Some comment about doing more events than Biden even when he is in hospital. Brilliant.

Plenty of explody heads on Social Media.


Just watched Biden's Fox News rep, Chris Wallace, excoriate one of the Trump campaign's people for the first family and chief of staff not wearing masks and that 'social distancing' wasn't good enough, either, during the debate. If only Trump would obey seems to be the message. Not a good look but it sure does reinforce the impression that all those who risk exposure, from Russia Gate to China entanglements, and yes, Epstein entanglements, if Trump is reelected are ganging up to put Joe's wife and Kamala into office.

Trump certainly needs a break, working himself to exhaustion doesn't help the immune system any.


Wuhan CoV

For the historically minded, Chinese doctors and medical experts had named this: "Wuhan CoV".

". . .One genome sequence (WH-Human_1) of the Wuhan CoV was first released on Jan 10, 2020, and subsequently five additional Wuhan CoV genome sequences were released. . . ."

This is mid January, 2020.

"Under the current public health emergency, it is imperative to understand the origin and native host(s) of the Wuhan CoV, and to evaluate the public health risk of this novel coronavirus for transmission cross species or between humans. To address these important issues related to this causative agent responsible for the outbreak in Wuhan, we initially compared the genome sequences of the Wuhan CoV to those known to infect humans, namely the SARS-CoV and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)-CoV. . . "



It's a letter to a medical publication, it's not long and easy to read.



@Eric Newhill

your comment somewhat reminded me of Thomas Becket, irreligious cohort of Henry II, appointed as Archbishop of Canterbury by Henry to rein in the Church in England, only to find God the moment hands were laid on him. He died for his faith at the hands of some of Henry's knights and is now venerated as a saint of the Roman Catholic Church.

Mr Trump has a big responsibility. Maybe he knows it. I hope so.


Serge - Thanks for that link.


Note of caution from the LA Times about the report Trump had been given the powerful steroid dexamethasone -- mainly because I spent the last week accusing Biden of getting propped up on this drug to make him appear more functional than warranted.

And also linking some of Biden's side-effects to the rebound nature of this drug. My concerns with Trump remain the same - he will feel better for a short time on this drug (often used in high altitude mountain climbers for added but dangerous boosts)

So any "recovery" euphoria noted might be the effect of this stimulant drug in this "country for old men" - called the 2020 election campaign. Ironically this would have been one of the drugs Trump would wanted Biden tested for pre-debate. And Trump also presumed Clinton was hopped up on something similar as well as she dragged her body across the finish line.

Keeping mind LAT was one of the papers re-writing Trump's obituary and spinning this continued message of hysteria - one contact with covid and you die. But I also worry a lot about medical "over-treatment" and the underground medical ethic - they don't sue you for what you do; they sue you for what you don't do.

Something that may respond better to watchful waiting may not be the available option when ganging up to treat the President of the United States. When two weeks of bed rest and chicken soups might be really just what the doctor orders for the rest of us.

Treating metrics instead of the whole person is my modern medical worry. As overuse of intubation for "oxygen saturation levels" proved to be all too often fatal for those ---with---covid.

Take away point at this time if using this steroid as "treatment", is the equal potential for rebound crash. God speed President Trump - prayer works too.

......................LA TIMES - OCT 4, 2020

"........Significantly, Conley said the president had been given dexamethasone, a steroid. Doctors prescribe that drug for COVID-19 patients to combat lung damage caused by inflammation, which is one of the major ways the disease can kill patients. Experts had said previously that a decision to put Trump on the drug would be a major development.

The disclosure that Trump is receiving dexamethasone is a clear signal that his illness is a serious one, said Ashish Jha, dean of the Brown University School of Public Health. In an interview Saturday, Jha said he would watch for use of dexamethasone, which would be a “very clear signal that he has a more severe disease.”

.In mild cases, he said, “we actually think it does more harm than good.”

Seamus Padraig

I have two wishes in this case:

1.) that Trump survives
2.) that he doesn't go full Boris Johnson afterwards and cave to the plague-lobby

Nancy K

"A tough man walked to the helicopter." As a retired nurse I must add a foolish man also walked to that helicopter. He refused to wear a mask, he refused to social distance, he refused to follow the advise of doctors and scientists. I don't wish ill of him and hope he recovers however he has endangered millions of people who have followed his example and his little stunt of going for a drive to wave at his followers continues to endanger people.


and a Whirlwind it will be.....a Quiller you are but the wordsmithing is artistic. Touche!!



There are things more important than the welfare of the body.

Bill H

Nancy K would probably suggest that it is stupid to come out from under your bed if your children are in the next room screaming for help.


Going for a short, safe drive to greet well-wishes was not a stunt; it was good medicine. Wearing masks outdoors at "social distances" is a stunt.

Pretending exposure to even one covid viral particle is an automatic death sentence is what is really bad medicine. Chill the hysteria and break the outrage addiction. Care and caution are good medicine - demanding total submission to unfounded paranoia is not.


NancyK, could you please be more specific when you use the generic term 'scientists". Otherwise, that is a meaningless prop. A 'consensus of scientists" is not only not science, it is a total contradiction of the term science.

Nancy K

Nancy K is not hiding in her house or her room and she does not think the body is more important than all else. I believe that our bodies are a gift and we need to take care of them. It is just plain stupid to flaunt medical advise just to appear more manly.
If suddenly this horrid disease became even worse and young children started succumbing, all of us would do everything humanly possible to eradicate it's spread even if that meant staying in our houses and wearing masks at all times. Covid seems to mainly be affecting the elderly and those with other health issues and the obese, all categories the president fits into.

Eric Newhill

Trump headed home today and calling out that the emperor has no clothes. Amazing spanking delivered to the lefties who live in a state of panic and who wag fingers. Woooeeee, I loves me some Trump sometimes.

"I will be leaving the great Walter Reed Medical Center today at 6:30 P.M. Feeling really good! Don't be afraid of Covid. Don't let it dominate your life. We have developed, under the Trump Administration, some really great drugs & knowledge. I feel better than I did 20 years ago!"


The president is trying to make a point: that we need to be tougher in the face of this virus. A lot of leaders around the world recognize their economies cannot afford to go into a second lock down. We may soon see other leaders make a similar show of "strength" as Trump has made so that their economies stay up and running.

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