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03 October 2020


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I had no idea that Qutb was known in Iran, been reading about this all evening, apparently Khamenei even translated his works from Arabic. Puts my whole recollection of the Iranian pro-Arab Spring stance in 2011-2012(before syria AND iraq really heated up(the latter is often forgotten as being part of the same conflict)) into perspective, I now see what they were trying to do there.

English Outsider

" ... the will and determination needed to preserve their own ancients ways of life."

I'm afraid our progs make short work of that, Colonel, or indeed of anything that indicates respect or liking for conserving what is valuable.

In the crude terms we are accustomed to in Europe that's straight "populism" at best and "Fascism" at worst. Though the two terms are more or less interchangeable in prog polemic.


English Outsider

The ancient ways were garbage.

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