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27 October 2020


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thank you, Elaine. the World Series was great.


"I think he should have replaced them months ago..."

He made the decision not to go head-on against the swamp very early. It was clear when he let globalists cleanse the NSC of Rich Higgins and other patriots. Maybe he made the calculation that there was no path to victory in early confrontation.

I hope a second term starts off differently because it is also clear that these creatures will never stop attacking us. They have classified American traditionalists (like constitutional originalists) as enemies to be destroyed. There is no common ground upon which to form a compromise. Either we destroy them or they will destroy us.


"Drain the swamp". Three little words uttered in 2016. We probably all had differeing versions of what those three little words actually meant. Now daily revelations translate them as actual names, faces and events.

"Deep state" is the far better qualifier. How deep is the ocean, how wide is the sea............. .free money is on the table. Of course it will get picked up.


I'd suggest that the Silver Stallion could be applied to one of Joe's ears, but with minimal result.

Joe is a passenger in all of this, and his half-wit son's idiocy, questions of Joe's prior corruption and his current senility are going to soon be irrelevant in face of whatever outcome you get next week. If Trump wins, fine.
In the event of a clear Dem win, or after whatever occurs and the dust settles prior to Joe's eventual (whenever that may be - don't mark the calendar) Inauguration and enough stability then returns, his time will be limited.

In this event, he Dems won't want him, medical issues will arise, and Harris will take the stage. What happens then - good luck because you will need it. Mid next year ? Christmas 2021 ? By then Joe will be a distant memory.


If I remember correctly, Biden senior has the reputation of frequently being quite abrasive in person, in contrast to his "Uncle Joe" persona that he cultivates for public perception.

Hillary is supposedly a fairly good listener that asks quite informed and intelligent questions, especially in 1on1 settings, and while not really easy to work with (I guess noone at that level is) is not the "Ice queen" people think she is.


Horace, the Rich Higgins memo that caused the problem. A good map.




Bush Jr counted too heavily on Cheney and Rumsfeld to help him navigate the presidency and he paid for it. Trump doesn't know who to rely on and has paid an even steeper price.

Whether Trump wins or not, it's not the end of America. In four years time you can have someone else like Rand Paul run for the presidency. There's plenty of reason for optimism regardless of what happens in 2020.

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