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14 October 2020


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Biden's response is his "calendar" has no record of this meeting. Or was that Biden's teleprompter saying that. Not quite a fulsome denial, Joe. Do better.

One can only assume anyone wanting a meeting of this level of political importance would have a photo record of it ....somewhere. Life in the public fishbowl is hard - even grinning campaign fund raising photos can come back and bite a candidate. Or the opposition can photo-shop a glass of wine in your hand even for local races.

All of this demonstrates the only decision filter we have left is our "gut feeling", our intuition; but only is we know it is not the trickster taking its place. And gut feelings are not emotions; they are deep knowing when it all makes internal sense.


Could this Hunter Biden release have been planned, so Biden can now finally drop out of the race and "spend more time with his family"?

I believe DNC rules allow them to choose anyone they want to replace Biden; not necessarily Harridan Harris. Cue stage left waiting in the wings - Michelle Obama?

Biden did do one thing right; he saved the Democrat Party from Bernie Sanders. But this did not save the Democrat Party from socialism.

Chuck Light

I suppose this presumes that what the Post has published is in fact true, and not a part of a disinformation campaign. Interesting how this suddenly appears three weeks before the election. I personally will wait for some kind of confirmation.


Facebook and Twitter are actively suppressing the story. On a bright note Obama's coming out on the campaign trail for Biden next week. We should have a pool on how long it takes for a reporter to ask him about this.


Chuck, interesting how "impeachment" happened one day after the Hunter Biden computer was delivered to the FBI. What is really odd when Democrats were screaming Russia, Russia, Russia, it was really Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine. Now we need to learn why the mere mention of Crowdstrike cause the one segment of Ukrainian forces to go completely apoplectic.

One needs a score card to understand which "Ukraine" one is talking about at any given time: pro-Russia Ukraine, pro-West Ukraiane, pro Ethnic German Ukraine, pro Novo-Rossyia Ukraine, etc, etc. Each faction has a totally different take on events and spokespersons.

But one axiom holds true, when Democrats accuse the GOP of doing something, in fact Democrats are doing it themselves.

PS: Obama may be coming out in support of Michelle to take the top place on the failing Biden-Harris ticket. Ya think? In fact, this deal may have been in the works ever since an Obama campaign operative worked with dropped out candidate Beto O'Rouke to explore how to get the DNC nomination without appearing on any ballot. And that was many months ago.

JM Gavin

Chuck Light,
There is more than enough confirmed information about the Bidens and Burisma already.

Senior State Department personnel believed that Hunter Biden's position on Burisma's payroll was a problem; this was reported to (then VP) Biden. Joe Biden then threatened to withhold funds to the Ukrainian government if they did not fire the prosecutor that happened to be pursuing Hunter Biden's employer.

Have you stopped to wonder why the Vice President of the United States cares about a prosecutor in Ukraine? Or why Donald Trump famously asked the Ukrainians to investigate the Bidens and Burisma? I suspect not. In light of that, I'm not surprised that you would disregard any new information on the subject, confirmed or not.

Is it "by pure chance" that this came out now? No, this information was intentionally held back and released now. That doesn't make it untrue. It's called politics.

What would constitute "confirmation?" You're not going to get confirmation. Joe Biden is ethically challenged, and his family has gotten wealthy by peddling influence. We know this. If that's okay, because OrangeManBad, then vote for Biden.



Biden is now admitting there may have been a "casual" meeting, and his calendar has some holes in when this meeting could have taken place. And it may be nothing more than that - a casual grab and grin meeting.

I suspect these meet-up favors are part of both private and public life that come with the office. Looks bad more in retrospect than when it is happening, if indeed there as no substance other than giving the appearance of access.

But since Biden lied about it so forcefully and on multiple occasions became very defensive about this son "career", it is a real news story. Plus the fact the liberal media wanted it deep sixed SAP. Gives one pause there is more to it than just meeting an autograph hound.

The dirty part is putting a proven lout like Hunter Biden on any board of directors for anything, so the guilty party is far more Burisma and every other organization that tried to exploit access to the Obama administration through the Hunter low-life link. that coincidentally included the passing of cash, and possible favors to wayward son.

Why do the words QUID PRO QUO keep ringing in my ears - seems I have heard that phrase uttered somewhere else just recently. Acid test, what if Ivanka, Don Jr or Eric had been out "quid pro quoing" for bucks like grifter Hunter was pulling off during the Obama administration? Does that pass the smell test?

Or do we just have a Pat Nixon's humble cloth coat story here?

Chuck Light

JMG: I would agree that FBI confirmation that they received the computer/hard drive, and were able to obtain the emails from it, and could confirm that the emails the Post printed were from the computer/hard drive they in fact received would be sufficient. So far it is only "alleged" that the FBI received the computer/ hard drive.

Regarding the firing of the prosecutor in Ukraine. It would appear that Vice President Biden was representing the policy of the United States in calling for the firing of the prosecutor. It was not only official United States policy (I know, Obama was not capable of policy), but also the policy of the European Union, and International Monetary Fund, and among others the Republican Senator from Wisconsin, Ron Johnson.

And yes, I have stopped to wonder why Donald Trump has been so interested in Hunter Biden and Ukraine. I just came to different conclusions than you did. And my conclusions seem to track the conclusions of the Senate Intelligence Committee report on Russian interference in the 2016 election -- that it was Russia and it was not the Ukraine.

From what I have read on this subject, the FBI has declined (thus far) to comment. I will wait for Christopher Wray to confirm the details. It is the best I can do. I almost hope you are right. You would feel much better being right.

And I already cast my ballot in the upcoming election. I wrote in Al Franken and Elizabeth Warren, because Senator Harris tarred and feathered Senator Franken because she saw him as a political competitor.



Looks like there are tens of thousands of E-mails on the hard drive along with porn, pics of Hunter, etc. I imagine that the NY Post is going to meter them out day by day.


Rudy Gulliani has the "alleged" hard drive and is providing commentary about what he has been finding. Rudy Gulliani Common Sense (dot) com. Red State is also providing his video link commentary about this alleged hard drive content.

Certainly comments here by those who have known Biden personally, indicate Biden is not nor has been "everyone's favorite uncle", but in fact a mean SOB. Listen to what Guliani has to say, and he has been tracking the Ukraine connections for some time now, then make up your own mind.

It is mind boggling and hard to digest, but not anything that has not been reported about both the Clintons and the Bidens. Yet, for the past 3/5 years we have also been forced to listen to virtually the exact same charges against Trump- money grubbing, influence peddler, with rapacious family members.

At this state of our polarized nation, my guess is this will not move the needle one way or the other at this late date. People are making their choices knowing upfront all politics and misuse of the government agencies today is now business as usual. Founders warned us and we lost this battle by inches over decades.

Thank you President Trump for exposing and pushing back. You are a hero in that regard. Few others would have had the focus or physical resilience to go through these past 3/5 years. Biden has faded in just the past three months.

Carry on and may this continue to be one of the most unusual chapters in our nation's history. We have weathered far worse than mere personal corruption.


Allegedly the FBI got their hands on this laptop back in Dec.
Who says that the FEEBS (and the DOJ) are not thoroughly corrupt defenders of the swamp?
Remember the photo of FBI agents taking a knee?


Some fun facts:

1: Burisma is pretty much B- to C tier turf. More notable Ukrainian oligarchs like Pinchuk hired more important americans like Chelsea Clinton, and did so in a more "proper" way by having them in high positions of various "charitable enterprises".

2: The "corrupt" prosecutor got poisoned twice while doing his job. Nobody has so far tried to kill his supposedly "more anti corruption" successor.
If nobody tried to kill you when you are the chief prosecutor of Ukraine, you are definitly doing things wrong. This does not mean that people trying to kill you means your doing it right, but if you catch Flak you are over the right target.


Rudy Gulliani has yet to disclose the Biden-China escapades "way too much to sort through quickly" but promises to start getting the info out today.

I'll bet somebody is in the wings to replace Biden. I've heard that Kamala is a Hillary Clinton resource.

Best name I've heard yet for Kamala, "Pol Pot in a pantsuit".


Biden's not like Sanders who wants to grandfather a movement. He may be aiming for a legacy of putting America onto a path of sustainable development, but like Lyndon Johnson's Great Society it could be flawed and I don't think he wants to get too deeply involved in the kind of plans the hard Left desire. For him it's enough to be seen as the man who got the ball rolling, but nothing more. Biden wants the title of president more than anything. He's happy to pass that baton to Harris by the end of his first term if not sooner should he become president.

I think questions remain about the origins of those emails, if they are in fact authentic or whether this is blackmail (Russia?). When the media, FBI, and Biden camp finally circle their wagons, that's probably what they'll try to hang their hats on like they did in 2016. Whatever they do, I think the damage can't be fully undone and for all we know there may be another shoe to drop that might end Biden's aspirations for the presidency. For now though he will lose the confidence of enough voters to tighten the race so that the polls don't have Trump so far behind. The Democrats will not get the blowout they needed to convincingly win and dispel all claims of a contested election.

Rick Merlotti

The real scandal is that the US Pro Council to Ukraine (Sleepy Joe), along with his buddies Victoria Nuland and Christopher Steele, were neck-deep in the Maidan coup. A coup that brought the world closer to war. The Dems and MSM have pulled the old switcheroo, covering up the obvious crime with a confusing corruption story that few bother to try to figure out. Stupid Republicans go along so as to not upset their deep state masters, who own all the blackmail material on these fine public servants. GOP, break outta the narrative matrix or get crushed. The time is now for some real courage.

Diana L Croissant

Well, I must admit my belief that the news about Hunter's laptop is most likely true. I did see the report about this find on FOX; therefore, I know many "swamp" residents don't want to believe it's a factual story. I call that "tactical ignorance." The word "Ignorance"--as pointed out in the dictionary, stems from the verb "to ignore."

The man who received the computer so that it could be "cleaned" did admit his eyesight problem. It's the same as mine: myopic retinal degeneration. (You may look the definition of that yourselves. Just don't mistake it for macular degeneration.) It does not have anything to do with one's cognition or intelligence.

Soon it will become clear that the story is factual. The Democrats and their sychophants in the MSM will do all in their power to discredit the story. It won't matter to many of us who have already cast our ballots--against Hunter's hapless father.

I think you'll eventually have to assign Hunter a lower IQ score than Hillary's. She had the sense to actually physically "clean" (excuse my split infinitive) her laptop by smashing it to bits. Hunter turned it over to someone else to "clean" it--someone with a sense of civic responsibility.


Strange that Hunter would have dropped off an antiquated laptop at a computer repair shop in Delaware when he lives and works in Los Angeles.

There are hundreds of examples of the old KGB/FSB kompromat technique of leaving a briefcase, or safe, or purse, or wallet, or jacket pocket full of accidentally abandoned secrets. This one just updates it using a laptop.


fakebot, what kept Biden during his eight years as VP to Climate Change Barry from putting America on a "sustainable development path".

What exactly do you mean by that, not just the "oceans will stop rising and the earth will heal" babble. Steps1-9999 to get there, please. If Biden could not do this in his past 8 years in high office with an unfettered climate changge portfolio, how will he pull it off in the next few months before his mental capacity entirely.


If one is still looking for the perfect Halloween costume to capture this election year - the full body socker bopper in your favorite partisan colors:


i liked this question from jm gavin... "Have you stopped to wonder why the Vice President of the United States cares about a prosecutor in Ukraine?" i don't believe chuck light answered it either... oh well...we all seem to see what we want to see, as opposed to what is right in front of us...

j. casey

Post=Murdoch, and I have heard some recommend watching Murdoch's content as a "tell." I had thought T was done-for, but the Murdoch-o-meter may beg to differ.


I understand H. Biden brought in the laptop as water had gotten into it, not to get it "cleaned". His laptop work was completed and the repair guy called him several times to come in and pick it up and pay for the work. Biden never responded. The repair guy eventually called the FBI as the content on the laptop was very questionable stuff. He also, wisely, made a backup copy of the hard drive. The FBI had told him, "people who don't talk, don't get hurt". He waited months for the FBI to do something, they didn't so he contacted Guiliani's people.

I would wager the repair guy is a MAGA guy but I certainly don't know that.


The totally unnecessary tech company deplatforming of the Islamic State in 2014-2015 was the blueprint for the continuing deplatforming of the Right post-Charlotesville, which has turned into the situation we have in the modern day just a couple years later with tech companies using virtue signalling to mask overt meddling in our democracy. It's always a slippery slope with these leftists, one needs to remember that, whether it be homosexual rights or freedom of speech... the danger that these people pose to free society and the free exchange of ideas cannot be overestimated.


Crowdstrike would be a great choice to evaluate the computer contents for its authenticity.

Chuck Light

james: You may not like this explanation, but the Financial Times did a fairly extensive article on the firing of Shokin. It is not hard to find rational explanations for the firing, unless you are looking under every rock for a conspiracy of the left:


If you believe the Financial Times is a left wing fake news rag, all I can say is that the website Media Bias/Fact Check disagrees with you:


Sorry if you found my brief explanation wanting. I'll try harder to please you in the future.

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