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31 October 2020


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Diana L Croissant

I don't think he's a plausible claimant to being an observant Christian of any denomination.


Oddly enough, according to a recent letter from Card. Vigano to Pres. Trump, Biden is as Catholic as the pope!

The one who occupies the Chair of Peter has betrayed his role from the very beginning in order to defend and promote the globalist ideology, supporting the agenda of the deep church, who chose him from its ranks. . . .

Around you are gathered with faith and courage those who consider you the final garrison against the world dictatorship. The alternative is to vote for a person who is manipulated by the deep state, gravely compromised by scandals and corruption, who will do to the United States what Jorge Mario Bergoglio is doing to the Church, Prime Minister Conte to Italy, President Macron to France, Prime Minster Sanchez to Spain, and so on.

The blackmailable nature of Joe Biden – just like that of the prelates of the Vatican’s “magic circle” – will expose him to be used unscrupulously, allowing illegitimate powers to interfere in both domestic politics as well as international balances.


Laura Wilson

I don't think either of you get to decide that. Jesus Christ gets the call and y`all might want to reread the red words carefully.


There appears to be a civil war brewing in the Catholic Church. As an outsider that took me by surprise. Anyone have a good description of the issues at hand?


The conservatives do not accept Francis' desire to fundamentally alter traditional church teaching in such matters as homosexual behavior, same sex marriage, socialist rejection of capitalism, etc.


Laura Wilson

The "red words?" You must be some kind of Evangelical or Baptist or some such thing. So, for you, if Jesus did not say something specific on a subject then you are free to do whatever you think best. Catholicism is a hierarchical religion, not a popularity contest. You have no business trying to tell me what I should think of Biden's religious hypocrisy.

Bill H

The Episcopal Church went through that war about thirty years ago. I suffered through about the first three or four battles of it and then abandoned ship. Essentially, it boils down to eradicating the need for humility.


Strict constructionist- sorry for paraphrasing from the Holy Bible-
thou shalt not lie down with men.

Modern day "its a living breathing document"- the current Pontiff's thoughts on gays.

As a southern Baptist, I side with the former interpretation.

Diana L Croissant

When I commented earlier about Biden's supposed Christian beliefs and his supposed Christian behavior, my thought was not centered on his and Hunter's "lechery," which is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. In Latin, that is "cupisciense." There is ample evidence on the Web to allow people to form a judgement about how the two Bidens behave in regard to that sin.

Instead, I had just been reading about Hunter's other "deadly" sin: his sin of greed: "Cupiditas est radix malorum." (In my readings in Middle English literature, that was often used to account for some of the sins of the Church hierarchy at the time. "The love of money is the root of all evil."

Most church leaders and congregants know what they should believe and know they should follow their beliefs---and many, many, many people in all of the denominations fall short of following those beliefs. I've often disliked how some people join churches simply because some person who might be a good business contact belongs to that church. That probably is a greater factor in Protestant churches.

In either case, both of those "deadly sins" do seem to be exhibited by the two Bidens. I will not comment on them in regard to any denomination of Christianity. I'll leave it to you all to think about that.

Laura Wilson

Turcopolier...I am an Episcopalian and understand the hierarchical nature of our faiths...I also, however, understand that to be Christian at ALL means that the red words must be pre-eminent or there is no foundational basis for faith. We must each choose how slavishly to follow our church "political" structures...Biden chooses, you choose, as do I. The choices are always different and subject to judgement. I am not part of the "I heart Jesus" crowd but I am part of the "there are two great Commandments: Love your God and Love your neighbor" church. And who is my neighbor? That is where the red words come into play and where the actual work of being a Christian begins.

I'm not going to "judge" Biden or Trump except by that standard....Joe has more neighbors!


Laura Wilson

Being Episcopalian you have choices to make that Catholics do not have, like whether or not to be High Church. Our only choice is whether or not to be Catholic.

Biden´s Catholicism is a bad joke

Dijo la sartén del cazo....

Eric Newhill

Laura Wilson,
Once upon a time I attempted to attend an Episcopalian church because my childrens' friends attended and I thought that church attendance is a good thing for children (I left the orthodox church as a young man, though I have nothing against it). What I found was that the Episcopalian church was nothing more than a congregation of homosexuals and other assorted libertines all using the "love thy neighbor" thing as a cover and excuse for their decadant lifestyles and left wing politics. Seemed more like the self-proclaimed satanist, Alister Crowley's, "do as thou wilt" creed as opposed to anything actually Christian.

Had the same experience more recently at another Episcopalian church across the country which SWMBO and I thought we'd attend for purely social reasons. We attended maybe three or four times. I got hit on twice by gay guys during the post-sermon coffee hour and the priest took an unusual interest in my wife. We didn't return.

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