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08 October 2020


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I have just read it through, they are all still larpers IMO. I wonder if, we could see these "Encrypted chats": what percentage of the time were they fantasizing about blowing up bridges and kidnapping a governor, and what percentage were they talking about video games and and 4chan memes? Funny that you never see these coordinated "militia" or "terrorist" attacks ever play out, they are always lone wolves

Bill H

@Stag Deflated
I do not know how you can look at the stock market (and at current real estate pricing) and say that we have not generated inflation. Asset inflation is every bit as real and as dangerous as retail inflation; perhaps more dangerous.



You mean we only need to see charging documents to determine guilt rather than all the evidence? That's what the FBI did to Flynn; and how many dirty cops did to others, cops that the left are complaining about?

Mark Gaughan


Mark Gaughan

Oh My God!

Ishmael Zechariah

re: "Democrats and Woke were not involved in this"
Are you really sure the puppeteers who dance the "Democrats and Woke" were not involved in this as well?

Ishmael Zechariah

Account Deleted

Serge: Coordination took place in the Oklahoma City bombing. It also had a Michigan connection.


The woman analyzes the debate at 17:00 Harris uses her feminine wiles she says bad girls use to charm and right after that Harris smiles when faking empathy over the death of the Mueller woman, the sign of a psychopath. I agree with this analysis.



Ishmael Zechariah

There are not that many smart people in the world and evidently not in the United States.


A clarification.
As I have NO influence over anything beyond my own little piece of real estate, I meant that when push comes to shove, I have enough money to survive most of the Democrats' fantasties of destruction
In the long run, it's about my family, myself and a few (very few) acquaintances.
Lucky for the military (I did try to enlist), my eyesight kept me out so I wound up with a very different life experience than you.
Surviving the dog eat dog world of Wall St. teaches that you have no friends (much less buddies) and it's ALWAYS about the money.


The higher you go in the military or the civil service the fewer friends you have.


Serge and Babak,

It was a the left.


James Clarendon


I doubt we agree on much politically, but I am glad to see _someone_ call Harris out for the shallow, opportunistic scoundrel that she is. Her condescension and smirking were just unbearable and not worthy of a Senator or even an adult. And the notion that they would stack the Supreme Court is repulsive even to a resident of an 'anarchist jurisdiction' like me.

She and Biden make a wretched pair; unfortunately they seem to be the best the Democrat establishment can come up with. It's a good year to vote third party IMHO.

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