22 October 2020


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A. Pols

We always knew this was the case didn't we?


Tony Bobulinski will be Trump's guest at the debate tonight.

G. Powys

Wasn't J8e Buden a private citizen at this time?


The Senate is now demanding Hunter Biden turn in his financial documentation by this Friday.


G Powys

There are a lot of possible charges. Conspiracy to defraud the US Government is an example. But, the main impact of this is political.


G Powys
Biden admits that he has never picked up a non-gov. paycheck.
He claimed to be the poorest member of the Senate for his 36 years there - based on his tax records; didn't mention the "tax free" unreported income being laundered by Hunter and money going out the back door of his campaigns.
Thoroughly corrupt - at the least, a tax dodger.
Take a look at the houses he owns now - beyond opulent.
AND he's obnoxious and a creep.


You song reminded me of this one, a favourite of my grandpa...


Giuliani reminds me of mafia...italian-american mafia...

I find it grotesque, to say the least, the Giuliani has rised himself into judge of the Bidens...or whomever...for that matter...

Wondering the heights of dirtyness and bad arts this is going to get until novemeber 3rd...


TV et al

Joe says he will not increase taxes for anyone who makes less than 400K. In an another pitch he says that people like him will have their taxes raised. How does he make that much money?



Sadly, idiota, you do not know that Giuliani was the greatest of all prosecutors of the mafia.


Giuliani missed aome big fish in the Five Families, including Vinnie 'the Chin' Gigante boss of the Genovese crime family, and John 'the Teflon Don' Gotti boss of the Gambino crime family.

Giuliani was handed the other three families in the Mafia Commission trial on a silver platter by William Webster, FBI Director at that time. Webster had made going after Mafia Dons a priority since his appointment in 1978. In the same time frame he also took down mob bosses in Chicago and Kansas City. But the prosecutors there never got the media love that Giuliani did in the big apple.

scott s.

Was curious about Bobulinsky's service. Couldn't find anything in searching, but my conjecture is that he was a Naval Reactors Engineer based on his assignment to nuke power school. This was a program developed by Adm Rickover. He wanted a cadre of uniformed engineers to work in NR. They came from NROTC or NUPOC commissioning source and were commissioned USNR with 2-year active commitment in my time. None from USNA as I don't think Rickover had high regard for Annapolis. The job was kind of limited as there wasn't much opportunity for promotion to O-4 (LCDR) unless the officer made a lateral transfer to another community (mainly, Engineering Duty). I think Rickover would hire the ones he wanted as civilians in NR after the end of their obligated service. I don't know how the program works now, but it looks like it is still the same basic concept.

Keep in mind most nuclear trained officers are qualified in submarines with a few assigned to aircraft carriers (and rotating through conventional ships as well as we don't have nuke cruisers any more).

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