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20 October 2020


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Col, Actually, I do. However... in these fraught political times, it don’t mean a thing. It is hardly about laws, crime & justice. It is about manipulating the public to retain / gain something far more important. Power.

October Surprise timing is so obvious as to be laughable - independent of fact. {& what’s the big deal beyond a son being a druggie, anyway? happens all the time, even among the worst political families}.

I’m relieved my pov doesn’t matter. This laptop angle is going nowhere. Well, maybe after Biden’s elected... the Q-anon wing of the GOP in the House can bring up impeachment charges.



That is a standard response. "Whatever you know does not matter because you are so out of date." the neocons used to tell me the same thig.



"This laptop angle is going nowhere. "

It's highlighting the corruption of the press, which brings into question everything about Kamala and Joe.

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