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22 October 2020


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It is incredible how the MSM has completely disappeared the Hunter Biden scandal. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Check the NY Times, Wash Post and other "papers of record".

These media publications are a blot on humankind. How do the 'journalists' there sleep at night!

Anyone reading only these propaganda pushers (most democrats!) will think the Biden family are crystal clear and the best of patriots. And they are sure to sell us down the road, not only to the Communist party of China but also the American communists who will be driving the agenda of his administration.


10,000 to 15,000 years of "civilization" and rape and pillage remain the coin of the realm? Must be a guy thing. Or a primal compulsion that mitigates in-breeding. Like it or not.

Diana L Croissant

I wonder if humans really ever "evolve" in regard to what might be called their "moral behavior"? Since I am Christian, I do tend to believe that people can change their moral behavior, but that requires a spiritual transformation.

I had wanted to believe that the world as a whole had come to the conclusion that brutalizing children and using them for sexual reasons was absolutely immoral and caused great damage to the psyches of those children.

Reading this post I had flashbacks of the Roman Emperor Commodius and his "minnows."

In regard to the suggested conspiracy theory in regard to the fear of COVID19, I think of Marshal McLuhan's theories of "retribalization" and of "groupthink," which is dependent on media. He wrote that "The media is the massage." (Yes, "message" and not "message.") Our MSM has much to answer for.

I am proud of myself, as I did not ever develop a fear of COVID19. Perhaps that is partially because of where I live. But it is also because my generation grew up during a time when viral infections were common and we all lived through them.

However, I am going to say that, in regard to my own thinking, I was absolutely unafraid because of my spiritual beliefs.

Mostly, I became, and am still, terribly annoyed that we are still wearing masks. I feel like a female Lone Ranger every time I leave my apartment wearing a mask. "Who is that Masked Man?" was the line some actor had to say during every episode of that old t.v. show.

The world has gone nuts.


When and if the videos come out, the location where the videos were shot at may make even bigger waves.


Uh boy... if this is true, I'd think it's absolutely catastrophic for the US leader to be so vulnerable to blackmail, especially from our chief economic rival (Chinese GDP is 2/3 of ours, Russia's is a mere 1/20). Joe's been keeping his family from being held accountable for their criminal activity for decades - why should anyone think he'd stop if he became POTUS?

It's not only reckless of Joe to use Hunter, with all of his apparent problems, as a bagman for the kind and degree of graft that's being revealed. It's heartless and exploitative. What a father. SMH...

I agree with those who wonder how candidate Biden got a pass from the FBI as far as national security goes, especially since they've had access to his son's laptop for nearly a year.


aka patience

The pres and VP do not have security clearances, Like members of Congress and federal judges they were elected. end of message. "Joe's been keeping his family from being held accountable for their criminal activity for decades" No. He has always been the ringleader. 50% Joe, the clan chief.


If this laptop business is indeed true, can't they (IRS, FBI...) trace all those 50% kickbacks ?

How can Biden or any politician gather so much wealth and not be subject to investigation by the IRS for example ?

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