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14 October 2020


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You can forget about any serious airing of Biden’ activities with Burisma,

Burisma is Ukraine’s biggest energy company, which makes it of strategic interest to the Deep State. The Biden’s’ activities and rewards must therefore remain covert.

Chuck Light

It has been reported (The Hill, NBC News) that the FBI is now, and has been for some time (apparently before it allegedly obtained the hard drive from the computer purported to have belonged to Hunter Biden) investigating whether the emails are part of a foreign (Russian?) disinformation campaign involving Rudy Giuliani.


Although the FBI has not confirmed this, as far as I can tell, this reporting leads me to believe that it has received a computer hard drive, and that it is investigating Rudy Giuliani and whether the computer is linked to Giuliani as part of a disinformation campaign.

If so, it could be presumed that the emails may be false. I guess we will see sooner or later.



Technological advancements in the next 10-20 years are making it real a possibility unlike before.


"Fusion power plants could be one-to-one replacements for fossil fuel plants, and you wouldn't have to restructure electrical grids for them," Greenwald said. In contrast, renewable energy sources such as solar and wind "are not accommodated well by the current design of electric grids."


SPARC would only produce heat, not electricity. Once researchers have built and tested SPARC, they plan to construct the ARC (Affordable Robust Compact) reactor, which would generate electricity from that heat by 2035.

Biden has pinned his presidential vision on these kind of initiatives:


I'm not trying to make a defense of the more lunatic ideals of the hard Left nor am I suggesting we are at risk of extinction if we don't make changes in the next 10 years, but renewable energy appears to be the way of the future and if the US doesn't lead the way on it, another country or union, like China or Europe (if they get their act together), will. The Democrats are taking the much bolder steps to do precisely that. Republicans are lagging on this front.


October Mini-Surprise # 4:
“The Case of the Forgotten Laptop”.
In this episode, Perry uncovers a complex operation by a hidden power to upset an important impending event. Lt. Tragg investigates an obvious trail of evidence that turns out mistaken, Hamilton Burger is surprised by last minute court procedures, Paul Drake is sidetracked by an attractive witness & Della Street finally gets spanked by her boss.


Hunter and Joe Biden Scandal Takes a Dark Turn — FBI’s Top Lawyer on Child Porn Involved in Case



Chuck Light
How can Chokan's very existence or why he was fired be of ANY interest to the VP of the US?
You don't need to be a chef to smell hamburger burning.

Chuck Light

TV: Because interest in the pursuit of corruption in Ukraine was a policy of the Vice President's boss, President Obama. And the US was deeply disappointed in Shokin's (I think that is how his name is spelled) failure to vigorously pursue corruption. Shokin was also problematic for the International Monetary Fund and the European Union.

I can't access this article from the Financial Times because I don't pay for subscriptions, but the first time I accessed and read it, before it put a cookie on my computer, it provided an explanation of the entire episode much more completely than I can and with much greater detail. Try it and see whether you can get through to the article.


You could also just Google "Shokin fired explained" and you will find a lot of reports saying basically the same thing. There is an article in the Atlantic which attempts to explain why firing Shokin as a condition of a loan is different than the President demanding investigations into Biden and Burisma as a condition of appropriated military assistance, but I won't go there.

You may also find a letter from Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) strongly supporting US policy in Ukraine at that time. He has sort of done a 180 degree reversal recently, but in 2016 he was right there behind Biden.

What seems to be clear, except to the right of the political spectrum, is that Vice President Biden was acting as a representative of the US and advancing US policy. And that he did nothing that the US did not support.

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