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16 October 2020


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It is striking how many of Joe's attitudes toward and about Blacks reflect the prejudices of the old Irish working class and the cultural background of Delaware, once a Slave State.


Seven minutes of the real, unscripted, "hair-raising" and creepy Joe Biden that should never be forgotten: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yl4UtpahWjM


Matt Clo

Grew up in Delaware, can confirm. The southern part of the state remains much like it was back in the day, the part above the C&D Canal is basically south Philly.

blue peacock

Are we really going to elect this poor fool?

Col. Lang,

I don't think that's happening. I'm still forecasting Trump's re-election. A smaller majority for the Republicans in the Senate and the Democrats in the House. The electoral college decision for Trump is going to be Pennsylvania. If he wins that state the election is over. The punditry talking about Florida, North Carolina and Ohio in play for Biden let alone Texas and Georgia as some are projecting, just don't get it in my opinion. Trump is going to win those states. Republicans contesting the many Senate seats are not in such an envious position.

Eric Newhill

IMO, Trump might even take New York. New Yorkers, both up and down state, are not too happy with Cuomo and DeBlasio. Could be enough plain old FU votes for Trump to swing the state. Then there are Blacks' and Latinos' increasing Trump affection to add to the swing.


Growing up I always wondered where the Valley of the Jolly Green Giant was, but today we at least know the birth place of Democrat swamp creatures: Spiro Agnew - Maryland; New Jersey-Nancy Pelosi; and Joe Biden- Pennsylvania and now adopted state of Delaware. A devils triangle of real esate, if there ever was one.

And California gets blamed for most of today's political chicanery? Shame so many of our original 13 Colonies, which provided our Founders leading and noble intellects, has sunk so low in modern times.

But then the Founders did not even contemplate their Declaration of Independence from "government" would end up centuries later as mere wrapping paper for the entire deep state big government package.

Time to now fight Washington (D.C), instead of fighting along side Washington (Good old George)


A good investigative journalist who likes to dig might want to take a deeper look in to Hunter Biden's "Rosemont Seneca" private equity firm and the $326 billion dollar CalPERS state pension fund who took a radical shift towards China is the past few years.

Particularly after their recent hiring and firing of their former Chinese national chief investment officer, who took CalPERS into to far more high risk private equity investments, some of which were directly linked to Chinese military equipment providers. And his curiously timed termination of investment risk insurance policies- oddly timed pre-Covid. What did this former Chinese national CIO know about "covid" in China, and when did he know it?

This was unfolding even before the Hunter Biden's global quid pro quo scandals started breaking, so any connection between the two is only a hunch. A smell test hunch, when dealing with this massive sovereign wealth fund managed by just one state for the benefit of primarily Democrat pension holders.

Might be a fruitful trail, or a dead end. But as they say, there are no coincidences in politics. Money was to be made using California's CalPERS investment dollars, just as much as at the national quid pro quo level. Private equity firms just like money and lots of it, as long as political connections can keep it clean.

Bottomline: did any red yarn connections exist between the Team Hunter Biden private equity business, China ,and CalPERS's $326 billion dollars?
Who has the chops to look into this.


Rudy Guiliani interviewed this morning by an irritating guy:


Laptop stuff.

Diana L Croissant

Laurence Sterne would have indeed had fun with someone like Joe Biden. At least with Joe the window scene in which Tristram's "nose" was smashed would have been Hailed as divine judgement by many women and girls who have been groped by Joe.


Unfortunately America has a surplus of low information dummies, er voters, who with a combination of childish emotion (Trump is a "big meanie", "where's my free stuff?") and knowing only what the fake news media has fed them might just make this nightmare a reality.


Delaware has, by far, the highest number of registered corporations. Just a bunch of post boxes but he isn’t wrong.



Rubbish. I used to run several Delaware registered tax shelters. It's just a dodge for what is in fact a post industrial state.

tim s


You might want to put a bug in the ear of YS over at NakedCapitalism. She's written alot on CalPERS over the past years.

Norbert M salamon

the Biden China Connection by a coworker :

robt willmann


Richard Blum is the husband of Senator Dianne Feinstein, and he has been on the University of California system Board of Regents since March 2002. He is in his second term, which expires in March 2026. CalPERS, the California Public Retirement System, has a relationship with the University of California.


Blum is alleged to have had business activity in China, or to have invested in companies that have done business in China, or both.

Ranger Ray

Pat, I love the "Pol Pot in a Pants Suit"! Perfect description of not only outward appearance but also internal orientation. Unfortunately!



This one is troubling.....

Fox News' Owner Murdoch Predicts Biden Landslide Win


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