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21 October 2020


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the rumours just get more and more juicy.... this is a 'made for the usa public' story where eyeballs and ears translate as $...


There's a term for it but I can't recall it. It's when a person knows that someone committed a felony but doesn't report it to the authorities, that too is also a felony.

Saw Chuck Schumer on the tubes, he thinks half the country are kooks, he knows the Russkies did the laptop thing, we're just kooky kooky people. Oh well. I'm willing to be considered a kook!

I got to admit, Hunter has been great at pulling the hot babes over the years, his niece looks a little child-like to me though. I understand that Pops knows about that, and for a good while too.

I kinda thought Pops would come up with some covid stuff and miss out on the debate tomorrow night. Maybe he'll be otherwise detained?

Oh well, all this laptop porno stuff is just child's play. We've got the pay offs and bribes to wonder about too, the Big Picture stuff.

NancyK, have you ever checked out those "Write a Prisoner" web sites? Pretty cool stuff.


The Bidens are certainly not unique in being a troubled family. However, perhaps the extraordinary leniency they've enjoyed over the years hasn't helped to resolve personal issues. Here's a chronicle of some Biden family problems with the law:



I'm curious about the timing of the release of this October surprise. It must have been gamed out for maximal effect with regard to election day, but it seems to be cutting it pretty close.


Our future first family? "I can't breathe" - Joe Biden's troubled niece Caroline Biden: https://www.bizpacreview.com/2013/09/18/joe-bidens-niece-busted-flips-out-on-new-york-police-83607


As a slight aside, given that Hunter married Beau's widow after Beau died of cancer, it wouldn't at all be shocking to find that Hunter was having an affair with Beau's wife while Beau was still alive.



I think Trump people wanted the FBI to make it public, but because the FBI has been sitting on it, there was really no choice but to release the information through the NYPost. I'm not sure if it was their intent to release this as an October surprise, by now the FBI should have announced something: either exposing how Hunter was blackmailed or exposing how Hunter was a grifter.


Bill Wade, it’s called “Misprision or felony”.


Outrage Beyond


The term you are referring to is called "misprision of a felony."



To Bill Wade:

I think the term you're looking for is "Misprison of Felony".


There has been an allegation made by Giuliani regarding the safety of a child. While the laptop/hard drive contents are older than one year still some official needed/needs to determine the safety of the child. That responsibility rests with Delaware Child Services which hopefully has done their job. If not they need to get there quickly as no one wants a child to suffer further should the allegation be correct.
Now the FBI has kept quiet regarding all the allegations they still should have investigated Hunter and the child or children.
There will be more Bevan Clooney’s before the election and Mr. Archer should be up next should he want a reduction in his sentance..


SWMBO and I went to Manhattan directly after 9/11. We met up with SWMBO's nephew who was a steelworker helping with the rescue, recovery, and cleanup at ground zero. We got hotel rooms for us and said nephew and his wife in an old hotel on the East Side on Lexington Ave. I tried volunteering myself for ground zero clean up but since I was pushing 60 and had no background in the construction trades I was turned down.

So SWMBO and I and the nephew's wife spent some time donating at hardhit fire stations and police stations, prayed at St Patrick's Cathedral, spread some cash around at various Manhattan restaurants, and did some sightseeing on foot. Nephew's wife was from the Finger Lakes in upstate NY and wanted to to see Mayor Giuliani's residence at Gracie Mansion. But we could not get near it. Intersections anywhere near the mansion were blocked off with a barrier city dump trucks full of sand and about 30 or 40 cops stationed on the close by corners. So we asked: "Has the Mayor gotten a terrorist threat?" The cops laughed and mocked him. One said "No, the city was trying to keep all of Rudy's cross-dressing friends from visiting the mansion".


The peccadilloes of Hunter are one thing, but the Biden family effectively acting as conduits of influence for foreign interests and loyalties for payment is the bigger issue and seems to be getting lost (or hidden deeper) amid the more prurient stuff.


This all ties with Hillary and Yelena's money-laundering schemes that were exposed in the Panama papers.



Little Hunter funneled $200 mill between his daddy and Hillary,


Jill Biden was on ABC's "The View" this morning, Mrs. Biden said, "The public doesn't want to talk about Hunter"...Breitbart News picked up on that & posted. Contrary to Jill's assertion there were plenty of comments on that thread.

"The View" is a show geared to Democrat women. The hosts usually
spend the 1st 15 minutes of the show bashing Trump; this has been going on for the past few years. I personally know gals who say,
"Oh, I don't watch the news, I get everything I need to know about politics from The View." Yesterday they hosted Alicia Garza, one of the founders of BLM, she was promoting her new book. This show is pure anti-Trump propaganda & millions of woman
watch it.

Yeah, Right

I suspect PB is correct: it was a tactical mistake to release "the more prurient stuff" rather than maintain a laser-like focus on the reveal that Hunter was arranging meet'n'greets with Daddy.

Indeed, it may degenerate to the point where the casual reader starts to feel sympathy for Hunter Biden's "persecution".

Not saying it would be justified, but it may happen nonetheless.

It is Organ Grinder who should be the story, not the monkey who runs around rattling the tin cup.


Yeah, right

You do not understand how many American voters are extremely churched and puritanical. The thing that worries me is the 5 million women who are indoctrinated against Trump by watching "The View."


The whiny, wine drinking white women AKA low information voters.



The geographical distribution of "The View"s dedicated watchers would be important. I suspect it is concentrated in NYC and surrounding metropolitean areas, then other bastions of blue. The net impact is probably slim. On a related propaganda note did you see the Frank Luntz email that escaped from Hunter's laptop? Not surprisingly it looks like the pollsters are bought and paid for and in direct communication with their clients opponents.


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