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11 October 2020


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Endorsed by Jack Dorsey of Twitter, along with Sundai, Sergai & the other elites at Google (youtube) as Oberman is still there. Maybe somebody will ask Biden why he hasn't denounced this yet.

Rick Merlotti

Fortunately, Mr. Olbermann has done a fine job of removing himself from civil society. I forgot he still existed.

Bill H

Rick Merlotti
Olbermann had considerable help removing himself from civil society, having been fired more often than he quit. Even a couple of his resignations were of the "Wait, you can't fire me, I quit" variety.


Apparently Keith Olberman lives deep down an ideological rabbit hole where his willful myopia makes it impossible for him to see that both political parties are responsible for the problems that afflict this nation.

Every major piece of legislation (eg Repeal of Glass-Steagall Act 1999, USA PATRIOT Act, 2002 AUMF, Protect America Act 2007, Emergency Economic Stabilization Act 2008, Affordable Care Act 2010, etal) enacted into law on a national level these past few decades - directly effecting American lives/liberties - has been accomplished via bi-partisan consensus.

Ending the two party duopoly would go a long way toward representing the broad spectrum that comprises the electorate and breaking the strangle hold on potential solutions that special/monied-interests have placed upon the nations collective neck.


OMG, I looked white male supremacy in the face and saw Kieth Olbermann.


Keith Olbermann: ‘Trump and His Supporters Must Be Prosecuted, Convicted and Removed From Our Society’


Olbermann has the alien mentality of the Independence Day movie where the alien wants all humanity dead, in Olbermann's case all those who may disagree with his Marxist rants Olbermann wants them exterminated.

Olbermann has never seen the human agony of such totalaritism that he espouses.

Olbermann's has lost his humanity.

j. casey

Maybe he should pause for a moment and reflect on what happened to the Jacobins.


I've read in the past that KO suffers from Bipolar Disorder. Or maybe he's just a ruptured, flaming a**hole. The conditions aren't necessarily mutually exclusive, sad to say.


Unfortunately Olberman is not alone. Cast your mind back to Senator McCarthy as well as the House Un - American Activities Committee. It’s quite plain that “Right Wing Extremism” is going to be targeted if Biden wins and there is plenty of precedent.

I would at least expect a media purge, the creation of blacklists and the further destruction of the careers of anyone accused of being “Unwoke” (tm.). I believe this career destruction is already happening.

I also expect the prosecution of Trump, his family members and associates as a warning to others.

That’s the least we can expect. I don’t believe this website will survive the purge so enjoy it while you can. As for militias, I expect the Strozks and Pages to come out of the woodwork at DOJ and FBI and make an example of anyone who tries to exercise their second amendment beliefs, labelling them as “terrorists”.

If history teaches anything, it suggests I am underestimating the scale and ferocity of what is coming.

Patrick Armstrong

Too late!

Eric Newhill

In light of the current scene, I allow myself to wonder sometimes if McCarthy didn't have it right, but was just slightly ahead of his time.

I note that many loud leftists appear to be clinically mentally ill, Olberman being one them. His history indicates a disturbed individual.

blue peacock


Spot on!

Ever since I became eligible to vote in the early 80s, every election have been claimed to be a national emergency where one must vote the lesser evil or else we would have marxism, fascism, racism or the label du jour.

The economic & financial data over the past 50 years however is conclusive to the trends - rising wealth inequality, market concentration, systemic debt growth; declining standard of living for the working class.

This has occurred under both "conservative" and "liberal" administrations and Congresses. There were no breaks in the trends. Each succeeding administration and Congress have only accelerated the trends. The Fed and the federal government have grown the transfer of borrowed money to the big money class. Consider that YTD since March the Fed has transferred over $3 trillion to Wall St. The same happened during the Obama administration as a result of the mortgage credit blowup, trillions were transferred to the same Wall St financial class.

Harald Malmgren who has been around the DC insider groupthink since the Kennedy administration notes:

This brings me back to what I said in the past, that the core issue now challenging the functioning of our political societies is too much money in too few hands


We clearly don't have a capitalist economy when financial speculation by the biggest financial entities are backstopped by the Fed; when market concentration have reached unprecedented levels with a handful of major players in every major market segment; when anti-trust and anti-competitive rules that provide the most basic construct of a competitive economy are no longer enforced; when big money controls the entire political and governmental system through the revolving door construct.

The plutocracy now also has a majority on the Supreme Court. The "conservatives" claim that "strict constructionists" have been appointed to the court. But the actual reality is that the court rulings tend to favor the government over the individual and corporations over the consumer when it comes to "natural rights" of the individual which is the cornerstone of the constitution. The "strict constructionists" ruled for Citizens United and Amy Coney Barrett gutted Do Not Call from the bench. The "conservatives" decry activist judiciary but they appoint to the court activists that back the national security surveillance state and the oligarchy against the rights of individual Americans.

The rule of law has devolved into a two tier justice system. Rod Rosenstein & Sally Yates can sign FISA applications under penalty of perjury with outright falsity and impinge on the "natural rights" of an American citizen with zero consequence. The national security apparatus has been clearly above the law for some time and their actions will only get more egregious.

The duopoly have been very successful to divide and distract the populace with faux cultural & identity wars and that will continue as the level of frustration among the working class grows as their economic situation continues to deteriorate with no change to the trajectory of the past decades.


Eric, I also muse about The John Birch Society warnings as well - prescient in many instances, but universally maligned at the time. They were extreme because it attacked what appeared to be minority threats. Then the minority became the operating majority. There still is not a communist under every bed, but there sure are plenty in the classrooms.


I don’t know what Olberman is concerned about. Trump cleans out his “only the best people” swamp pretty regularly without much encouragement.



No, not under EVERY bed.


Blue Peacock

"The plutocracy now also has a majority on the Supreme Court." That assertion pretty much says it all about you. I am not pushing abandonment of American government as a theme here. Suggest you go somewhere else.


Blue Peacock, here is your trillions of dollars of wealth transfer...$5.2 trillion to be exact, from Forbes Magazine -- not to Wall Street, but the unfunded debt owed by tax payers to public pension holders:

"........Pension Tracker has collected data from around the nation, and in California specifically, has gathered information from more than 1,200 counties, cities, and special districts to determine that the total market pension debt in California is more than $1 trillion, or $78,334 per household, the second-highest in the nation after Alaska.

Nationally, Pension Tracker calculates the total pension debt on a market basis at $5.2 trillion, or an average of $43,179 per household.

Unless pension funds around the nation continue to earn 7% or more per year on their investments, it’s likely that taxpayers will be on the hook for trillions of dollars of promises to government unions.

These promises have been made by politicians past and present, resulting in pressure to increase taxes and cut government services. (Forbes)

Bubba Schwartz

He still hasn’t gotten over being jilted by Laura Ingram.


"I also expect the prosecution of Trump, his family members and associates as a warning to others." - I agree with everything you said, except the sentence in quotation marks. It would be a great surprise if any of the "chosen people" would be prosecuted, because they have immunity, antisemitism will not be tolerated under any circumstances.



It must be really, really hard to understand that putting "per household" in bold doesn't make Floridians or Alaskans responsible for California's pension obligations. PBGC only protects private-sector defined benefit pension plans. Even Obama wouldn't bail out Detroit when they went bankrupt. Too bad for CA, IL, Chicago and every other corrupt place where lefty pols enslaved the future to ensure their re-election.


Fred, my guess is a Democrat majority on Congress and the WH will have no problem use federal dollars to bail out state pension intransigence. One for all and all for on since this is the dirty work of the national public sector unions. Regardless of election outcome, at least there is comfort the Judiciary will remain a balancing factor now. Absent Democrat court-packing up and down the judicial food chain.

The scary reality is Democrats by inches wormed their way into total control in California and now have built in safeguards that appear to permanently secure this dominance. Absent a wholesale revolt.

But there are so few who have not been compromised by the Democrat teat in this state, that it is unlikely the Democrat's mad rush to insolvency will be checked. Throw that into Democrat control at the federal level, and yes I suspect you will be paying for California pensions. Fleeing to the Isle of Man looks better every day.

The schizophrenia of "libertarian" Silicon Valley being solidly in bed with socialist, wealth-confiscation, anti-corporation, anti-monopoly, eat the rich, top 1% hating Democrats is the curious wild card. I suspect a quid pro quo was reached between these two powerful forces - keep the unions out of Silicon Valley in return for Silicon oligarch funding and supporting Democrats everywhere else.



You have gone from quoting Forbes to putting forth an opinion. Nothing Democrats did makes the current incumbants permantly in power in CA. Please to point out who in the past 5 decades has attempted to unionize silicon valley.

"Fleeing to the Isle of Man looks better every day."

Feel free to run away with the dollars that will rapidly devalue if all your puffery comes to pass.

blue peacock

Col. Lang,

Jonathan Tepper, founder of Variant Perception in his extraordinary book. Myth of Capitalism - Monopolies & the Death of Competition chronicles in some detail the market concentration that has taken place across the US economy over the past 40 years in many. many market segments.



There have also been numerous other macro analysts who have written reports on market concentration in specific market sectors including the ag value chain, health care including pharmaceuticals and of course most recently the House Judiciary committee report on Big Tech monopolies.


All the empirical macroeconomic data points to monopolization, and cartelization of vast swathes of our economy, along with massive economic financialization on the back of unprecedented credit market debt growth.

Lacy Hunt, economist and bond fund manager in his latest quarterly report:

Real per capita GDP, employment, population and productivity have all exhibited pronounced secular deterioration. From 1980 through 2019, real GDP per capita grew 1.7% per annum, sharply lower than 3.1% in the prior forty years, 1940-1979.......The concept of the debt trap is consistent with scholarly research, from the 19th century to present, which indicates that high debt levels undermine economic growth. This causality is supported by the law of diminishing returns, derived from the universally applicable production function. Historical declines in economic growth rates have coincided with record levels of public and private debt. Total public and private debt jumped from 167.2% of GDP in 1980 to 364.0% in 2019, with an estimated record 405% at the end of this year. Gross government debt as a percent of GDP accelerated from 32.6% in 1980 to 106.9% in 2019 to an estimated 127% by the end of this calendar year. As proof of this connection, each additional dollar of debt in 1980 generated a rise in GDP of 60 cents, up from 54 cents in 1940. The 1980’s was the last decade for the productivity of debt to rise. Since then this ratio has dropped sharply, from 42 cents in 1989 to 27 cents in 2019.


There have also been many analysts who have chronicled the role that our courts and in particular the Supreme Court have played in this growing market concentration.


These were not conservative rulings but activist as new rules were created by the courts that were not implied in the statutes. There have been legal analytical studies that show ruling after ruling that bolstered national security state powers over the rights of citizens. One case you must be quite familiar is the EFF legal challenge to warrantless mass surveillance of Americans. Strict constructionists would not rule in favor of such surveillance when the constitution have so many amendments that focus on the natural rights of citizens and the Federalist papers wrote so eloquently about the intent to constrain government.

Anyone that believes in capitalism should be concerned about this market concentration. Anyone that believes in the natural rights of individuals should be deeply concerned about the national security surveillance apparatus and their cooperative relationship with the political-media apparatus as well as the judiciary.

Do you believe that this plutocracy that controls this unprecedented economic market concentration don't control or influence greatly the political & governmental apparatus including the judiciary?

blue peacock


Unfunded liabilities are part and parcel of financialization. There's no taxpayer but the full faith and CREDIT of the United States. Trump's first term has definitely turned on the afterburners.


Blue peacock

Understand that I am not here to provide a platform for advocacy of abolition of the existing political, financial and social structure of the US.

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