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30 October 2020


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Looks scrumptious. We're having Ahi tuna tacos at the Sunset Hut along with a cold pint of Reef Donkey IPA out of Tampa Bay Brewing Co .

Mark Logan

The one fish I can not grill or bake right. If there is a hang to get I haven't found it. Gave up. It's the one thing I keep blackening spices around for. 10 seconds a side on a nearly red-hot iron skillet, outdoors because what is produced is essentially tear gas.

The issue is drying out. Can't figure it out. A featured ingredient of my cioppino though. Can't dry out in a stew.


good choice! we have that here on the bestcoast, but i have never personally caught one.... i tried once with a friend out in the middle of the juan de fuca straight...


Colonel: Just to jerk your chain a bit.

I think that tomorrow I will grill up the last of the halibut steaks from the two 60 pounders I caught last year off Newport.

Tough duty....I think you will understand




Which Newport? Send pictures.


Mark Logan

Because of the plague we have been buying our fish from Whole Foods when it is on sale. This had never been frozen, arrived yestiddy, $11/pound. That was about a pound. Fed us both with a bit for SWMBO's lunch demain. She likes cold fish, a true New Englander. Very easy to cook. Try it with copper grill mat. I have some NY strip from Cosco and a hen in the freezer. Stand by.


My brother, up until recently lived in Fairbbanks.
Had a boat at Prince William Sound.
Was an avide Halibut fisherman.
I was lucky enough to spend a week fishing with him.
Prince William Sound is where God goes to fish and Halibut is his favotite dish.

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