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03 October 2020


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Pence & Tulsi Gabbard

lemons to lemonade

English Outsider

Reports of President Trump being "morbidly obese" and his experience therefore likely to mirror that of the British PM, which was pretty rough.

Apart from the fact that two individual cases, and with that age difference, cannot be so compared, that's nonsense. Trump's BMI based on reported figures puts him at merely a few lbs beyond "overweight". Boris Johnson's at 41lbs beyond "overweight. If my calculations are correct.

But a neighbour of mine, youngish and a fit lightweight, was in hospital with pneumonia for months after getting the virus. That was from the early stage of the epidemic so I'd expect treatment methods to have improved since then.

But prognostication is foolish unless from Trump's own doctor and that I doubt we'll get.

My wife (no Trump fan) and I (the reverse) watched the big debate. Didn't come across to us anything like all the commentaries and accounts I'd read.

Damn silly format - that was the main problem. The moderator, in spite of all the talk of bias, looked to be coping about as well as he could within such a format. Trump gets far too impatient but we knew all that already.

The shock was Biden. Weirdly impressive in a way. Like watching a ghost come back to earth with vatic warnings. Perhaps he's more together in more normal circumstances but I'd not feel easy letting him direct me to the nearest bus stop, let alone do anything but ride the flow if he gets to the White House.

His big electoral plus for many, I suppose, is that he's "not Trump". Neither I nor my wife reckoned that was quite enough.

Nor the Telegraph, it seems. I hope Trump gets over it quickly for his own sake. But, as the Telegraph headline indicates, also for the sake of the West.

As for the Trilateral Commission, Colonel, I hope it's not what QAnon claims. Our Leader of the Opposition is a member. A snake in the grass if ever I saw one, judging from his activities in the House of Commons over the last few years of Brexit shambles, but even his worst enemies wouldn't say he was as bad as that.


Am I the only one who fears that Trump is in real danger at Walter Reed.
Does he have anyone else who is 'on his side, and close at hand who would caution him against taking this or that "cure."

I wouldn't trust Pence* as far as he could be tossed; likewise, Jared and maybe even Ivanka. Melania? How much force could she bring to bear?

*(More preferable would be a TRUMP-Gabbard ticket.)


"his struggling campaign" He pulls more of a crowd at a Minnesota Airport that Biden has pulled in all events combinted. I am sure no one wonders which candidate Harvard educated Juliet is backing with her 'unbiased' reporting.


I know half a dozen people in their late fifties who've come down with Covid. None of them have experienced symptoms beyond a mild fever and head ache for a couple days.


Physician to the President's Letter to the White House's Press Secretary:

Trump is experiencing shortness of breath and fever at Walter Reed. A national security event of strategic importance.



An Air Force Officer carrying the 'football':


Articles that pose some troubling questions:



Articles that give some reassurances:



Mark Logan

She's siting QANON. Whoever the heck that is, may his or hers 15 minutes pass quickly.

Nevertheless no doubt it would be best for all if Trump walked fit as a fiddle from this in a couple weeks. His passing or incapacitation could easily render this election a hell of a mess. I also distrust Pence in regards to Iran. I suspect Pence is vulnerable to being manipulated into a Crusade mentality.

Jim S

This isn't directly related, but I would like to say something about Occam's Razor, especially since you mentioned it last week. I'm not a trained logistician (or logician), so ideally someone will come along to correct any misstatements.

Occam's Razor is widely misused on the internet, and even here in your comment section on occasion. Occam entreats the examiner to "avoid the multiplication of entities", which I take to mean conjecture as few elements as possible; but the colloquial form "the simplest explanation is probably correct" is commonly used to discard evidence arbitrarily. For example, the judgment that all UFO phenomena can be dismissed as weather balloons, swamp gas, or some such can only be arrived at by discarding the vast weight of evidence to the contrary. Perhaps in this age of uncritical thinking, a better rule of thumb would be "the simplest explanation which accounts for all available evidence is probably correct".

Difficult cases defy simplistic explanations and demand conjecture, or else the TV detective show would be a dead genre.

Faced with conflicting evidence Occam's Razor may be used to identify red herrings. Faced with mountains of conflicting evidence the examiner had best employ other tools.

To relate to the question asked the accusations of pedophilia among the so-called elites relies on a body of individual testimony, as far as I'm aware, and the accusers have a tendency to die young. The evidence that those people are covering up the highly organized pedophiliac activities (prevalent before the internet was a gleam in Al Gore's eye) of their associates and hangers-on is greater and more diverse.

The Twisted Genius

"a secret ring of Satanic paedophiles who control the world,"

Juliet is talking about QAnon, a pro-Trump conspiracy that maintains Mueller was working with Trump to expose the deep state, Satanic paedophiles. they also claim Kennedy is not dead and that he will run with Trump to take down the deep state. They've claimed on multiple occasions that all the deep state operatives would be rounded up and executed by Trump's loyal agents. They still believe the round will begin any day now. It started on 4chan and spread from there. It's hard to tell if this is serious or a massive joke/con job.

I don't see Juliet Samuel as a believer in this crap. She's just describing it. A number of Republican office holders and candidates do ascribe to the QAnon madness as do numerous cops and militia members.

All you guys hoping for Tulsi Gabbard to run on the Republican ticket ought to read more about her. She's a progressive far to the left of Biden. I think she's the best of the progressives out there and would love to see her in office no matter what she calls herself.

Polish Janitor

If Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano- a former Holy See ambassador to the U.S.- says the Left is all about masonry, pedophilia and satanism, that's about it for me. Not that I was born yesterday or I had not reached to this conclusion before myself, but to hear it from such an esteemed authority as in Archbishop Vigano is the undeniable proof that the Democrats are the embodiment of corruption and Babylon no more.

Laura Wilson

Artemesia, You may be right to be concerned about Trump's medical care but for a very different reason. It is well known that "famous and important" people often do NOT receive the best care. The reason for that is a tad counterintuitive---the medical staff fails to treat them exactly the way they would treat any other patient! They get listened to too much and overriden too little.

Weird but true.


@Artemisia: "Pence & Tulsi Gabbard"

It will never happen.

Reason #1 Born-Again-Pence would never select a Hindu for his running mate.

Reason #2 Gabbard stated she did not vote to impeach Trump because Pence would have been so much worse.


Who else remember when LBJ bared his belly to show his recent abdominal surgery scare on live TV?

Gross and very unpresidential, everyone yelled. But shrewd politician that he was, LBJ knew he had to prove it was not a heart attack that put him in the hospital, bur just gall stones or an appendicitis or whatever it was.

Partisan hysteria over Presidential indispositions has a long, long history.

Was their "concern" at the WH when Trump ran a fever? Of course.

Would the next few days be critical? Yes, because the infection, like all flu infection exposures, takes a few days to play its hand. Close monitoring under optimal settings would be perfectly appropriate right now, which is why they have a "Presidential Suite" at Walter Reed.

Was any sort of oxygen support administered at the WH of "grave concern"? No more than the thousands who now depend on a CPAP machine routinely for sleep.

Oxygen saturation levels during covid played a devilish role in early covid cases leading to many intubations which unfortunately led to many of the early fatalities and injurious side effects. Unfortunately the early outcomes due to what is now called overly aggressive treatment of an untested metric did add to poor outcomes for this infection.

Should we write off a potential biological attack on GOP members and stealth deep state saboteur Angels of Death Squad within the President's Circle of Care? I personally am not writing this off ....yet. As we face the next few "days of concern" .....just like we would be doing for Cousin Maude or Oprah Winfrey.

For one, I say lucky him since now he does not have to worry about "getting covid" like the rest of us bomb shelter dwellers as I see more and more of my own aquaintances (of a certain age) become more frightened and more paranoid as if no progress or new understandings were learned over these past 6 months.

I also remember flu that knocked me in bed for a week, zero appetite and loss of 10 pounds while the devil and an angel fought over my body between fever and chills. What I remember most about that episode is how everyone was talking about their own bouts with this same flu that managed to turn everyone's Christmas vacation upside down.

What I don't remember is this all consuming hysteria- was that flu worse than this flu - or is this just one more downside of our new Information Age, which had not gripped our lives during that last siege or national La Grippe.

We used to get "sick" from time to time. So now we can't any longer? And now we have to look at every man, woman and/or child as the Secret Spreader?

Perhaps this is in fact a return to the era of restrained and polite company. Manners, distance, visiting hour rituals, chaperones, formalities, dress codes, invitations and calling cards ............... 2020 style.


If you chase the attributions, Juliette is thinking of QAnon. It's QAnon that is thinking about "a secret ring of Satanic paedophiles who control the world".



I do not believe POTUS is dangerously obese. Some commenters have claimed that he is more lean and fit now than he was in 2016. Dr. Atlas has assured us that there is zero need for panic and the NY Post has reported that POTUS is feeling confident.


We all recall that POTUS was taking HCQ as a preventive measure earlier this year.


It seems likely to me that POTUS and his medical team know MUCH more about the real nature of the virus than the talking heads know.

As for a cabal of Satanists who use child abuse for blackmail - I fear that is true, but I believe that good patriots will reveal the Satanists. There is reason to believe that both Republicans and Democrats have exhibited so much decadence for so many decades precisely because they were being blackmailed by Satanists. You may argue that the blackmailers are simple criminals who do not take the Satanism as seriously as (e.g.) Marina Abramovic does, but the blackmail leads to decadence nonetheless.



"..the Tri-lateral commission, the Bilderburgs, old Etonians, or the College of Cardinals"

They come and go, like shadows in the light, some with more substance than others, and nowadays it's Q Anon's pedophile cabal.

Far, far from the current topic, this does get me wondering who or what amorphous hidden hand will next be labelled and so given sufficient form and shape to elevate it to the ranks of it's predecessors.


@ Artemesia | 03 October 2020 at 11:35 AM

wrt "lemons to lemonade"

times have changed: would more likely be lemons to Lemonade® which is made with yellow snow.


PRC90 Old Harrovians? former Boy Scout leaders? Rotary Club leadership?



"satanists?" Off your meds?


polich janitor

"no more?"


Jim S

Thanks for the lecture on epistemology. Pedos on high? Are you too off your meds or a grad of an English Public School?



Tulsi has no future in the present demo Party. She is a patriot. I helped fund her campaign for that reason. She can help fund a new, Rockefeller style wing of the GOP.

The Twisted Genius


Tulsi is a patriot, a progressive patriot whose military service and Hindu nationalism places her in staunch opposition to the jihadis and wary of Islam in general. She could be characterized as a Rockefeller Republican. That would leave her far outside the current GOP which seems to be careening into the arms of QAnon. She should start talking with Maryland's Larry Hogan. They have a lot in common, especially in their pragmatism. If those two start now, they could form a new coalition, a new national party and perhaps an unbeatable ticket for the 2024 election.


It is certain that evil people use blackmail on the rich and powerful. The disgusting slave traffic of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell is a matter of public record. These blackmailers appear to be linked to people who publicly display Satanic symbolism, such as Marina Abramovic. Perhaps I am entirely wrong when I speculate that Satanists are involved in blackmail - but somebody is doing a great deal of blackmailing, and some of that blackmail involves human trafficking. If some latter-day Eliot Ness captures the blackmailers and finds that there was not a single Satanist among them, then I will be proven wrong about the Satanic part. The important issue is that the human traffickers and the blackmailers get shut down.



Hogan nearly died of cancer. I would suggest Senator Tim Scott and she as a ticket next time around.

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