14 October 2020


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Cal B


My post is altogether about hypocritical politicians who give scandal to the world. It has nothing to do with the possibility of redemption of sinners.

I know. I just felt the need to highlight the Church’s compassionate role in forgiveness and healing. I believe many women and men have left the faith and are pro-choice and Democrat because they are suffering from a troubled conscience.

Many people have come to the Catholic faith after suffering extreme guilt from their grave past sins and ultimately realizing that ersatz forms of religious redemption and/or Christianity won’t cut it. Only Christ present in the Catholic Sacrament of Reconciliation will work.

I think of the once Jewish atheist abortionist, the late Dr. Bernard Nathanson*, the co-founder of NARAL who performed 60k abortions, including his own child. When Nathanson was asked why he converted to Roman Catholicism, he stated that “no religion matches the special role for forgiveness that is afforded by the Catholic Church.”

*Nathanson is the one behind the coat hanger (re: illegal abortion) meme. After he became pro-life he admitted this was all a lie which he invented to promote the legalization of abortion.

Kerry Noonan

There is no doubt that Col. Lang is correct in condemning pro-abortion Catholic politicians as hypocrites. The corollary is that Catholic bishops are cowards for not protecting their flocks from such hypocrites. Public opposition to politicians who refuse to protect unborn babies would be a minimum. Recourse to excommunication is possible in some cases.

Yet, rarely do we witness episcopal opposition to the those Catholic enablers of abortion. What sustains the perverse relationship between anti-life Catholic politicians and negligent bishops?


Kerry Noonan

As I have written before, most American clergy and hierarchs are careerists, looking for a soft life outside the hard, heterosexual, dog eat dog world. They want the perks that they are given by "friends of the clergy," the fishing trips, tickets to the ball game, steak dinners at good restaurants, etc. Politicians are often either able to provide such luxuries themselves or have connections to those who do. Not all are like that. I remember a Franciscan I met at the Holy Sepulcher. He had given up a rich parish in Orange County, California, his black silk clerical suits, Gucci loafers and his Mercedes because he felt they were keeping him from following Jesus.



I remember Barry Knestout well from EOHS. He was a handmaiden staffy for both Hickey and McCarrick. Now he is bishop of Richmond. Well, well. "It isn't who you know ..."



This saga is perfectly illustrative of my complaints against the Catholic clergy in America. 6.1 million of parishioners' money. It is nothing to these hypocrites.


TTG wrote:
Biden's claim to being a devout Catholic while advocating for the available of legal, safe abortions is hypocritical. Much like Barr's claim to being a devout Catholic while advocating for more federal executions in hypocritical.

This point is very noteworthy. I speculate that the Catholics are loud about abortion because any fertile, sexually active woman might make a personal choice to get an abortion. However, the Catholics are fairly quiet about executions because the public has little to no power over executions. If the Catholics want to minimize executions, they would need to persuade the decision-makers, not the general public.

A separate issue is the problem of human dignity in the context of imprisonment. My theory is that imprisonment is worse than execution, because those who are imprisoned are typically conditioned to accept greater cruelty and then educated in graduate-level criminal skills. Execution kills a bad man before he does more harm. Imprisonment mostly takes slightly bad men and turns them into intensely bad men. To the best of my knowledge, the Catholics don't have a solution for this.


Diana - defund the Arts Faculties, not the police.

The Humanities Departments should return to the study of the classics in the original ancient languages - Greek & Latin.

This Marxist and other claptrap is going to ruin us all.



"He had given up a rich parish in Orange County, California..."

While channel surfing one recent sleepless night I stumbled upon an EWTN broadcast about priests serving in Papua New Guinea. A very impressive group of dedicated men and even more interesting parishioners.



I remember a missionary priest stationed among poor, poor campesinos in L. America preaching at St. Mary's in Alexandria. He said that the Christian fellowship among his people, the real people of God, was so strong that at the Eucharist he had a hard time seeing when he was giving them Communion if he was the minister or they.

Joe from Pittsburgh

For the Benefit of the Readers,
Nicholas Cafardi, former Dean of Duquesne Law School, and canon law expert, had a piece on canon law on all this over at Commonweal. It appears the good bishop is not altogether familiar with church law. On another note, I was amused to see Judge Barret defend her involvement on a Catholic school board that does not admit children conceived out of wedlock, which overlooks the Lord himself who cold not be admitted into her school. Also, she seems unaware, as probably do most Catholics, that the Immaculate Conception refers to Mary, not our Lord. But then again most Catholics do not call themselves devout.



I have not heard her call herself "devout." link for the strange school?


snowflakes came early on The Bluff:

Duquesne University Fires Professor Who Used N-Word 3 Times During Online Class


In one of two videos posted to Twitter, the professor — as he interacts with at least one student — brings up the N-word. In one video, Mr. Shank says, “I’m giving you permission to use the word, OK? Because we’re using the word in a pedagogical sense. What’s the one word about race that we’re not allowed to use?”

After being greeted with silence, he adds, “I’ll give you a hint. It starts with ‘N.’ … It’s even hard to say, OK? But, I’ll tell you the word, and again, I’m not using it any way other than to demonstrate a point. Fair enough?”

In a separate video clip, Mr. Shank says, “When I was a young man, all right, that was a very commonly used word.” He offers an example of how the word was used in his youth and asks his student, “Could we do that nowadays?” After a voice on the video says “no,” the professor offers another example and repeats the question.

“To be clear, I believe that there is never a time, pedagogically or otherwise, for a professor to create a hostile learning environment,” Ms. Generett wrote last month in explaining why the professor was placed on leave.


I found an article on the strange group of schools. Yes, it is an ungenerous policy to exclude illegitimate children, but intended to encourage marriage.



More stuff from Biden.

Joe Biden Says He Supports 8-Year-Olds Changing Gender: 'I Will Flat Out Just Change The Law'


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