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26 October 2020


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Diana L Croissant

I grew up fearing the ticking clock moving toward doomsday because of Russian communists.

Now I am refusing to cower because of the communists' virus, which it sent to derail our economy. I've resisted the pressure to remain inside and avoid other people in order to avoid a virus I can't see. I am lucky to have type O- blood, which I understand makes me less susceptible to the virus; and, I am happy to say my church has also chosen to remain open. We do the things the government expects--the constant sanitizing of our church, the sitting apart. We do not wear masks in church. But, we refuse to close down as many other churches have in our town.

It makes me so very sad that one of our political parties is so hateful toward the other political party that it would count that other party more of a danger than they count China as a danger.

I have felt sorry a bit that Joe, who obviously loves his son, has such a corrupt and brain damaged son (from drugs). However, at some point a parent has to condemn the child's behavior. That he doesn't and that he denies it and possibly participates in it with his son ( in terms of taking money from China) certainly makes him unfit to live in the U.S. much less run for the highest office in our country.

mY SISTER JUST SENT ME A Youtube video of Reagan giving a speech, the message of which was "In God we trust."

How sad it is to me that the left has raised up generations of kids who are now turning against our country and basically trying to overthrow our system of government.

Eric Newhill

So, bottom line, Guo has decided to gamble his resources to help himself (in the future new China) by helping the US now (i.e. assist with Trump's re-election) and damage the CCP (i.e. expose them, weaken their grip in DC, have Trump fighting the trade war for another 4 years and fighting CCP influence on the wider US culture). Veeeery interesting. It is too bad Guo did not act a month or two ago.


we have a lot of nice houses in british columbia ( richmond to be specific) filled with people who used to live in china.. mostly though they are just being looked after by the kids while the adults, or the dad anyway - remains in china... thanks for the story...



According to Lude (real name Wang DingGang), it was a screen shot of a hidden camera footage taken in a room in a private club during Hunter Biden’s trip to Beijing in 2013. The private club belongs to Zhang Hongwei, founder and owner of Orient Group Co., Ltd. The person who helped Hunter Biden light the smoke and served him overnight was Liu Yifei, actress starred in Disney’s movie Mulan. It is said she has an income of 1 billion RMB (150 million US dollars) a year, not by acting, but by sex bribing people, like Hunter Biden, at the CCP’s order.

So the big Hollywood star from the Disney film Mulan is a Chinese spy?


Off topic. Izzat al-Douri reported dead by an announcement of the Ba'ath Party. Truth or fiction? He has been reported dead several times previously. But he is 78 so perhaps this time it's real.

al-Douri was a former field Marshall under Sadaam. He is the one who ordered Chemical Ali to use Mustard Gas on Halabja and other Kurdish cities and is responsible for the genocide of over 50,000 Iraqi Kurdish civilians. He also had a hand in the murder of 40- to 50,000 Shiites during the 1991 Sha'aban Intifada in southern Iraq. He was also leader of the Naqshbandi Army, and the King of Clubs in DIA's most-wanted deck of playing cards.

If true there is going to be dancing in the streets of Sulaymaniyah and Basra.



Diana, re "feeling sorry for Joe . . . loves his . . . corrupt and brain damaged son."

This relationship has the makings of Greek myth.

Isn't it curious that Hunter left three highly incriminating laptops at a place where he had to know technicians could view the contents?

Did Hunter want to get caught?

Does Hunter hate his father so much that he was his own whistleblower?

Obviously Hunter hates his own life; does he blame his father for corrupting him?
Is Joe indeed responsible for corrupting his own son, making Hunter a cog in his scheme to bilk foreign governments?

Turgenev's perspective on Fathers and Sons is not a useful model for the Biden clan; it is dramatically different from (what I think) might be found in Greek mythology and also in Hebrew scripture: It's been a while since I read Fathers and Sons so I don't remember the characters' names, but as I recall, while one father was personally a libertine, he did not corrupt his son; and another set of parents, while dismayed at their son's commitment to an ideology that ultimately cost his life, they never stopped loving him; they suffered with him but were not a primary cause of their son's suffering.

Hebrew myths have numerous stories of fathers "giving the blessing" to the younger son, to the dismay of the older son who felt it was his right -- I believe Benjamin Netanyahu is in precisely that situation. As those Hebrew myths unfold, the "betrayed" son, or the "un-chosen" son spends his life trying to recapture his place in the eyes of his father and contending with the favored son; tragedy ensues.

What is Donald Trump's relationship with his own sons, Donald, Eric and Barron? There's a messed up family if ever there was one, but neither Donald Jr. nor Eric seem to display the kind of pathology that Bidens do.

"The sins of the father are visited on his children."


The last thing the PRC wants is Another Four Years, and if they had anything good on Trump then it would be out by now.
Everyone has been after him for the last four years, and nothing - I'd suggest he's actually clean and made an disciplined and effective effort to stay clean throughout his decades in NYC business.



There is no evidence known to me of sickness in the Trump family relationships. You are just imagining that.



if there had been anything real on Trump, other than the decade old BIlly Bush tape, it would have been out in 2016. Given all his personal flaws he's done a remarkable job and were it not for falling for Fauci and the fear mongers (got to wonder if there is a china connection there) he'd be winning this in a clearly reported landslide.


Col Lang, I did not mean to imply there is "sickness" in the Trump family relationships, just the opposite, and a stark contrast to the Bidens.

Children from each of three wives is not something you'd see in, i.e. Pence's straitlaced lifestyle -- that's the "mess,", but still the Trump children are NOT messed up.


Would be interesting if Mr. Guos stash includes things that can be geolocated to Epstein Island.



I would think that the Chinese did not need any help.


Speaking of nice houses on Vancouver Island: There are so many premium priced, recently purchased but remaining vacant houses in Victoria, B.C,. the city is now imposing a vacancy tax on them.

Do we wonder who the buyers for these now vacant homes might be - are these the "safe harbor houses" for the Chinese?


Fred, Trump has long been known to be a "germophobe". Don't know how that may have conditioned his early responses to the "experts" around him, like Fauci whom Trump inherited from the longevity civil service ranks.

I was shocked when I saw Fauci's name come up early in the Covid roll out, after Fauci had been discredited decades ago during the HIV crisis in the 1980's. Truly a swamp creature. He must be taking the same goat gland injections as Geo. Soros.



Rumor mill has it that Epsteins complete collection has been exfiltrated/bought by someone, and that it is spreading because the initial exfiltrator/guy who bought it from Epstein, lets call him X, did not sell it exclusively. It is also possible that initial people who bought it from X are reselling it. If it turns out there thought its a possible data point from which one can guess at the total spread worldwide of the Epstein files.

I agree that the Chinese would not need help, heck, my company has trainings for "how to not fall in Chinese honey traps" (short version is, dont stick your dick into anything Chinese while on business trip there, CCP can and will retroactively make your date 15 years old even if your date is 30 and was not even part of an intel operation when you were dating/fucking) directed at very very mid level people, and smartly enough at IT system administrators.


Epstein. Little St James Island is 70 acres with at least 15 structures showing on Google Earth, and MSM reports it had 50 staff to look after it. With that number of staff there would be at least 2-3 well placed candidates for being recruited to work against him, maybe out of disgust or not getting the action or just for money. He wasn't running a loyalty-inspiring cult that swallowed individual's identities, merely employing rational paid staff.
For other people out there wanting to collect material to use against him and his guests, his little island would have held the promise of good payoffs over a long period of time (until time ran out).


Fred, agreed. Since the 70's he appears to have intended to be not only New York - clean but Presidential - clean. That would suggest he has had his eye on the prize for a very long time.

I was once under the impression that he had a background that was being used to keep him under control, but the fear and desperation evident in his adversaries indicates they were trying to get rid of him using anything they could think up, and couldn't.


@ PRC90

My wild guess is that a degree of the incredible animosity to Trump from the "blob" is that Trump has not participated in their "graduation by becoming blackmailable in a humiliating fashion" thing.

Like, when I served in the German army, certain informal initiation ceremonies have been made far less humiliating (in my case it was crawling under a PZH2000, in the mud, find a Artillery Primer stuck there, take the primer in the mouth and crawl out with it. The mud taste was washed away with conspicious quantities of beer and actually relatively good times were had, these ceremonies used to be more demeaning), and those who suffered from more demeaning initation ceremony would have considerable dislike for those who had no such initiation ceremonies, or relatevily less demeaning ones.


A.I.S. Yes, Trump never had any intent to play their game or accommodate them. If indeed (as I suspect) he intended to eventually run for President, he would have spent the decades in the suit and tie of a NYC entrepreneur observing and learning how to deal with future political adversaries.

Initiations - the best are the ones that you remember only part of.

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